Paradoxial Anomaly

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Paradoxial Anomaly
General Data
*Production number: 014
*Initiated: 080209
*Ended: 080210
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Bad Luck
*Next Mission: Vevarian Cluster
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The Redeemer has been dispatched to deliver supplies to Starbase 742. It arrives to find an abandoned starbase. There is evidence of Terran Empire phaser hits, but the weapons signatures are much different from what the Redeemer has experienced.

Even stranger is the fact that this starbase has been abandoned for 200 years even though it was only established 1 month ago. According to the station commander's last log on Stardate 62404.8(2385), the Terran Empire had destroyed or captured nearly the entire Federation, including Earth. Apparently, the Federation was reduced to being on the run from the Empire.


Mission Logs

[12:11] Chase Quinnell: What's our ETA to starbase 742?
[12:11] Blush Babii: 10 mins Sir
[12:11] Orion Pastorelli is Online
[12:12] Silkie Dagger rechecks the ETA, "5 now, Sir."
[12:12] Chase Quinnell: Good. Once we deliver these supplies I can go on my vacation to that new vacation planet in the Harrira sector.
[12:12] Januarius Allen: More tequila and dancing girls Captain?
[12:12] You: Well...
[12:13] michaels Toshi: if i get a vacation im thinking of learning more about my vulcan culture
[12:13] Chase Quinnell: Lt Babii, are we there yet?
[12:13] Blush Babii: just arriving Sir, aye
[12:13] Chase Quinnell: Hail the station and ask for docking clearance.
[12:14] Blush Babii: Aye Sir
[12:14] Blush Babii: errr seems i am getting no reply Sir
[12:14] Chase Quinnell: Ahh, Ensign, glad to see you could make it.
[12:14] Chase Quinnell: No reply?
[12:14] Chase Quinnell: What do you mean?
[12:14] Blush Babii: no response Sir
[12:14] michaels Toshi: im detecting weapons damage on the starbase
[12:14] Chase Quinnell: Put the station on screen.
[12:15] Orion Pastorelli: my apologies sir, the transporters were malfunctioning
[12:15] Blush Babii: on screen Sir
[12:15] Blush Babii looks confused and worried
[12:15] Chase Quinnell: Odd... that station looks like it has been deserted for years...
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: Starbase 742 wasn't established until a few months ago.
[12:16] michaels Toshi: i can tell you that station is less than starfleet standards now sir
[12:16] Januarius Allen: Sir, I'm picking up unusual particulate matter in the station's hull, Sir.
[12:16] Chase Quinnell: Well, that's obvious Michaels. *grins*
[12:17] michaels Toshi: seems the station was hit the terran empire ships
[12:17] michaels Toshi: *sighs*
[12:17] Orion Pastorelli furrows his brow as he observes his console, "sir I am detecting temporal distortions in the area..."
[12:17] michaels Toshi: i was hoping we could be rid of them for a while
[12:17] Chase Quinnell: Temporal distortions.. Terran Empire weapons, particle matter... what's it all mean?
[12:18] michaels Toshi: hmmmm maybe Science could run a detailed scan?
[12:19] Chase Quinnell: I want full scans of that station and I want a science team assembled to go down there and gather data from the computer core.
[12:19] Orion Pastorelli nods, "aye, sir..."
[12:19] michaels Toshi: sir, suggest i send a security team with them?
[12:19] Januarius Allen: Captain, I'd like to send an engineering team as well see if we can't get the status of the system's stations.
[12:20] Chase Quinnell: I agree, send a couple engineering officers and I'd like you to personally take a few of your marines with you, Mr. Allen.
[12:20] Orion Pastorelli starts setting up for complex scans and sends out messages to jr. science officers availabel for a science team...
[12:20] Januarius Allen: Yes sir Captain.
[12:20] Januarius Allen heads for the Transporter Pad
[12:22] Chase Quinnell: Keep me informed of any progress made by the away team.
[12:22] Januarius Allen: Captain, away team reports that there is only partial atmosphere on the station. Recommend we hold off sending futher people aboard for the time being.
[12:22] Orion Pastorelli: yes sir
[12:23] michaels Toshi: what about environmental suits?
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: =A= Understood, Janaurius =A=
[12:23] Januarius Allen: There are definitely signs of battle. Science, I'm forwarding tricorder scans of this weapons scorch marks. They don't read like any weapon I'm familiar with.
[12:23] Chase Quinnell: They should have enough time to conduct a full investigation before air runs out.
[12:24] Chase Quinnell: =A= What do you mean by that? =A=
[12:25] michaels Toshi: =A= can you send me a copy of them scans for tactical analysis? =A=
[12:26] Orion Pastorelli purses his lips as he tries to make sence of the readings coming in from the detailed scan, "sir, you know when you said that station had been abanded for years?
" [12:26] Chase Quinnell: Yes?
[12:26] Januarius Allen: Certainly.
[12:27] Orion Pastorelli: well your right, radio-carbon decay levels suggest this structure is well over 200 years old...
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: 200 years?
[12:27] michaels Toshi: sir this weapons signature is definitely terran but significantly different
[12:27] Orion Pastorelli: yet the base, like you said, was established only a few months ago
[12:27] Chase Quinnell: I see...
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: Well, we need to find out what's in the station's logs.
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: Find out what happened
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: Why there are temporal displacements here and why this station looks like it was defeated in battle.
[12:28] Orion Pastorelli: this doesn't make sense unless we are dealing with a future version of the station...
[12:28] Orion Pastorelli: which begs the question...
[12:28] Chase Quinnell: That seems to be our predicament.
[12:29] michaels Toshi: but who went through the anomaly us or the station?
[12:29] Orion Pastorelli: what happened to the present day version...
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: I have no idea
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: I'd like to find a way to bring it back
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: But first
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: I'd like to know what happened to the future version
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: To prevent it from happening again
[12:30] Orion Pastorelli nods in affirmation, "on it sir, the science teams should gain access to the computer core in a few minutes..."
[12:30] Chase Quinnell: Have your science team gather the ship's logs; statistical and duty logs both.
[12:30] Orion Pastorelli: Aye, sir
[12:30] Januarius Allen: =A= Captain, we're having a bit of a situation down here=A= [12:31] Chase Quinnell: =A= Elaborate =A=
[12:31] Januarius Allen: =A= I've lost contact with part of the Away Team. We're also picking up localized temporal distortions, Sir =A=
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: =A= darn... that must mean they are being phased through time
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: =A= Get the away team back to the beam in site and await transport =A=
[12:32] Orion Pastorelli listens to the converstion with interest...
[12:32] Chase Quinnell: Orion, any luck on the computer logs?
[12:33] Chase Quinnell: We need them fast!
[12:33] Januarius Allen: =A= Aye Sir, Allen out=A=
[12:33] Orion Pastorelli: almost sir...
[12:33] Januarius Allen: Ops, one to Beam Out
[12:33] Januarius Allen: Energize
[12:33] Silkie Dagger: Energizing
[12:33] Orion Pastorelli sighs as the science team sets up a data stream, "ok we got em sir..."
[12:35] Orion Pastorelli: sir I am going to need to confer with Lt. Dagger, there are COMM encryptions here I am unfamiliar with...
[12:35] Chase Quinnell: Ok, do it.
[12:35] Silkie Dagger: Please send them over, Mr. Pastorelli.
[12:35] Chase Quinnell: Also, I want to get those lost men back a-long with the right station.
[12:36] Januarius Allen: Captain, I have a report from my Marine detachment you should look at.
[12:36] Orion Pastorelli set up a console link with the COM, "aye, ma'am"
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: Is it possible that they ended up going to the present-day version of the station?
[12:36] Chase Quinnell: Alright, Mr. Allen, what is it?
[12:37] Januarius Allen hands the Captain a pad
[12:37] Januarius Allen: One of my Marines recognized something familiar about the weapons signatures.
[12:37] Chase Quinnell: Michaels established they were future versions of the Terran empire weapons
[12:38] Januarius Allen: Aye, but it's something else, Sir. The bear significant resemblance to classfied weapons technologies.
[12:38] Januarius Allen: Look at the pad, Sir. No one but starfleet advanced R&D and the weapons testers knows about these Sir
[12:39] Januarius Allen: How could anyone else have this technology?
[12:39] michaels Toshi: if the terran empire were winning....
[12:39] michaels Toshi goes pale
[12:39] Chase Quinnell: Classified weapons technologies?
[12:40] Januarius Allen: Yes Sir, it bears some resemblance to an Advanced prototype being developed by Starfleet and Earth Defense Forces.
[12:40] Chase Quinnell: They could have only gotten these weapon enhancements if they were either winning the war or they had spies in our Command division or Intelligence guild.
[12:40] Chase Quinnell: Either is possible
[12:40] Chase Quinnell: Extremely possible in fact
[12:40] Januarius Allen: There are maybe 20 people in Starfleet who'd know about this. Including myself and the Commandant.
[12:40] Januarius Allen: We have a leak Sir.
[12:40] Chase Quinnell: Considering they DO have people who look identical to our officers
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: We have a leak?
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: You mean we WILL have a leak.
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Either that
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Or we will be losing the war
[12:41] Januarius Allen: Yes sir. The other option is unthinkable
[12:41] michaels Toshi: but more probable
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: The logs should tell us everything we need to know
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Any luck on those logs you two?
[12:42] michaels Toshi: as we have experienced even terran empire people dont make good copies of us
[12:42] Orion Pastorelli: It's likely that the station from our time and the future station have switched places. it would be logical to assume our mean are safe in the future with the present day version of the station...
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: True, Michaels
[12:42] Silkie Dagger: Mr. Pastorelli, the COMM encryptions are similar to current UFS encryptions. I am sending over the proper decryption keys.
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: I see
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: So if we can get these stations turned back to their correct timelines..
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: We will get our men back too
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Along with the Station's inhabitants
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: If they are still alive that is..
[12:43] Orion Pastorelli: very good, captain, I should have those logs for you in 30 seconds
[12:43] michaels Toshi: how on earth do we do that?
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, that's why we have a Science officer.
[12:44] Chase Quinnell smiles.
[12:44] Orion Pastorelli: ok logs ready, uploading to your ready room and chair console
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Ok, play the Commanding officer's log on the main viewer.
[12:45] michaels Toshi: well if anyone knows how to move a 100 million cubic ton station it's orion
[12:45] Orion Pastorelli beams, "well thank you sir, that high praise from a vulcan"
[12:45] michaels Toshi smiles
[12:45] Chase Quinnell: =A= Commander Botland's Log, stardate 62404.8 =A=
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Computer, pause playing.
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: If I'm correct
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Isn't that the year 2385?
[12:47] Orion Pastorelli: aye you are correct sir
[12:47] Chase Quinnell: Ok, computer, resume.
[12:47] Januarius Allen: What the hell, that doesn't make any sense
[12:49] Orion Pastorelli mutters under his breath, "the understatement of the year..."
[12:51] Orion Pastorelli: sir, I should remind you viewing a log from the future may go against the temporal prime directive
[12:51] michaels Toshi: hmmm i concur but i believe the situation an exception
[12:51] Commander Botland =A=The Federation's very existence is being threatened by the Terran Empire's new Predator class vessels...
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: I don't really care. If the Temporal Agents want to stop me, they can go right ahead.
[12:52] Orion Pastorelli chuckles, "understood, sir"
[12:53] Commander Botland: =A= The Pinastri Colony was attacked last week and was put under Imperial rule. UFS Command has begun making evacuations back to the Alpha Quadrant, this station is currently the home to nearly 300 civillian refugees..
[12:56] Commander Botland: =A= Last I heard, the Imperials were sending 20 Predator class vessels after the UFS Delta Fleet. Commander Quinnell was taking the Fleet to the Alpha Quadrant, last I heard. They were escorting a group of Federation Transports.
[12:56] Orion Pastorelli swallows hard and tries to focus on his work while mumbling under his breath over and over, "to fore see is to avert, to fore see is to avert..."
[12:56] Commander Botland: =A= Alpha Fleet is nearly destroyed with the other 2 fleets scattered across the Delta quadrant.
[12:58] Commander Botland: =A= I don't know how much longer this Starbase will remain in operation, but I have a feeling we're going to have to leave soon.... *A red alert klaxon is heard in the background*
[12:59] Chase Quinnell: Well, it appears we have our answer..
[12:59] michaels Toshi: oh my gods....
[12:59] Januarius Allen: Yes Sir.
[12:59] Chase Quinnell: Oh my gods is right Michaels.
[13:00] Silkie Dagger: Tragedy...
[13:00] michaels Toshi: in the interest of keeping that from happening is there any info on these new predator class vessels so we can study them?
[13:00] Orion Pastorelli looks up, "sir I may have a way to map the tempral distorstions, but I will need to coordinate with the helm officers to reconfigure the navagtion sensors..."
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Not that I've heard, Michaels.
[13:01] Chase Quinnell: I'll inform Starfleet of this possible project of theirs. They need to know about this.
[13:01] You: Do it, Ensign.
[13:01] Januarius Allen: Sir, I've got to get to the armoury and make sure we're ready. Permission to leave the bridge Sir?
[13:02] Chase Quinnell: Go ahead, Mr. allen
[13:02] Orion Pastorelli established up link to the HELM, "Lt. Babii, can you reconfigure to these specs?"
[13:02] Januarius Allen: Thank you Sir
[13:02] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[13:02] Chase Quinnell: I never thought I'd see the day when this ship would have Marines stationed on it.
[13:02] Chase Quinnell: Computer, begin recording duty log.
[13:03] Blush Babii: attempting to recofingure now
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: Commanding Officer's log, supplemental: We are now working on a way to put these two stations back in their rightful timeline. I will leave out the details of the CO's log, but I will say one thing, it's not pretty. Admiral Calhoun has informed me that there will be a full investigation of this Predator project.
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: Computer, end log.
[13:05] Orion Pastorelli blinks as the combined sensor arrays come online, "ok its working"...
[13:05] Chase Quinnell: Report.
[13:05] Silkie Dagger: Sir, I've been searching through the logs and have found a reference to the Preditor class specs. They were in the data from the future station.
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: Good, download them to the Conn.
[13:06] michaels Toshi: and can i get a look please?
[13:06] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir
[13:06] Chase Quinnell: What's the status on the modifications?
[13:07] Silkie Dagger sends them to Tactical.
[13:07] Orion Pastorelli narrows his eyes, "sir, they are working, and I have established a pattern for the temporal anomalies
[13:07] michaels Toshi: thanks
[13:07] You: Ok, Orion, what do we do with those patterns?
[13:08] Blush Babii: i finished reconfiguring the specs and sending them back to science Sir
[13:08] Orion Pastorelli: I believe we can recreate the phenomenon that swapped the stations by interecting distict tachyon beams and key time/space coordinates
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: Do it.
[13:09] Orion Pastorelli: the only thing is this ship can only generate one beam
[13:09] Chase Quinnell: There's always a catch..
[13:09] Orion Pastorelli: we either need another ship or see if we can get the stations emitters back online....
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: Well, I think we used up nearly all the air left on that thing
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: I don't want to risk sending any more men over there either
[13:10] michaels Toshi points to the environmental suits
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: I think the Talisman isn't too far from here.
[13:10] Orion Pastorelli agrees with Toshi
[13:10] Chase Quinnell: Yes, but last time we went over there we had people lost.
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: I think the Talisman is our best bet.
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: Silkie, send a message to the Talisman and have them meet us here. Inform them of the situation.
[13:11] Silkie Dagger: Aye Sir
[13:11] Orion Pastorelli nods to Lt. Babii, "excellent, that refined the sensor resolution, thank you sir."
[13:11] Blush Babii smiles at science officer
[13:12] Silkie Dagger quickly types, then sends out the message to the Talisman.
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: ::2 hours pass and the Talisman drops out of warp::
[13:12] michaels Toshi: hmmm i think i have a way of giving us a better chance against a predator class.....
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: Orion, coordinate your efforts with the Talisman.
[13:13] Orion Pastorelli: aye sir
[13:13] You: Lets get this show on the road.
[13:14] Orion Pastorelli: Lt dagger transmit the the space/time coordinates to the Talisman...
[13:14] Silkie Dagger: Aye, doing it now.
[13:15] Silkie Dagger: Received.
[13:15] Orion Pastorelli synchronizes with the Talisman, "ok we are ready to, on my mark.... inciate!"
[13:17] Orion Pastorelli: sir! its working, the original stations is phasing in..."
[13:19] Silkie Dagger: Sir, the Talisman has reported blowing a gasket. The ship is flooding with radiation.
[13:19] Chase Quinnell: Beam the crew aboard.
[13:19] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir
[13:19] Silkie Dagger: They are here, Sir.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Good.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Can we finish what we started?
[13:21] Orion Pastorelli: ok tachyon levels stabilizing.... the swap should finish up on its own without anymore energy from us...
[13:21] You: Ok, good.
[13:23] Orion Pastorelli sighs and wipes his brow..."wow, it actually worked... "uhm sir, the stations should be swapped, recommend establishing communications
[13:23] michaels Toshi: CO JesseAnn is requesting to come to the bridge sir
[13:23] Chase Quinnell sighs
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Let her in.
[13:23] JesseAnn Heckroth: *enters the Redeemers bridge, looking ticked*
[13:23] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Welcome, Lt.
[13:23] JesseAnn Heckroth: Lt Quinnell, what the heck did your man do to my ship?
[13:24] michaels Toshi: it seems more accurate to ask what did your ship do to itself
[13:24] Chase Quinnell nods.
[13:24] Orion Pastorelli tries to hide in the corner...
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: It's likely that somehow your ship had a malfunction.
[13:24] JesseAnn Heckroth: Lieutenant, that ship was brand new and my chief engineer had just finished making final adjustments to the powerflow though those bulkheads
[13:24] Chase Quinnell: Hmm...
[13:25] michaels Toshi: seconds before the ship was disabled i saw a ODN conduit give way
[13:25] JesseAnn Heckroth: ODN...argh the chief hadn’t gotten to those yet...
[13:26] michaels Toshi: but i detected 2 temporal signatures onboard, possibly life forms
[13:26] michaels Toshi: i can’t tell
[13:26] Orion Pastorelli motions to Lt. Dagger, "ma'am are we able to establish communications with the station? is her crew safe? along with our lost men?
[13:26] Chase Quinnell: Lifeforms?
[13:26] michaels Toshi: it could be a saboteur
[13:26] Chase Quinnell: You mean a saboteur?
[13:26] Chase Quinnell grunts.
[13:26] JesseAnn Heckroth: Can she be tractored back to Europa Planitia?
[13:26] Silkie Dagger: I'll try, Mr. Pastorelli.
[13:26] michaels Toshi: once the radiation is cleared im sure she can be repaired on the spot
[13:27] michaels Toshi: but that could take days by the looks...
[13:27] JesseAnn Heckroth: Thanks...I dont want to lose her, shes probably going to be a big help against the empire in teh future...
[13:27] Chase Quinnell nods.
[13:27] JesseAnn Heckroth: Well it might go faster if we remotely vented her...
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: Those Excalibur class ships are some of the best ships in the fleet.
[13:28] Chase Quinnell: You're lucky to command one of them.
[13:29] Silkie Dagger: Sir, receiving a hail from the station.
[13:29] Orion Pastorelli looks over to Lt. Quinnell," Sir, the station has successfully passed into the correct timeline. Lt. Dagger is trying to establish communications."
[13:29] Chase Quinnell: Good!
[13:30] Chase Quinnell: Onscreen.
[13:30] JesseAnn Heckroth: I know...Talismans my baby...
[13:30] Silkie Dagger puts the station onscreen.
[13:30] Commander Botland: =A= Ahh, Lt! I have to ask... are we back? =A-
[13:31] Chase Quinnell: Yes, Commander, you are. Welcome back to the 24th century
[13:32] Commander Botland: =A= Thank you. We have some catching up to do, I'll meet you at the replimat at 1600 hours.. Botland out =A=
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: Rather quick isn't he?
[13:33] Orion Pastorelli: well its all realive sir...
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: Indeed
[13:33] Orion Pastorelli: that was a physics joke...
[13:33] Chase Quinnell: I know Commander Botland from my Academy days. He used to be one of the instructors there back when he was a Lieutenant.
[13:33] Orion Pastorelli: sorry sir
[13:33] michaels Toshi: i have been looking over the data on the predator class and have a glitch we may be able to exploit
[13:33] Chase Quinnell rolls his eyes.
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Well Michaels
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: I doubt they have finished their Predator project yet or we would have seen it by now.
[13:34] michaels Toshi: no, but we still have the info Silkie gave me
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Besides, it would be at least a year before they can bring their big ships into our universe.
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Indeed
[13:35] michaels Toshi: this glitch would most likely only be able to be exploited by ships as powerful as the redeemer and Talisman
[13:36] JesseAnn Heckroth: gal has a chance then?
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: Aye
[13:36] Chase Quinnell: The Excalibur class ships are some of the toughest ones in the fleet
[13:37] JesseAnn Heckroth: Yeah...true...
[13:37] michaels Toshi: yes a high energy polaron beam directed at their ship would cause ALL secondary systems to activate at once and the predator class isnt stingy on the luxuries: 160 replicators and 15 holodecks
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: Nice.
[13:37] JesseAnn Heckroth: ouch
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: Destroyed by replicators and holodecks
[13:37] michaels Toshi: it would cause their shields to considerably weaken
[13:37] Chase Quinnell: What a blow to your ego.
[13:38] michaels Toshi: and possibly breach the core
[13:38] michaels Toshi: but it would mean weapons on the ship with the polaron beam would have to be rerouting power to the deflector
[13:38] Silkie Dagger: Sir, receiving a hail from UFS Command. Onscreen?
[13:38] Orion Pastorelli: you know sir, Lt. Toshi, is on to something, I suspect the temporal swap was a byproduct of the Imperials transdimentional activities... there is a good chance they don't know we have the predator class specs...
[13:39] Chase Quinnell: Aye, put them on-screen.
[13:39] Silkie Dagger puts Command onscreen.
[13:39] JesseAnn Heckroth: thats true...Lt Quinnell, could you arrange for a copy of those specs to be sent to my engineers?
[13:40] Chase Quinnell: Will do Lt.
[13:40] michaels Toshi: but be careful with the specs if imperial agents see them it could be the CAUSE of the ship being made
[13:40] Admiral Calhoun =A= Greetings, Lt Quinnell, Lt, Heckroth. =A=
[13:40] JesseAnn Heckroth: Hello Admiral
[13:41] Admiral Calhoun =A= I have looked over your reports and I've decided that you two will be the ones to investigate the Predator project.
[13:42] JesseAnn Heckroth: *gulps* ship and crew...are still learning to correctly use our that wise sir?
[13:42] Admiral Calhoun: =A= I have confidence in you.
[13:43] Admiral Calhoun: =A= Commander Barthelmess has been working on improving Excalibur class ships, and he has come up with many improvements and bug-fixes. I recommend you bring your ship back to Cascadia Shipyards when you can to have them installed =A=
[13:44] JesseAnn Heckroth: *nods* yes admiral, will do
[13:45] Admiral Calhoun: =A= As for the Redeemer, I am dispatching you to these coordinates. You will rendezvous with the USS Benton. From there, you will go deep into the Imperial lines. Intelligence has been studying the logs you recovered. They have found mention of the Delfarius system in the Predator's construction files. They've also determined that the Imperials are for some reason using our universe to build this thing =A=
[13:46] michaels Toshi: that way they wouldn’t have to create enough power to move it into our universe
[13:46] Chase Quinnell nods.
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: Understood Admiral.
[13:47] Admiral Calhoun: =A= Calhoun out. =A=
[13:47] Chase Quinnell: I want the Talisman back up and running within 3 days.