Nebulous I

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|name           = Nebulous I
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|number         = AST-RP010
|initiated      = 110413
|ended          = 110412 
|year           = 2386
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With a visiting civilian engineer aboard, Nova Class SS Condor undertakes a routine patrol of the Astraios System. We come across an interstellar cloud of dust. Although it affects our systems slightly, in deference to the scientists aboard we decide to examine the nebula more closely.

Crew participation

Poison Toocool - CO

Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Alia Soulstar - Science / Medical

Special Guest:

Astro Balut - Mr. Ulty Matoom, Civilian Engineer


As science crew at the telescopes on SS Astraios saw a Nebula not far from the Station, our Doctor wanted to examine the very nature and structure of the cloud. Captain TooCool and a few of her crew members, went to explore the Nebula with the USS Condor.

On the Bridge, Mr. Ulty Matoom, guest engineer, Dr. Alia Soulstar, Science, Ens. Dolfke Barbosa, Helm and SC Poison TooCool, Captain.

Our Captain discovered a signal in the centre of the 10.000 km thick Nebula, and took the USS Condor into the Nebula, with high precautions.

Sensors received a weird signal, very much self aware and still calling for help, seemed two signals from different entities, called "Inviolable" and "Prosthetic Conscience". The latter seemed us to warn about something dreadful.

Because it seemed UFS entered some living space of an Alien being, our commander followed the Prime Directory of the fleet, and we headed for the Colony back again, loaded with tons of scanner data to investigate.

Mission ends here, but the Story does not.