Pirate Booty

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Pirate Booty
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP069
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [ ]
*Previous Mission: Falling Skies
*Next Mission: A Sitting Duck
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120810:

Location: Class L Planetoid, 6 ly trailing SS Astraios -- Our mission is to rendezvous with USS Huitzilopochtli, on route from the Pinastri system, and escort her to Astraios Sector. We estimated 3 to 4 weeks travel time to meeting her. Signals have been intermittent, but that is to be expected given the Astraios effect and the proximity of the Takaar Nebula.

After encountering a freighter, we "rescued" the cargo vessel crew from the pirate Zhieela Bruxxls, only to have them attack our officers and attempt to take over the ship. Stern questioning led us to a shielded Class-L planetoid near the Sector Border. We managed to disable the shield for a short time and land on the planet, but the atmosphere or energy emissions affected our crew adversely. I myself was overcome with dizziness, and then stunned by a phaser blast from our Security Chief, who seemed to feel I was a danger to the ship. I was taken to sick bay whilst the XO capably secured the ship and prepared an away team to visit a nearby location. Science had determined the matrix of the net of shield generators was housed there.

The away team has returned and although I still feel weak I must meet and debrief with them, and we must plan our next action. Our rendezvous with the Huitzilopochtli may have to be delayed. We must get these pirates under control before more people are hurt or enslaved.

All departments: prepare an assessment of the situation, the ship's condition, the planetoid's effects on humanoids, the culture of the inhabitants, the high-tech items found, etc. Debrief on the bridge at 1200 hours sharp, in uniform. Your reports will be read into the record at that time.

Crew participation

Captain - Cptn Poison Toocool

First Officer - Cmdr Genny7 Markus

2nd Officer/Chief Science - LT David7 Bravin

Chief Engineer/Helm - Cmdr Karl Quar

Chief Security - LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa

Medical/OPs - LTjg Fire Springflower

ShoValla Leader, Vexnu - Poison Toocool


Reporting: Captain Poison Toocool, USS Argonaut, Stardate 120812 - Location: 6 ly trailing Astraios

After an excellent departmental debriefing the bridge officers and I discussed our options. It seems the planetoid's shield is very old. I have the theory it was placed here to guard the inhabitants during the Dominion wars. This system lies on the border of the sector and could have been used as a strategic location for Jem'Hadar if unprotected. The inhabitants are a pre-warp species. The XO seems to think they are either phased or have the ability to be invisible to our eyes. Everyone felt we should return to the village and seek out the inhabitants. Prior to giving permission for an Away Team to disembark, I ordered that a probe be prepared for launch. Once in the village, the team would momentarily disengage the shield so the probe could be fired into orbit.

The probe would have three uses. One, long range communications to the fleet, LTjg Fire prepared an encrypted message telling them our location and plans. Two, to scan the system for any activity. Three... well.

I proposed that we also use the probe to send a distress call, using old algorithms that could easily be broken. In the message, we would give the planet location, explain that 70% of our crew is disabled by severe vertigo, and that the ship was significantly damaged when landing on the planet.

The XO agreed.

I remained on the ship to rest. The probe is prepared and ready to launch when the Away Team advises the shield grid is down.

Last reports from the team: they have made first contact with the ShoValla Leader, called Vexnu. Apparently his species has the ability to be unseen, except in moonlight. Slavers have discovered this and come here at full moon, finding their "treasure" in the strong humanoids that live here. Even the children, they have taken to be sold. The XO has promised we will help.

We have violated the Prime Directive by making contact with this pre-warp civilization. Our intentions are good. I hope we bring them no further harm. But I am firmly against slavery of any type. So we will soon launch our probe, and dangle the bait -- us.