On His Last Legs

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On His Last Legs
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP090
*Initiated: 111113
*Ended: 111113
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: On His Last Legs
*Previous Mission: Without a Leg to Stand On
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard follows Lieutenant Zapatero's trail to a planet on which he crashed after escaping his Oclar captors in a shuttle.


Location: 20,000 years in the future, enroute to a Chenae repair facility

Captain's log, Stardate 111113

Well, thanks to the diplomatic wranglings of Lt. Commander Coswell, I am now the proud owner of one Oclar vessel and have become a Supreme Enforcer of the Oclar. I swear, that woman is a born diplomat and talks faster than a Ferengi on market day. Not that I'm really complaining, of course - her negotiation and application of Oclar law prevented me from having to take deadly force with the Oclar boarding my ship, though I will say we acquitted ourselves a lot better than our first encounter with Oclar strike teams. And if they turn on us, they will think twice before trying to board again.

As for our missing officer, we have a lead on him, it seems they took him to a nearby facility, which he promptly escaped from and was being pursued. From the reports we have, Lt. Zapatero's shuttle was shot down and crashed into a planet, though he managed to damage the small vessels that were pursuing him enough that they have had to call in extra ships and troops to conduct a search for him.

Which means this is now a good old fashioned race to see who gets there first.

Computer, end log.


When the Sheppard entered sensor range of the planet where Lt. Zapatero had allegedly crashed, the crew found a number of Oclar vessels conducting a search from orbit. Although the Sheppard was challenged by these vessels, the Captain managed to impersonate Oclar Enforcer Mar convincingly enough to get them to allow Sheppard to join the search.

Two away teams beamed down and quickly found Lt. Zapatero's crashed shuttle. While Team Alpha, under Commander Hamelin followed one set of footprints that led across a river, Team Bravo, under Lt. Commander Coswell, followed a second set of prints through some thick foliage - and to a stone pyramid-like structure with outside stairs. Making its way up these stairs, Team Bravo found a hidden trap door and gained access to the structure. Inside, they found a rather Lt. Zapatero keeping an Oclar individual at bay.

While Lt. Ohtobide attempted to calm the abducted officer down enough to do a medical assessment, Team Alpha made its way to the pyramid and came under heavy fire from the Oclar. Team Bravo emerged from the pyramid to offer backup; but although the two teams managed to keep the Oclar individuals at bay, they lost contact with the Sheppard because, it soon became evident, of some planet-bound jamming device. Ops undertook to find a solution, but Captain Dwi beat them to it by using Sheppard's phasers to pound the device into uselessness.

With contact re-established, the away teams beamed back to the Sheppard to find the ship under attack from the Oclar vessels. Although the Chenae were on their way to help, they were still 10 minutes out and a diversion was needed. Several tactics were used - including running interference with the Oclar's ship-to-ship comms by flooding them with loud music.

Once the Chenae had arrived, they requested that Sheppard line itself up with their underbelly and turn its engines off. The Chenae vessel then generated an anomaly - not unlike the one that had brought the Sheppard through time - and whisked the ship 20 light-years away from Oclar space.