Mind Games

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Mind Games
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Hyperion Missions
*Production number: HYP-RP009
*Initiated: 130511
*Ended: 130511
*Year: 2388
*Aliens: Talosians
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Strange Old Worlds
*Next Mission: Reclamation
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Talos IV Orbit, Talos Star Group, Alpha Quadrant

Captain's Log,

Since our encounter with a Talosian Illusion of Captain Pike's Enterprise 1 week ago, we have maintained our orbit of Talos IV, waiting for contact with our mysterious Talosian friend who generated the illusion to begin with. We have been trying to figure how our sensors, as powerful and new as they are couldnt miss that it was merely a Talosian illusion. We have since discovered that it is really an old DY-950 Freighter which is somehow still operational, and able to achieve low warp speeds, hence why we were able to beam to what we perceived as the Enterprise, and our original scans while aboard were nothing more than in our minds, have shown the fact it IS a DY-950 Freighter to be true as well. I'm still unsure why or how we were fooled but we'll find out.. I just hope it's sooner rather than later...

Crew Participation

Lan Nakajima - Commanding Officer

MilesPrower Dagger - Executive Officer

Akara Dover - Chief Science Officer

Kitsunefox16 Ansar - Chief Engineer

Pavlov Winterwolf - Operations Officer

Lucius Wylder - Deputy MOIC

Jade Ella - Rifleman


After spending a week in orbit of Talos IV waiting for a response from the mysterious voice presumably on the planet, it contacted the ship, and after a brief introduction, informed the crew it was actually a she, a young Talosian by the name of Elysia, who had lured the Hyperion to Talos IV in hopes of requesting transport off the planet. She had tried to lure ships in before by creating illusions using the DY-950 Freighter as a base so as to support an atmosphere. While able to sustain life, the freighter was unable to achieve a speed higher than warp 1, causing a trip to the nearest outpost to take at least 10 years. After a few shows of mental ability, and immaturity, the command crew decided to deny her request for transport off the planet. Elysia responded by trapping the Hyperion in orbit, feeding the illusion of false data, and taking over the body of Lieutenant Pavlov Winterwolf. She then used the Lieutenant's body, beamed herself board, used the command codes of Fleet Captain Pike to disable life support on the Bridge, and took control of the ship. The Bridge crew transferred to Main Engineering, where they discovered the command pathways and access had been locked out using the Fleet Captain's old access codes, and that Elysia had set course for Risa, before changing the destination to an unknown location. Having accomplished her task, she left the body of Lieutenant Winterwolf in the transporter room, and made her location unknown. Commander Dover was dispatched to the transporter room to assist the Lieutenant, while Captain Nakajima attempted to assist Chief Engineer Ansar in regaining control of the ship. With the command systems completely overridden, and being unable to reroute it, the Chief suggested venting Coolant from the Warp Core, thus triggering a shut down. He Captain came up with an addon idea to invert the subspace Field Modulators, and collapsing the ship's warp field as an added precaution. The Core Chamber's blast doors were sealed and the coolant was released, backflowing into the Core Chamber, while the warp field was collapsed, and the core was brought to a complete shut down, but damaging the entire Warp Drive system in the process. Assessing the damage, the crew were contacted mentally by a Male Talosian voice, and were asked politely to return to the bridge, as the Swirling green coolant disappeared completely, and the core was brought back to life as if nothing happened. Once on the bridge, the crew were contacted via subspace communications from the planet below, and informed they were the victims of nothing more than a game, and that the Talosian, Elysia, was taken into custody and secured, and the Talosian cut transmission. with the mystery solved, and a suggested warning for Starfleet to revisit General Order 7, the Hyperion grabbed the Freighter in tow, and set course for the Sol System.