Opus Operis

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Opus Operis
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP170
*Initiated: 140126
*Ended: 140525
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Somnium
*Next Mission: Gabbro Calling
*SIM Concept: David7 Bravin, Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


An Away Team from the USS Neil Armstrong travelled to the innermost planet of a binary star system now named "Tredecim" on our charts. As transporters were not considered reliable, the runabout USS Mont Cervin was deployed. An extensive search of the target surface area found Cmdr Markus and LT Gaelyth, both of whom were affected by a powerful time dilation, and unaware of the presence of the rescuers. Stretchers were used to carry them to the runabout. The Away Team successfully returned to the USS Neil Armstrong with the two officers, where they were taken to Sick Bay.

Cmdr Markus recovered fairly quickly and managed to explain what had happened to her after she disappeared through the Iconian Gateway on Centuria. Upon stepping through the gate and getting her bearings, she had seen and communicated with LT Gaelyth. She had also become telepathically aware of non-corporeal beings who, concerned about the health of LT Gaelyth, had provided her a safe, familiar place in which to live. This explains why the search area looked remarkedly like the new Engineering Facility at Astraios Colony. In order to avoid further use of inactive gateways in the future, Cmdr Markus left the Iconian artifact with the alien beings for safe keeping. LT Gaelyth had been exposed to the time dilation for a much longer period than Cmdr Markus. The return to 'normal time' affected her severely. She was therefore placed in a stasis chamber for the return journey to Astraios.

Now everyone is safely aboard, the Armstrong must find a way back to Astraios through uncharted space. Given that the ship has been out of contact with Astraios for so long, along with the pressing need for LT Gaelyth to receive intensive care at the Majel Hospital on Astraios Prime, Cmdr Markus has decided to act on the suggestion of Tactical that use of a transwarp conduit is the best plan.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus: Mission Leader

Capt Dolfke Barbosa: Security/Tactical

Capt Karl Quar: Engineering

Cmdr Breydon Lane: Helm/Medical

Cmdr David7 Bravin: Science

Ensign LilithGreycloaks Resident: Mission Ops

Ensign Kat Anjar ((Poison Toocool)): Ops

Capt Wolfton Foulsbane: USS Prophetic


Log Entry: Commander Genny7 Markus, 140525 :

Once back on duty I called a meeting of the senior Officers to discuss which method of travel would be best for the ship to get us home to Astraios in the fastest time. Tactical had come up with the idea of using a transwarp conduit left by the Borg; our problem with this idea would be with the fall of the Borg, the conduits had not been maintained and some were damaged. I still felt that it was a chance we should take and asked all Officers to get the ship ready by re -enforcing shields and the deflector dish which would project the structural integrity field.

I then sent out a message to the Officers and crew that we would be travelling part of the way home by transwarp conduit and for them "batten down the hatches" as they said in navy ships of years gone by.

Next job was to get Science to find us a conduit, particularly one which would take us near to the Taakar Nebula. Luck was with us and one was found, I ordered Helm to take us towards it at impulse power. As we moved off I ordered yellow alert. As we neared the conduit we went to red alert and moved in. Shortly after we entered the conduit the ship started to rock. Ops transferred power from all non-essential systems in the hope that we would have enough power to get us to the end of the conduit without too much damage to the ship.

As we got further in we started to receive damage reports, four hull breeches, injuries, more breeches with sections and decks having to be sealed off to await repair crews. Our shields were almost gone - we needed to get out of the conduit as soon as we could. At 0% power to the shields we finally made it out and found ourselves 50LY coreward of Astraios. We had all began a sigh of relief, when Ensign Anjar in a shaky voice told me that she was receiving a message from Astraios, which we should listen to straight away. We heard that there had been an attack on the Colony involving tachyon energy, a possible use of cloaking technology and a transwarp gate, this along with the USS Prophetic having been stolen, the Colony and Fleet now stood at DefCon 1. We replied to Astraios on a secure channel, advising them of our position and situation and awaited orders. At the same time I asked both Science and Tactical to run scans of the area. It was after quite a few of the scans that something was picked up on the scans, followed shortly by distress calls. The Asteroid field was jamming our sensors but I ordered the ship to move towards what was thought to be the right position. That helped us and from there we were able to the tractor the Runabout and life pods from the 'Prophetic into Cargo bay 1.

What a surprise, Captain Foulsbane was in the Runabout and his children and crew were in escape pods. He of course wanted nothing more than to come straight to the bridge, refusing medical treatment until he had spoken to the bridge crew.

He explained to us that the Prophetic had been on a course to the Arish system when they had abandoned ship and wanted us to follow the ship there. I had to explain that we had taken a lot of damage and would be unable to help him and his crew, but suggested that we send out a general call to all ships in the area. This we did and the call was answered by the USS Davy Crockett who were on their way back to Astraios, they diverted to our position to pick up Captain Foulsbane, LTjg Blane Yalin and several of their engineering crew leaving the rest, including the children, for us to take back to Astraios.