Reaching Out to the Enemy

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Reaching Out to the Enemy
General Data
*Production number: 40
*Initiated: 080906
*Ended: 080907
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Black Nite
*Next Mission: Buckle Up!
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


After discussing the matter personally with UFS Command, the USS Redeemer did a short recon mission with the USS Constance. After that, a Diplomatic negotiation with the Mendari will take place on a neutral planet.

Hopefully, a diplomatic envoy from UFS Command will be available to represent the Federation. If one is not available, then the diplomatic ceremony may be in jeapordy. The USS Redeemer will be waiting at Starbase 427 for a diplomat to arrive by 1310 hours (SLT). After that, the Redeemer will be forced to leave the station to meet up at the chosen planet.


Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Vinnie
Engineering Officer: Ensign Elim Exonar
Tactical Officer: Lt. Vinnie
Helm/Ops Officer: Lt. Jg Diemme Morane
Federation Diplomat: Capt. Zed Drebin
Lok Mandwe: Bill Eebus

The USS Redeemer arrived at Starbase 427 to pick up the Federation diplomat, Captain Zed Drebin. After that, it proceeded to the designated location for the Mendari/Federation peace-talks.

Upon arriving at the rendezvous, Mendari ships transported their diplomat, Lok Mandwe to the bridge of the Redeemer. The negotiations were a success thanks to Capt. Zed Drebin's fine tuned diplomatic skills. He was able to convince Mr. Mandwe that the Federation posed no threat to the Mendari or neighboring governments. Mr. Mandwe promised to bring everything to the Dejha Council, which seems to be their head of government.

During the meeting, Elim, Vinnie, and Diemme monitored sensors and ship systems as usual. Vinnie decided it would be fun to play DooM on the main view-screen, and during his game he some-how managed to break the arm-piece off of the captain's chair. When Elim tried to fix it, the chair completely fell apart, except for the base and the bottom cushion. The sound could be heard from the observation lounge where the meeting was being held.

After the diplomat beamed away, the Chief Engineer and 1st officer got a little chat with the captain.

Mission Logs

[13:10] Chase Quinnell: Open a channel to the station, Diemme.
[13:10] Diemme Morane opens a channel...
[13:10] Diemme Morane: Channel open sir
[13:11] Chase Quinnell: This is the USS Redeemer, is our diplomat ready?
[13:11] Diemme Morane runs through prelaunch diagnostics
[13:11] Diemme Morane: correction, standard diagnostics
[13:11] Vinnie Lei: darn, that starbase should go on a diet, it's... wide!
[13:12] Chase Quinnell chuckles.
[13:12] Chase Quinnell: Starbase 427, respond.
[13:12] Zed Drebin: Redeemer, this is Captain Drebin at Starbase 427
[13:12] Zed Drebin: I am ready to transport
[13:13] Vinnie Lei: Hmmm, I'm not familiar with Cap'n Drebin?
[13:13] Zed Drebin: I am sending your the coordinates to your transporter room now
[13:13] Chase Quinnell: Bridge to transporter room 1, energise when ready.
[13:13] Zed Drebin: Signal when ready
[13:13] ::Energizing, Captain Drebin beams onto the bridge::
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Welcome aboard, Captain.
[13:14] Zed Drebin: Greetings, Captain Quinnell
[13:14] Zed Drebin: Permission to come aboard
[13:14] Chase Quinnell: Helm, plot a course to FGC-3470.
[13:14] Diemme Morane closes the channel, and switches to helm controls...
[13:15] Diemme Morane: course laid in, sir, FGC-3470
[13:15] Zed Drebin walks carefully around the dedication plaque
[13:15] Chase Quinnell: Engage at warp 7.
[13:15] Diemme Morane inputs the course and engages warp engines
[13:15] Diemme Morane: Warp 7, aye sir
[13:15] Vinnie Lei writes a short note to Chief Engineer Elim that if the plaque falls on his head, he can scrub the plasma conduits for the coming 6 months.
[13:16] Zed Drebin watches the viewscreen and smiles
[13:16] Chase Quinnell: Captain Drebin, I'm sure you are familiar with the situation regarding the Mendari?
[13:16] Diemme Morane: Eta to FGC-3470, at current speed 3 minutes sir.
[13:16] Zed Drebin: Its good to be on a starship , Captain.. I spend too much time on stations
[13:16] Elim Exonar: But the captain had a remote detonation device built in... Looks like we'll have clean conduits for a while
[13:16] Vinnie Lei curses
[13:16] Zed Drebin chuckles
[13:16] Chase Quinnell smiles, "Why do you think I chose fleet service, sir?"
[13:16] Zed Drebin: Indeed
[13:17] Diemme Morane is happy she's not included in Elim's "we"...
[13:18] Diemme Morane: We're entering the system sir.
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Take us out of warp, Lt.
[13:18] Diemme Morane drops Redeemer out of warp.
[13:18] Diemme Morane slows the Redeemer to impulse as we approach the coordinates.
[13:18] Chase Quinnell: Any ships in the system? Are the Mendari here yet?
[13:20] Diemme Morane: I detect 4 ships...
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: four?
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Ahh.. yes, they use numbers to make up for lack of firepower.
[13:20] Diemme Morane: One seems to be a battle cruiser and three smaller escort type ships from what I can see...
[13:20] Chase Quinnell: Hail the lead vessel.
[13:20] Diemme Morane: I'm sure Tactical could verify.
[13:20] Vinnie Lei: Hmmm, better check long range sensors, 4 seems... too little.
[13:20] Diemme Morane: Channel open.
[13:20] Chase Quinnell nudges Vinnie. "Psst, tactical."
[13:21] Vinnie Lei looks over and waves with a padd "Got it hooked over"
[13:21] Chase Quinnell: This is captain Chase Quinnell of the Federation starship Redeemer. Are you ready to beam your diplomatic envoy over?
[13:21] Chase Quinnell looks at the PADD and sees a game of DooM running.
[13:22] Vinnie Lei blinks "oops"
[13:22] Vinnie Lei: wrong program.
[13:22] Mendari Cruiser: =/\= Federation vessel, our envoy will beam directly to your bridge. Please lower your shields. =/\=
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, lower the shields for transport. Monitor their weapon status, though.
[13:23] Vinnie Lei: Aye sir, lowering shields.
[13:23] Chase Quinnell: You ready, captain?
[13:23] Vinnie Lei: Their weapons seem to be down, but on standby, I recommend caution.
[13:29] ::The Mendari ambassador beams into the bridge::
[13:29] Chase Quinnell: Welcome aboard, ambassador.
[13:30] Lok Mandwe shouts: I am Mendari ambassador Lok Mandwe.
[13:32] Chase Quinnell: I am captain Quinnell, the commander of this vessel. Our representative is Captain Drebin.
[13:32] Zed Drebin: Greetings ambassador.
[13:33] Lok Mandwe: Mawnsuav, captains.
[13:33] Lok Mandwe: Shall we proceed?
[13:33] Diemme Morane monitors helm and ops sensors... Keeping an eye on our new... friends... and the escort ships...
[13:34] Zed Drebin: Yes please, perhaps we can use the conference room, Mr. Quinnell?
[13:34] Chase Quinnell: Of course, we will convene in the briefing room. Follow me. Vinnie, you have the bridge. Captain, Ambassador, please follow me.
[13:34] Zed Drebin: After you... *smiles*
[13:34] ::Captain Zed Drebin, Lt. Chase Quinnell, and Ambassador Lok Mandwe go to the observation lounge(Briefing room). Ens. Exonar, Lt. Vinnie, and Lt. Jg Morane remain on the bridge.::
[13:34] Vinnie Lei: Aye, sir.
[13:35] Vinnie Lei: Elim, initiate DooM program alpha to main viewer.
[13:35] Diemme Morane checks to see if her console can link into Vinnie's game of Doom...
[13:35] Zed Drebin: it's a pleasure to finally meet you,ambassador
[13:36] Lok Mandwe: The same, Captain.
[13:36] Elim Exonar: sorry sir, I just put it on the tactical station
[13:37] Zed Drebin: As I am sure Captain Quinnell has mentioned we are most interested in an exchange of culture
[13:38] Lok Mandwe: Yes, and he has also expressed an interest in peace. My government does have a large fleet massed in a system near here.
[13:38] Zed Drebin smiles disarmingly
[13:38] Zed Drebin: Well as you can see we are but one ship
[13:38] Lok Mandwe: We have noticed.
[13:38] Zed Drebin: Our highest ideal, is that of peaceful coexistence
[13:40] Elim Exonar: it looks better at tactical sir
[13:29] Chase Quinnell: Welcome aboard, ambassador.
[13:40] Lok Mandwe: In our way of thinking, we believe that we do civilizations a favor by providing them a stable government and a strong law and order. In our own galaxy, only 2 out of the thousands of species we govern put up a fight.
[13:40] Vinnie Lei: It might, but is it not as you yanks say.. the bigger the better?
[13:40] Elim Exonar: I'm no yank
[13:40] Lok Mandwe: The rest of them had either anarchy or a very flawed system of government.
[13:40] Vinnie Lei: earthling then
[13:40] Diemme Morane: Neither am I.
[13:41] Zed Drebin: Well I submit to you that we have an ancient tradition of civilization, scholarship and SELF-government
[13:42] Zed Drebin: Indeed one of our most important laws we call the Prime Directive states that we may never interfere in the natural development of another culture
[13:42] Vinnie Lei: Lt. Vinnie to Cap'n Quinnell, four more ships are coming in.
[13:43] Zed Drebin: Indeed we have spent the last 300 years creating one of the greatest federations ever created
[13:43] Chase Quinnell: Quinnell here, keep me informed Lt.
[13:43] Vinnie Lei: Will do. Vinnie out.
[13:43] Zed Drebin: In the Alpha quadrant are over 150 worlds in the United Federation Of Planets *smiles*
[13:44] Vinnie Lei: Elim, get some repair crew up here to fix this darn chair.
[13:44] Vinnie Lei: it's squeaking.
[13:44] Elim Exonar: no worries sir, I'll do it myself
[13:44] Diemme Morane: Nothing wrong with the chair Vinnie, it's your tail sticking out of it
[13:45] Lok Mandwe: The 4 ships that are arriving, they are only a precaution. We are not sure of your Federation's sincerity in wanting peace. We have gathered some files from a ship we had salvaged a core from, and some of them indicate previous hostilities among the Human peoples, as well as with other members of your organization.
[13:45] Vinnie Lei: Fix the chair, and I'll double your pay.
[13:45] Elim Exonar: twice 0 is still 0 sir
[13:45] Vinnie Lei: darn.
[13:45] Lok Mandwe: Infact, you just came out of two wars, one with a Terran Empire, and another with some Dominion.
[13:45] Zed Drebin nods understandingly
[13:45] Vinnie Lei: Ya have no authoritah to make fun of me mister!
[13:46] Diemme Morane giggles
[13:46] Zed Drebin: Indeed, but as I am sure you are aware, if you have studied that we did not initiate aggression in either of those conflicts
[13:46] Zed Drebin: You may also have noted that we are quite capable of defending ourselves
[13:46] Zed Drebin smiles and looks the ambassador directly in the eyes
[13:48] Diemme Morane: So what do you guys think of this Mendari?
[13:48] Lok Mandwe: We have evaluated your fleet's ability to defend itself, and we have noticed that your ships often travel alone or in small fleets of 2 or 3 ships at a time. Your larger ships often go far from large installations or other allied ships.
[13:48] Zed Drebin smiles
[13:48] Elim Exonar uses his sonic screwdriver on the chair
[13:48] Vinnie Lei: Hmmmm, better be careful with ehm.
[13:48] Zed Drebin: I see you view all things from a military point of view
[13:48] Lok Mandwe: And we've also noted the fact that your presence in this division of the galaxy is smaller than in the opposite division.
[13:48] Elim Exonar: there you go sir, try it now
[13:48] Diemme Morane coughs...
[13:58] ::The captain's chair falls apart::
[13:49] Elim Exonar: ack
[13:49] Zed Drebin: Your observations are spot on *smiles*
[13:49] Zed Drebin: More proof that we are explorers as we have said *smiles*
[13:50] Diemme Morane: Uh-oh... The Captain's gonna be pissed....
[13:50] ::A loud thump and sounds of breaking metal come through the walls::
[13:50] Chase Quinnell: =/\= Quinnell to bridge, what the hell was that noise? =/\=
[13:50] Elim Exonar: =/\= I'm afraid our XO broke your chair sir =/\=
[13:51] Vinnie Lei: =/\= Nothing sir, Elim sat on your chair..=/\=
[13:52] Lok Mandwe: It could also be interpreted that you are merely looking for new worlds to colonize or conquer. Although I must say, when I noticed you put children and families on some of your starships.. we were concerned that the Federation is oblivious to the safety of civilians.
[13:53] Diemme Morane considers calling the counsellor to assess whether our First officer is psychologically fit for duty.....
[13:53] Elim Exonar: wouldn't that make you in command ma'am?
[13:53] Diemme Morane: Oh, that would NOT be a good thing...
[13:53] Zed Drebin: We are not warriors, we are explorers *smiles*
[13:53] Chase Quinnell: =/\= *sighs* Elim, Vinnie, I will be seeing you both soon. =/\=
[13:53] Chase Quinnell: Sorry about that, my bridge crew must be getting bored again.
[13:54] Elim Exonar tries to fix the chair
[13:54] Zed Drebin: is it so alien a thought to you, ambassador?
[13:54] Diemme Morane: Vinnie, the escort ships are moving off.. what do you see on you tactical sensors?
[13:54] Elim Exonar gives up on the chair... It's dead Vinnie
[13:55] Vinnie Lei: Hmmm, big black.... nothing. Elim, double-check with sensors.
[13:55] Elim Exonar: aye sir
[13:55] Lok Mandwe: To be honest Captain, we've never encountered such a vast and powerful organization such as yours, let alone encountering a galaxy with so many other galactic powers. When we began our space projects, we encountered so much anarchy and unjust civilizations on the planets we discovered, that we had to do something to give them a stable environment.
[13:56] Lok Mandwe: And this is the first galaxy we've ever been to, besides our own.
[13:56] Elim Exonar: sir, those chips are moving is formation slowly
[13:56] Elim Exonar: it looks like they are trying to surround us
[13:57] Elim Exonar: Lt. Vinnie, sir, we are about to be surrounded by Mendari ships
[13:57] Zed Drebin: We believe that everyone and every individual is capable of self governance, peace and intellectual pursuits on their own...
[13:57] Chase Quinnell: =/\= Quinnell to bridge, any news? =/\=
[13:57] Diemme Morane: =^= sir, it looks like the escort ships are taking a different position
[13:57] Zed Drebin: And we would very much welcome the chance to continue relations with your people
[13:57] Vinnie Lei: =/\= Captain, we are slowly being surrounded by poorly cloaked Mendari vessels. The cloaked state fooled our sensors at first. That's why we didn't detect it earlier. =/\=
[13:58] Zed Drebin: But you must understand that we have no want, nor any need to be controlled in any way by other people
[13:58] Zed Drebin: Indeed we find that we can live no other way, except as free individuals
[13:58] Diemme Morane: =^= Sir, request permission to back us off slowly.... =^=
[13:58] Zed Drebin: It is destructive to us to live any other way
[13:59] Lok Mandwe: I see, well, it's obvious that your organization and the others we've read about in your database are governed by complex systems. However, like we said, from the limited data we gathered, it does appear that political agendas and distrust run high among even some allied groups.
[13:59] Elim Exonar: Lt. Morane, can you verify those readings for me? It looks like they are navigating their ships in the 2 dimensional axis only... there are no ships above or below us
[14:00] Diemme Morane checks sensors...
[14:00] Diemme Morane: Stand by..
[14:00] Lok Mandwe: But I will talk with the DeJhan Council about this.
[14:00] Vinnie Lei: Hmmm, I wonder if their weapons' systems are also fixed in 2 dimensions.
[14:01] Diemme Morane runs her fingers across the panel....
[14:01] Zed Drebin: It may seem that way from the outside, but even when our worlds were threatened by a collective called the borg we found that we would rather die than live in captivity or enslavement
[14:01] Diemme Morane: You're right... they seem to be doing things.... in a .. linear manner, if you will...
[14:01] Lok Mandwe: Those files were not retrieved by our techs.
[14:01] Zed Drebin: You are very welcome to see our colony yourself
[14:01] Lok Mandwe: I would be honored to visit it in time.
[14:01] Zed Drebin: *smiles*
[14:02] Zed Drebin: the honor would be ours
[14:03] Lok Mandwe: I will talk with the Council, Captain. Until then, go and make seed.
[14:03] Lok Mandwe stands up and takes a bow.
[14:03] Zed Drebin: What else can you tall us about your people, if it is not an intrusion, of course.. It is our primary mission to seek out new people and make contact *smiles*
[14:03] Elim Exonar: Lt. Vinnie, the Mendari ships are... erm... I have no idea what this is... They seem to be linking each other with energy beams, surrounding us.
[14:03] Zed Drebin: Ah very well
[14:03] Lok Mandwe: In time, Captain.
[14:03] Zed Drebin: You have honored us with your presence
[14:03] ::Zed, Lok, and Chase walk back onto the bridge::
[14:03] Vinnie Lei raises an eyebrow. Sounds very familiar to me, don't ya think?
[14:03] Lok Mandwe nods.
[14:04] Zed Drebin: hrmm
[14:04] Diemme Morane begins to plot courses that vector only at angles other than those they use...
[14:04] Chase Quinnell frowns and then looks around.
[14:04] Zed Drebin steps over the chair parts
[14:04] Lok Mandwe: Is your crew always this destructive to the furniture?
[14:04] Diemme Morane shakes her head, embarrassed.
[14:05] Elim Exonar: this beam is cloaking all the ships
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: No, ambassador, but I can assure you, I will be having a nice little chat with them. *notices DooM on the viewscreen*.. Vinnie especially.
[14:05] Elim Exonar: they've cloaked this entire meeting
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: Cloaked the meeting?
[14:05] Chase Quinnell: What do you mean?
[14:06] Elim Exonar: all the ships surrounded us and linked one another with energy beams
[14:06] Zed Drebin: Safe travels, Ambassador
[14:06] Elim Exonar: to the outside, it would look like an anomaly but not our ship being surrounded by theirs
[14:06] Lok Mandwe nods: They are concealing our presence here. These types of meetings are often protected and hidden to prevent enemies from interrupting.
[14:07] Zed Drebin: We have no enemies here, Ambassador
[14:07] Zed Drebin: *smiles*
[14:07] Elim Exonar: I thought it was like a Tholian web at first but it is not solid
[14:07] Chase Quinnell: It certainly looks like a good fail-safe, ambassador.
[14:08] Diemme Morane checks to see it can be penetrated from our side...
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: At your convenience, ambassador, you may return to your flagship.
[14:08] Diemme Morane: It offers no hindrance to travel sir...
[14:08] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged, Helm.
[14:08] Chase Quinnell takes a seat on his chair and falls on his back.
[14:08] Chase Quinnell mutters.
[14:09] Lok Mandwe slaps his arm. "Mandwe to MDS Mina, one to port out."
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: ::The Ambassador disappears in a sparkle of lights::
[14:10] Diemme Morane tracks the Mendari ships on her sensors...
[14:10] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, take tactical. And get that off my screen.
[14:10] Diemme Morane: Captain, the escort ships seem to be moving off,
[14:11] Vinnie Lei: Diemme broke the viewscreen, sorry.
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: I think we've accomplished a lot here, including the breaking of my chair.
[14:11] Diemme Morane looks at Vinnie!!! Amazed that her first officer lies...
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: My chief engineer is in for a loooong night..
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: And my number 1..
[14:11] Elim Exonar sighs
[14:11] Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for Starbase 427.
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: Engage at warp 7.
[14:12] Diemme Morane inputs the orders into the panel.
[14:12] Zed Drebin: Well done, Captain
[14:12] Elim Exonar: =^= Bridge to Alpha Engineering Team, Start scrubbing the plasma conduits =^=
[14:12] Diemme Morane: aye sir, Warp 7 engaged.
[14:12] Zed Drebin: Hopefully we have made an impression
[14:12] Diemme Morane: Course laid in for Starbase 427, sir.
[14:12] Vinnie Lei: =/\= Belay that, Mr. Exonar will do it himself.
[14:12] Chase Quinnell: I sure hope so, Captain.
[14:12] Diemme Morane: ETA 2 min.
[14:12] Chase Quinnell chuckles.
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: Vinnie, you get to stand for the rest of your duty shift.. at Tactical.
[14:13] Zed Drebin: I have a runabout waiting at Starbase 427 to take me back to Pinastri
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: I hope the plaque doesn't come loose... *snickers*
[14:13] Chase Quinnell: Alright. Safe travels, Captain.
[14:14] Chase Quinnell picks up a piece of the chair and hands it to Vinnie, "Fix it."
[14:14] Zed Drebin: Mr. Morane, please signal the starbase transporter room that I am ready to beam out as soon as we reach orbit
[14:14] Diemme Morane: Aye sir.