Now You See Me Now You Don't, Part 2

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General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRA-RP148
*Initiated: 130919
*Ended: 1300919
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: Executive Officer Log
*SIM Concept: Siobhan Crystal
*Historian: Grooveshark101 resident

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

Tranquility Mission Log


Executive Officers Log

Stardate: 130919

Report submitted by: Siobhan Crystal

Subject: SS Tranquility Mission log

XO Log, Stardate: 130919.1811

Shortly after the crew meeting in the XOs office there was a shaking of the station and both Ensign Quinn Fitzgerald and Ltjg Alpha Riptide disappeared. Among the crew who seemingly returned were Capt Thallanor Rasmuson, Lt Nikki Baxton, Ltjg Stormy Dash Nightfire, and Cadet Derp. After being checked out in medical all were deemed fit enough for duty and a deck-by-deck search for anything resembling a temporal rift was conducted. By the time such a rift had been found, Station Counselor Citalmina had also returned. The rift, which was causing intense headaches to some crew who ventured too close had been cleverly concealed in a temporal display on the Astronomics Deck. After some discussion as to its source and how to remove it, it was determined that a photon device could be used and its blast directed so as not to blow a hole in the side of the station. Security Officer Nightfire was instructed to construct one. Dr Baxton accompanied and helped build the device on Engineering deck and both returned. Due to the haste in construction an operable timing device was not included, thus necessitating a manual detonation with hopes of escaping the blast. FCAPT Crystal elected to stay behind to secure the blast doors once Dr. Baxton escaped the room, but the Dr refused to act unless the XO joined the others on the Lounge deck away from the blast. Deciding not to argue and delay the process further, FCAPT Crystal withdrew. The device was successfully detonated. Not all damage was contained within, but outside damage was minimal.

Questions centered on the sudden appearance of Devidians in this quadrant, as well as the purpose of feeding and releasing, which was contrary to past reports. Following detonation of the rift all personnel were accounted for, which became even more perplexing as to the true purpose of the Devidians.

In Service,

FCAPT Siobhan Crystal

Report submitted by: <Siobhan Crystal>

Executive Officer

Sector 001