Passive Reflection

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Passive Reflection
General Data
*SIM Type: ISS Hyperion Missions
*Production number: HYP-RP006
*Initiated: 130210
*Ended: 130210
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Pirate Provocation
*Next Mission: New Home, Old Home
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: SS Normandy, Pinastri System

Captain's Log,

After our overwhelming victory over the Hirogen, we have been ordered back to SS Normandy by Imperial Command, where... We have taken on General Dagger, who we are to deliver to the front line of our skirmish with the Hirogen, so that he may perform a... "Performance Review" of the troops leading the assault. Of course I know the sadistic monster just wants to torture the poor post commander... Perhaps that's why I'm so looking forward to this mission. That... and Grand Admiral Mistwallow has agreed that should the General not return... it wouldn't be such a bad thing... He was after all, rather pleased with my assassination of Captain Gravette, that he let me have my own command again, after that trifling Horta burn of an alternate me threw me down that turboshaft several years ago... I should say I'd like to have his head, however the ISS Veracruz under the command of that sniveling suckup Captain Britt has the honor of entering the other side to engage those spineless fools... I'm still not sure how he managed to kill one of the greatest Captains of the Empire, but I digress... We are scheduled to leave tomorrow evening, at which time I hope my loyal crew members will successfully execute my plan.

Crew Participation