ROMA Mission

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Sheppard Roma.PNG
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP036
*Initiated: 101009
*Ended: 101009
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: ROMA
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

In the midst of the Midgar Sector, the crew of the Sheppard explores a planet whose civilization bears an eerie resemblance to Earth's Ancient Rome.


Location: Midgar Sector, Parsec B3

Captain's log, Stardate 101009

After avoiding multiple mercenary patrols, I've dropped the Sheppard into the ROMA system. The patrols are sparse but more frequent than what we have encountered before, suggesting there may be some sort of base or operational area nearby. While we are here we will do another assessment of the pre-warp civilisation present in the system that was first detected by the USS Magellan. They appear to be a primitive society somewhat similar to that of old earth Rome. This should be interesting as that part of history has always fascinated me - I'm always amazed at how people can survive without the need of technology or computers that we are so reliant on. *smiles*

On a more serious note, I've received a coded transmission from Starfleet. Apparently they have been trying to contact us over the past week - I think the interferance from the anomalies must've affected long range communications. At any rate, they have dispatched an intel team to meet up with us, they wouldn't say much in the communication but apparently they have some information pertaining to our mission. This would be another reason for us to stay low in the Roma system as the pickup point will be near the Badlands area and our current position is perfect cover untill they arrive.

Computer, end log.


The bridge crew of the Sheppard donned local garb - togas and sandals - and familiarized themselves with local customs and styles of address before splitting into two teams and beaming down to the surface.

The first team, comprised of Executive Officer Pedlar Blaisdale, Dr. Dana Dimsum, Lt. j.g. April Coswell and Security Ensign Rebecca Carfield, explored the marketplace before heading to some form of circus which, apparently, had recently been used for sport or sacrifice, as there was blood on the stones. The team then investigated a local house of ill repute, and journeyed uphill to an elaborate building where they found, among other things, an opulent throne room.

Meanwhile, the second team, comprised of Captain Dwi, Security Chief Jess Hamelin, Dr. Trask Darkwatch and Cadet Septembeer Firelight, investigated the sewer systems where they found - among other things - scrolls, a trip-wire trap system as well as a large reptile. Upon exiting, they encountered a local soldier, who referred to himself as centurion and, after questioning them, agreed to take them to the local public baths to clean up.

The first team was also questioned by a local centurion, who took them to a place where they could find transportation and advised them to find lodging as night was falling. After taking their leave of the centurion, they rendez-vous'd with the captain's team and beamed back to the ship.