Mind's Eye, Part 2

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Mind's Eye, Part 2
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP073
*Initiated: 110713
*Ended: 110717
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Mind's Eye, Part 2
*Previous Mission: Mind's Eye
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: April Coswell

The alien T'esla has enthralled most of the crew and influenced them into commandeering the ship. But as the Captain and a few "unconverted" officers fight to break out of the brig, help comes from an unlikely place.


Location: Polenta sector, parsec 21

Ship's log, Stardate 110713 Lt. Commander April Coswell reporting

Goddess T'esla's bid to assume control of the Sheppard has succeeded, but it wasn't without a fight. After she had converted Lieutenant Lombardia and the flight deck crew and then myself, we did manage to act quickly to disable the warp core and block access to the main core interface. We also locked down all shuttles and the shuttlebay. We couldn't act fast enough, however, to secure control of the main computer and were locked out of it by Captain Dwi - an issue we are continuing to contend with.

I honestly thought all was lost when a group of officers stormed engineering and took down Lombardia and Forester. I was wounded but I managed to make if to Deck 3, where I liberated the Goddess. After that, it was only a matter of us getting the intraship comms back up so she could broadcast Her message to the crew, of neutralizing Commander Merlin and his interfering in our taking control of Sheppard's systems, and of finding the Captain and the small group of officers who had chosen not to serve T'esla. Again, not an easy task. But in the end, we succeeded, glory be to the Goddess.

Captain Dwi, Lady Byrna and a few unconverted officers have been consigned to the brig, while Cmdr. Merlin is being contained via a forcefield which disrupts his energy matrix. We have not yet attempted to go to impulse or warp - Goddess puts a higher priority on regaining control of all main computer functions. It will take time, but we are slowly making progress towards this end.

Computer, end log.


Under the influence of the alien T'Esla, Lt. Commander April Coswell had taken command of the hijacked USS Sheppard and was working with the enthralled bridge crew to regain control over the main computer and the warp core when a Kindred vessel, the Dafin, showed up. The bridge crew attempts to get the other ship to leave, but T'Esla convinced them telepathically to attack the Kindred. In retaliation, the other vessel launches two powerful shuttles which punch their way through the Sheppard's hull, unleashing some fearsome armoured units on the Starfleet ship. After her security teams had reported being unable to stop the advance of these units, Lt. Commander Jess Hamelin made her way down to Engineering in order to protect the warp core against the invaders.

Meanwhile, in the brig, Captain Dwi and other officers not under the influence of T'Esla managed to break out, make their way to the armoury and then, using the Jefferies tubes, regroup in a set of empty quarters where they devised a plan to retake the ship.

On the bridge, a severely-wounded Commander Hamelin reported that the Kindred units were still on the move. It was decided that the alien T'Esla and the officers under her influence would make their last stand on the bridge. Phasers were set to overload and placed strategically at every entrance to the bridge. When the Captain, the XO and the other unconverted officers made their way onto the bridge via the conference room, a firefight ensued - but since the armoured Kindred units were leading the way, Commander Coswell and her group were clearly at a disadvantage and were quickly stunned into unconsciousness. Captain Dwi was also critically injured in the engagement.

Surrounded, the alien T'Esla threatened to telepathically terminate Commanders Coswell and Hamelin as well as the other officers still under her sway. Executive Officer Kaelin Odriscoll negotiated a deal with the alien and got her to release the unconscious crew, but immediately after this, the Kindred marines executed her, despite the XO's word that she would not be harmed.


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