Mop Up

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Mop Up
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP108
*Initiated: 110409
*Ended: 110409
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Mop Up
*Previous Mission: Big Brother Is Watching
*Next Mission: Lonestar Planet
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Teresa Firelight

Can the crew of the USS Shogun undo the damage that the Snakeman unleashed on a "young" M-Class planet?


Captains Log

Stardate: 1100407

Location: 201.34 LY Trailing Pinastri System

Alert Status: Yellow

While engineering and sciences have proceeded to study the station as well as the strange clues connected to the disappearance of USS Menelaus, we have begun to prepare for infiltration on the planetary surface.

Through appropriate scanning and use of subtle probes we have been able to determine enough information about the appearance of the species below us to appropriately change our appearances as to not jeopardize the Prime Directive. Our mission will be to explore the surface and ascertain the amount of damage done to the planet by the satellite. Then we will have to try and find a way to reverse the temporal damage done to this innocent species and their planet so their development can carry on properly and unabated.


After spending a week in orbit around Aetas V and studying the data they had obtained from the space station, Captain Ulrich Bechir decided it was time to take action. He decided that there were two separate tasks to perform. The first was to assist the USS Menelaus in returning from the ancient past. The second was to undo the damage that the Snakeman had unleashed on the planet.

Senior leadership decided to prepare and activate the station, then send it back in time 52 million years to help the USS Menelaus. They included instructions on how to use it. All operations proceeded as planned. There were a few minor issues during the power-up process, but the station's systems behaved as we expected. The team believes they sent the satellite back in time to help retrieve the Menelaus, but since she has not returned to the present yet, there is no way to be sure that the station arrived as planned.

Captain Bechir sent three away teams down to investigate the planet. The indigenous society was pre-warp, so they had to go “incognito.” In this case, it required surgical alterations and purple skin pigmentation. The teams spread out to cover different parts of the planet, but all three teams found a great deal of temporal corruption—with buildings and structures dating from the stone age all the way up to advanced technology. There were also evidences of weather pattern manipulation, showing a rapid drop in temperature that could send the planet into an ice age if left unchecked. They found evidences that the species appeared to be de-evolving at an alarming rate, which was clearly the work of the Snakeman. Several of the more modern buildings began to collapse from temporal decay, even as the teams were still investigating them. One of the crew members became trapped in a collapsing building and had to be beamed back to the ship to avoid being crushed to death.

One team encountered a local, who they interacted with and studied. Another team found a computer center with complete data on the species evolution. The computers in that center were temporally 42% out of phase with the current time, yet still operating. CMDR SVAndrei Baxton linked to the computers with assistance from LTCMDR Moonprince Rhode. He discovered that the ten devices on the planet were responsible for both weather manipulation and for destabilizing the area temporally to foster the species de-evolution. CMDR Baxton recommended that all ten of these devices be destroyed with all possible haste. Captain Bechir contacted the Shogun, and ordered the ship to destroy all ten devices.

Once the devices were eliminated, the temporal damage began “righting itself.” The temperature returned to normal and the stone age structures remained undamaged while structures from other time periods “broke down.” The crew determined that the “stone age” was the correct time for this society and that all had been returned to “normal.”


Crew Manifest