Neutralized by a Nebula

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Demasiado trevido a donde nadie he ido antes
Neutralized by a Nebula
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP6x04
*Initiated: 160127
*Ended: 160127
*Year: 2391
*Forum Thread: Neutralized by a Nebula
*Previous Mission: Rifting Apart
*Next Mission: Non Sequitur
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Aryela Dagger


Captain's Log:

Stardate: 160127

Alert Status: Green

We have closed the rift between us and the alternate universe by sending back their Major Asbrink along with the battered Lionheart. We were then able to use our main deflector to seal the rift.

The nebula, however, remains. Hopefully we can study it and discover how the rift initially formed.

In service, Flt Captain Kinney Randt-Rhode