Quo Vadis

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Quo Vadis
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP161
*Initiated: 140105
*Year: 2412
*Aliens: Cryrairos
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Videbimus
*Next Mission: Out of the Cold
*SIM Concept: David7 Bravin, Genny7 Markus
*Historian: Poison Toocool


An Away Team took a restored Iconian artifact down to the surface of the Ice planet and inserted it into the Gateway control unit that was hidden in the cave under the frozen lake. The Gateway became operational and the Away Team was then able to pass into a small room where there was a Star Chart on the wall and a Gateway leading to another part of the cave complex that was decorated like an Egyptian temple with paintings and hieroglyphs on the walls. Visual recordings were taken of the Star Chart and hieroglyphs and the artifact was removed from the control unit.

Back aboard the USS Armstrong, Science has been studying the Star Chart and the hieroglyphs. Cmdr Markus has asked Science to prepare a report to be considered at a meeting of senior officers; following which decisions need to be made about leaving the Ice planet and where to head next.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus: Mission Command

Capt Karl Quar: Chief Engineer

Capt Dolfke Barbosa: Chief Security Officer

Cmdr Breydon Lane: Medical Officer

Cmdr David7 Bravin: Chief Science Officer

LT KirstyTamae Resident: Science

LT RhysJayden Resident: Engineering


Log Entry: Commander Genny7 Markus, 140309:

I arrived on the bridge a little after the shift had begun. Everyone were in their places and seemed ready to begin the next stage of exploration and rescue. After getting reports from each of them we got under way at impulse until we were out of the system and Helm set a course of 227 mark 260 speed of Warp 3. We had only just started gone to warp, when reports came from Mr Baumeister that the warp core was beginning to overheat, and Helm reported that impulse had been disabled and our speed was dropping from warp 3 to warp 2 and finally no power. I ordered a full stop and with no power we started to drift. Engineering tried a restart, but to no avail, so I ordered LRS's to start, luckily there were no other vessels in the vicinity.

A discussion started on what could have made this happen. Several people suggested the Statue's head could be to blame and Science commented that they had not had time to examine it. Could it possibly be the head that was causing all of our problems? My question was answered when the head appeared in front of me. Everyone was still making their suggestions when I heard something in my head and had to ask Commander Bravin to take over command as I was having difficulty in functioning.

Doctor Lane had heard from some of the crew about our problems and had come up to the bridge to see if he could help. His empathic skills were just what I needed and I asked him and all of the bridge crew to concentrate on calming thoughts. Between all of us we managed to make out that the head wanted to return to its home on the Ice planet; so we sent it thoughts about giving us power back so that we could use the ship to take it home. After a short time it seemed to get our message and power came back on. Immediately we turned around and headed straight back to the planet at warp 3. Of course we still have to find away to return it to its home on arrival....