Nebula Nightmare

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Nebula Nightmare
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP047
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: To sleep, perchance to dream
*Next Mission: Bait
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, David7 Bravin


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120216: Some days ago we received a repeating signal on long range comms from an Antares class freighter claiming to be travelling to Treman. They asked for urgent assistance due to sickness on board. Engines were failing, they were off course, and in danger of being impacted by asteroids.

I ordered the Norway Class cruiser USS Mak'ala NCC-64993 to intercept the freighter and offer assistance. Upon arrival they found several ill crew members and chaos in engineering. Teams from engineering and medical transported to the cargo vessel. Our last report says an odd reading was discovered on the engineering deck. We've had no message since. The Mak'ala has missed two of its regular status reports. I can't help but be concerned....

Crew participation

LTjg David7 Bravin, Captain

LT Dolfke Barbosa, Security

Ensign Saraleah Sands, IAD Agent

LT Genny7 Markus, Medical

LT Astro Balut, Engineering

Dann Quinn (Cmdr Karl Quar), Civilian Engineer & Helm, The Starfish


Reporting: Captain David7 Bravin, USS Mak'ala: Feeling unwell, I was taken to the freighter's Sick Bay. Dr Markus asked that I get onto on of the beds to be examined. I began feeling very tired and lethargic. It was at this stage that I asked Lt. Barbosa to take temporary command of the Away Teams. I soon fell into a deep sleep and began to dream..............

Sometime later, I awoke from my dreams (thanks to Dr. Markus) to find myself a real life nightmare.

I discovered that several members of the Away Team had also been taken ill (but thankfully Dr. Markus had managed to treat them and they soon recovered). Having resumed command, I received received reports that containment fields had to be set up in the Engineering section of the ship to avoid further spread of the infection. Most disturbing of all was the suggestion that indications of Borg technology had been found.

I decided that under the circumstances we should all leave the freighter as soon as possible. Arrangements were made for our Away Teams and the crew of the freighter to be beamed to the USS Mak'ala and into quarantine. On advice from Dr. Markus, I rejected requests for various samples to be taken back with us and declared the freighter to be quarantined once we left.

With ourselves and the crew of the freighter safely aboard the USS Mak'ala and in quarantine, perhaps we will have time to get answers to some questions, such as what cargo the freighter was carrying and did this in any way contribute to the infection aboard? Also why was the freighter so far off course?

Other questions relating to the objects and technology found aboard the freighter will have to wait until it is deemed safe to go back on board.


-^-Encrypted Communiqué-^-

TO: Captain David7 Bravin, Captain USS Mak'ala NCC-64993

From: LT Poison Toocool, Commanding Officer, UFS Astraios

Stardate: 120223

  • RE: Situation Starfish

You are hearby authorized to hold the crew of The Starfish in quarantine while undertaking to sterilize the vessel in preparation for conducting a complete search of all decks and cargo bays. Take all necessary actions to secure your ship and personnel. I await your findings on secure channel.

In Service, LT Poison Toocool

-^-Communiqué Ends-^-