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General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP015
*Initiated: 121209
*Ended: 121209
*Year: 2387
*Aliens: [[]]
*Forum Thread: []
*Previous Mission: Pale Blue Dot
*Next Mission: Revelation
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Sol System, Earth Spacedock, Bay 4

Captain's Log,

After a brief layover at Earth Spacedock, where our ship has been under the microscope with Starfleet Command, we have finally been given the all clear to get underway again. Despite their objections, the Cochrane remains under direct command of our Delta Quadrant superiors, who would very much like us to resume our primary objective, of discovering where teh Avanis are, and what claim the Gorn have against them, and through them, the Canians, as there have been reports of attempted kidnapping of other Canian officers and Civilians in the Delta Quadrant. I know the Avanis consider us their greatest achievement, but not much more than that. I've cleared it with Starfleet, and we will be departing as soon as possible for the Canus System, where I hope we'll find some answers.

Equipment of the Day:

Duty Uniform

Crew Participation