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Past Tense
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP006
*Initiated: 110311
*Ended: 110311
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Cat and mouse
*Next Mission: Eye of the Storm
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool


A feedback cascade in the SS Astraios fusion reactor created a rift in the space-time continuum, causing the starbase and all aboard to travel back in time. It is now 1786. Our temporal rewind leaves us unable to contact Starfleet Command in the Alpha Quadrant or Deep Space Nine in the Gamma Quadrant for assistance or for further supplies. We do not know if we have created or entered a divergent time line. We do not know when, or if, we will ever return to our time again. Scans show minimal activity and very little technology on the planet below, except for one area. Our scans are reflected back from this region. That in itself is odd. At this point all we can do is investigate. An away team, dressed appropriately as civilians of that time, will transport down and recon. We must take great care. Will our actions now affect the future we left behind?

Crew participation

Poison Toocool - XO

Davido Herbit - Sector Chief Security

Data Axel - Sector Chief Science

Karl Quar - Sector Chief Engineering

Alia Soulstar - Sector Chief Medical

Dolfke Barbosa - Observer/Photographer


The away team gathered in the Operations Briefing room on SS Astraios. Conversation seemed strained. Centuries away from our home and our time leaves us all feeling off balance. We went over our assignment. We dressed in our best approximation of the clothing of the time, with the addition of combadges, translator, phasers and tricorders. First Contact protocols needs to be followed, no technology to be shown or shared.

The buildings seemed to resemble the Earth period of the 18 century under the Spanish influence.

Two teams where being made. Team A under the leading of Davido Herbit and team B under command of Poison Toocool. Orders were being given to keep the comms open at all times so we could stay in contact. Team A had to explore the mansion and check out the life sign that Karl Quar saw while entering the surface and Team B was busy with observing large structure in the garden of the mansion, and further down the road for a closer look.

Team A where attempting to communicate with the humanoid they found there. They spoke in many languages, without a response back. Their conclusion was the life form seemed frozen or immobilized in some way. They cautiously continued their exploration.

Team B reached the large structure that seems to be a religious building. This could even be a monastery. After a proper investigation Science officer Data Axel announced that the architecture was not similar to that found on Earth in the country of Spain during this era, as we had first thought. Rather it seemed to be Terran-Mexican.

Team A and B gathered at another courtyard with a fountain and discussed what they have seen and detected. At this point the teams felt an odd vibration and tried to establish communication with the SS Astraios but this attempt failed. So the combined team went on investigation themselves.

The team entered a tavern and saw flatware and china were placed on tables with tablecloths and candles burning. This couldn’t be more strange because the candles where not being lith a long time ago. At this point Xo Poison Toocool had the feeling somebody was looking at them but still tricorders not detected anything else than the away team.

Suddenly Karl Quar felt down on the ground. Everybody could see he was in much pain so the doctor stepped in and tried to examine him. It looked like he ate something from what seems to be delicious food. This didn't looked good and the doctor advised to get back to the ship immediately. Unfortunally the team couldn’t get communication again with the ship so they went back to the beam down point in the hope SS Astraios could detect them and beam them out.