One Foot Over The Line

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Cascadia Bridge 001.png
One Foot Over The Line
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Cascadia Missions
*Production number: CAS-RP002
*Initiated: 101222
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Sound Forge (part 1)
*Next Mission: Sound Forge (part 2)
*SIM Concept: Sinji Itokawa
*Historian: Sinji Itokawa

A metallic object measuring over 500m long is on a collision course with the Station!


STARDATE 101222 - Operations Officer's Log

Tonights main duty shift began with a report from the previous shift sensor sweeps revealing a metallic mass travelling at sublight toward the Pinastri system. It was scheduled to cross the line in 35 minutes.

Sensors revealed it was a metal object some 500m long and its course would take it past Cascadia, and would impact the Station as it passed.


The Crew consisting of Ens Graves Paramour, Ens Elle Finistair, Crewman Cd Duffield, and Ens Sinji Itokawa began the shift by examining the data from the scans. The object was too distant to clearly make out but as it got closer it was revealed that it was a ship of approximately 500m in length and derelict. It moved at sublight speeds and continued toward the station.

Captain Mulgrave Dwi was on hand as the USS Sheppard was docked at the station for repairs. Command was informed of the impending potential disaster and the crew began to evacuate the projected impact sites on Cascadia.

Hails to the ship were not answered and after 38 minutes it entered Pinastri System.

The station was brought to Yellow Alert Status and Runabouts were deployed to attempt to tractor the hulk away from its trajectory. This was somewhat successful until the ship seemed to navigate back to its original collision course.

As the ship reached Cascadia it unexpectedly came to a full stop and Captain Dwi ordered an Away team to board the strange vessel. Scans revealed some sporadic lifesigns of indeterminate type or condition and the ship appeared adrift and unguided.

The Away team was beamed over to the ship but was recalled within minutes due to dangerous Tachyon waves building up around the vessel. To prevent loss of the Away Team, they beamed back. Within moments of the Teams return, the hulk faded away as though cloaking. No trace of the ghost ship has yet been discovered on any sensor sweep and its origin and fate remains a mystery.