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General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP012
*Initiated: 121113
*Ended: 121113
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Adrift
*Next Mission: Slipstream Slip-up
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Sector 003D, Midgar Sector, Deshima Station Docking Port G12

Captain's Log,

After recovering from our total systems failure a few days ago, we've managed to track and follow the ion trail of our shuttlecraft the Gorn stole when he escaped. all scans indicate that our Shuttlecraft is docked within Deshima's primary landing bay, and that the Gorn is still somewhere aboard the station. The station Commander has guaranteed any vessel with a new addition to it's manifest will be denied launch clearance and held until they can be investigated in hopes of catching our friend. I however, have a feeling that the Gorn are somehow using Deshima as a staging point in whatever campaign they're running out here, and that we'll find our friend somewhere in the depths of the station. I will be sending, and joining an away team sometime this evening to begin our search.

Crew Participation