Mongo Station

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Mongo Station
Stunning Architecture

Name: Mongo Station, Polenta II, Polenta System

Position: 28.5LY rimward from Pinastri Prime (moving towards Devore Space)

Class: M

Conditional Notes: Just inside planetary atmosphere

Society Classification: Comparible to UFS

Society Government System: Mercantile/Democratic

Date of Contact: 090425


History and Other Information: Mongo Station was built specifically as a shoreleave area/commercial area for spacefaring travellers. The people are welcoming and pleasant. It is unclear as to what the dominant species of this sector are due to the plethora of races we are meeting here. The architecture is different than anything seen in Federation Space and is quite stunning.

The USS Shogun, under the command of LT Ulrich Bechir and XO LTjg LIR-02x, arrived at Mongo Station on 090425 after escaping a trap set by an unknown race. They put in to the station area to exact repairs and allow crew shoreleave facilities while awaiting repairs. This station is open to all UFS personnel.

Recommendations: Mongo Station is open to all UFS Personnel as a commercial venture. Ships are encouraged to use this as a safe shoreleave area.