Redemption's Sword

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Redemption's Sword
General Data
*Production number: 009
*Initiated: 071207
*Ended: 071208
*Year: 2382
*Aliens: Terran Empire, Krex, and Redian
*Previous Mission: Looking at Yourself
*Next Mission: Out of Time Part I
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The Redeemer is responding to a distress call in the Alpha Fremona system. When the Redeemer reaches the destination, a large-scale battle can be seen taking place. 22 Redian cruisers(allies to the Federation) and 35 Krex war-birds(enemies) are engaged in a dogfight. The Redeemer is engaged by two Krex war-birds....


Responding to a distress call the Redeemer is caught in a fierce battle


Mission Logs

[12:40] Chase Quinnell: Helm, ETA to the distress signal?
[12:40] michaels Toshi: 5 mins sir
[12:40] Reina Beaumont: got something on the tactical sensors, weapons fire, a lot of it, a few explosions
[12:40] Chase Quinnell grumbles.
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship comes out of warp in the midst of a large dogfight::
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Red Alert, tactical, who are the aggressors?
[12:41] Reina Beaumont: the weapons fire seems to be early 21st century power readings
[12:41] Reina Beaumont: scanning, Krex ships, captain
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Open fire on the Krex ships. Try and disable them.
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Helm, evasive manoeuvres Delta 2.
[12:42] Reina Beaumont: from these readings, their engines are akin to late 22nd century Starfleet, their weapons are very weak and don't have the power to even graze the shields
[12:42] michaels Toshi: aye sir engaging evasive manoeuvre
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: I see.
[12:42] michaels Toshi: I think we should hail them
[12:42] Reina Beaumont: firing, two ships disabled, locking onto another two. They're pretty fast ships
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: ::A couple of Krex warships open fire on the Redeemer, aiming for the nacelles::
[12:44] Reina Beaumont: they're firing at us, they're weapons aren't making any difference on us
[12:44] Silkie Dagger: Our shields are holding steady, Sir. Hardly a match.
[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Disable them all.
[12:44] Reina Beaumont: I don't want to go killing any if I can avoid it
[12:44] Orion Pastorelli scans historical and anthropological databases to determine reason for the conflict. "Hmm I wonder what all the reason for this fuss is..."
[12:44] Reina Beaumont: aye captain ::locks on every ten seconds of firing, disabling two each time:: That's them all
[12:45] Reina Beaumont: like shooting cyber ducks in a barrel
[12:45] Chase Quinnell: Ops, inform the Redians to stand down until further notice.
[12:45] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir.
[12:45] Chase Quinnell: Hail the lead Krex vessel.
[12:45] Orion Pastorelli remembers that game as a child and smirks...
[12:45] michaels Toshi: shall I bring us in between the krex and redians?
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Negative, hold position.
[12:46] Reina Beaumont: I thought the Krex and the Redian's were at peace with one another
[12:46] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Obviously not anymore.
[12:46] Silkie Dagger: Opening a channel.. channel open, Sir
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: =A= Krex vessel, this is the Federation starship Redeemer, why are you fighting the Redians? =A=
[12:47] Krex Commander: =/\=We were told they were planning to invade us, we stopped them by rights of self-defence=/\=
[12:48] Chase Quinnel: Who told you?
[12:48] Krex Commander: =/\=One of your admirals, an Admiral Picard=/\=
[12:49] Chase Quinnel: I see. I have not heard of such a plan.
[12:49] Reina Beaumont: we don't have an admiral Picard, a captain Picard, but no admiral of that name
[12:49] michaels Toshi: and captain Picard is in the alpha quadrant
[12:49] Chase Quinnel: Something's not right.
[12:49] Silkie Dagger: Agreed, Sir
[12:49] Krex Commander: =/\=We were contacted exactly two of your days ago, we were told that the Redians were planning to attack us and that your Starfleet Command weren't going to do anything about it=/\=
[12:50] Chase Quinnel: Yes, but there is a wormhole linking the Alpha Quadrant and Delta Quadrant, allowing us to relay transmissions.
[12:50] Orion Pastorelli: Lt. Quinnell, pre-emptive strikes are common for the Krux according to the historical database, they aren’t very fond of diplomacy... recommend not showing any weakness, interact with them as you would a Klingon
[12:50] Chase Quinnel: I believe you've been duped.
[12:50] Reina Beaumont: we helped the Redian's and the Krex to make peace with one another though
[12:51] Reina Beaumont: Admiral Janeway mentioned that she and her crew did their best to make sure the two races would stop killing one another
[12:51] Silkie Dagger: Not much peace that I can see, at the moment.
[12:51] Blush Babii thinks who would have usage of their war...
[12:52] Chase Quinnell motions to mute the channel.
[12:52] michaels Toshi: are there any planets close by that may know either side well or hate one?
[12:52] Silkie Dagger: Channel muted, Sir.
[12:52] Reina Beaumont: hmm, from the Admiral's reports, none
[12:52] Chase Quinnel: Ok, I have a strong feeling these guys are either lying to us or they're just way too gullible.
[12:53] Reina Beaumont: the other races in the region that Voyager encountered were all of a low level of technology, the Radians and the Krex were the most advanced in this region for four sectors
[12:53] michaels Toshi: I go for gullible
[12:53] Silkie Dagger: If they are lying they should at least get facts straight
. [12:53] michaels Toshi: then could they want either side’s tech?
[12:53] Reina Beaumont: I doubt it, they're at the same level as one another
[12:53] michaels Toshi: I mean nearby planets
[12:53] Orion Pastorelli: well if they are lying, sir, what are they looking to gain? I'm not detecting any nearby systems rich in resources...
[12:54] Reina Beaumont: no, the other races in the region don't have subspace communications
[12:54] Silkie Dagger: Some races simply live for war.
[12:54] michaels Toshi: then I feel they are lying
[12:54] Chase Quinnel: Silkie has a point, the Krex have been known as a warrior race.
[12:54] Reina Beaumont: if they're lying, then they're good at it, I've checked the database, there is no Admiral Picard of any name in the Fleet
[12:55] Reina Beaumont: maybe we should ask for their communications logs
[12:55] Chase Quinnell nods.
[12:55] Chase Quinnel: Unmute the channel.
[12:55] Reina Beaumont: or some kind of proof
[12:55] Blush Babii: maybe Admiral from the future?
[12:55] Silkie Dagger: Channel reopened, Sir.
[12:55] Reina Beaumont: if so, then why would such an esteemed officer lie like that?
[12:55] Chase Quinnel: Do you have anything to support your story?
[12:55] Orion Pastorelli raises a brow to the time-travel theory...
[12:56] michaels Toshi: hmmm maybe scan for temporal anomalies?
[12:56] Krex Commander: =/\=We met with Admiral Picard, we also have images of him and a full communications log of the meeting=/\=
[12:56] Chase Quinnel: Send them to us.
[12:56] Orion Pastorelli under his breath, "oh this should be good."
[12:56] Krex Commander: =/\=Very well, Starfleet vessel, we are sending them now=/\=
[12:57] Reina Beaumont: receiving them, captain
[12:57] Silkie Dagger wonders about these 'pictures'.
[12:57] Chase Quinnel: Close the channel.
[12:57] Reina Beaumont: this can't be right...captain, you should see this
[12:57] Reina Beaumont: it is Jean Luc Picard
[12:57] Silkie Dagger: Channel closed.
[12:57] Chase Quinnel: He's a Captain though.
[12:57] Reina Beaumont: but something looks different
[12:57] michaels Toshi: maybe they altered it?
[12:58] Chase Quinnel: darn, this better not be another Mirror universe encounter. *grumbles*
[12:58] Reina Beaumont: I've met him a number of times, I would recognise him, but this looks off somewhat, like he's been surgically altered
[12:58] Silkie Dagger: Perhaps surgically altered to look like the captain.
[12:58] Reina Beaumont: I think it is, captain
[12:58] Reina Beaumont: it's his eyes
[12:58] Reina Beaumont: that is Jean Luc Picard, but it isn't
[12:58] Chase Quinnel: Great.
[12:58] Blush Babii feels confused
[12:58] Reina Beaumont: his stare is harder, much rougher
[12:58] Silkie Dagger swats at the feeling of something on her head.
[12:59] Orion Pastorelli: is there audio? can run a voice print analyze against his personal file
[12:59] Reina Beaumont: I don't see a single bit of kindness in his eyes, like Captain Picard does
[12:59] Chase Quinnel: Any recommended course of action?
[12:59] michaels Toshi: time can change a man
[12:59] Reina Beaumont: I just did that, the voice matches, yet it sounds a lot gruffer
[13:00] Reina Beaumont: if this were the Picard from the future, he would look older, this Picard doesn't, he looks exactly the same
[13:00] Chase Quinnel: I think our Mirror Universe buddies are trying to cause chaos among our Federation.
[13:00] Orion Pastorelli: well then probably not a shape shifter then
[13:00] Reina Beaumont: I'm trying to sort the picture out, sending it over to Ops
[13:00] Silkie Dagger: Received.
[13:00] Reina Beaumont: from the looks of things, this Admiral Picard is Borg
[13:00] michaels Toshi feels a little nauseated even as a Vulcan
[13:01] Chase Quinnel: Sounds like a Romulan tactic. This Terran Empire is becoming more and more unlikeable.
[13:01] Chase Quinnel: Borg?
[13:01] Orion Pastorelli: where they ever, sir?
[13:01] Reina Beaumont: and here I was hoping we had heard the last of them
[13:01] Reina Beaumont: it's the surgery done to him, you can see the Borg external implants if you look closer
[13:02] Reina Beaumont: and you can see Borg implants in his eyes
[13:02] michaels Toshi: are the Borg like that to deliberately start a war?... seems a little underhanded even for them....
[13:02] Chase Quinnel: Oh so now the Terran Empire has conquered the Mirror Borg?
[13:02] michaels Toshi: they normally attack face to face
[13:02] Reina Beaumont: I believe so, remember, the readings we got from the Mirror Redeemer, there was Borg and Dominion mixed in
[13:03] Chase Quinnel: If they truly have conquered the Mirror Universe Borg, we have a big problem on our hands.
[13:03] michaels Toshi: so it still stands that Picard could be mirror universe Picard
[13:03] Reina Beaumont: a very big problem, captain, I'm still going over the readings from the encounter with the ISS Redeemer and it's power readings made this ship look like a dead battery
[13:04] michaels Toshi: what makes that kind of power?
[13:04] Chase Quinnel: With Dominion and Borg tech and knowledge under their control, we may need to get help from outside the Federation. There's no way the Federation alone can take them on. Not even with Klingons and Vulcans by our side.
[13:04] michaels Toshi: could they have harnessed omega with the knowledge of the Borg?
[13:04] Chase Quinnel: This will make the Dominion War look like nothing more than a simple skirmish.
[13:05] Reina Beaumont: who knows what they've managed to control, but we don't stand a chance against them, not without capturing one of their ships
[13:06] Reina Beaumont: I was in the Dominion War and in Wolf 359, just going up against those two forces alone was hard enough, but with their technology mixed together...
[13:06] michaels Toshi: we should contact Starfleet
[13:06] Chase Quinnel: We can't let them send their fleets into our universe.
[13:06] Silkie Dagger: Captain, the picture has been cleaned up, would you care to see it?
[13:07] Chase Quinnel: Aye, send a priority one message to UF Starfleet and mark it Urgent.
[13:07] Chase Quinnel: Inform them of the situation.
[13:07] Reina Beaumont: it's likely taking them a long time to send a full fleet through, but whatever they're using, it's able to at least send people over and one ship over
[13:07] Chase Quinnel: Onscreen, Silkie.
[13:07] Orion Pastorelli: /me, in his flippant manner, "Borg and Dominion all in one, sounds fun where do I sign up?"
[13:07] Silkie Dagger: Ready, Sir
[13:07] Chase Quinnell grins at Orion's comment.
[13:08] Reina Beaumont: captain, the Krex and Radian's are talking with one another, looks like they were both made fools of
[13:08] Chase Quinnel: Understood, send them a message stating our situation. They deserve to know what's happened.
[13:09] Silkie Dagger: Would have helped matters if they had talked in the first place. *sighs*
[13:09] Reina Beaumont: aye, here's the message Ops
[13:09] Orion Pastorelli: what do the Redians have to say for themselves? did they get similar transmissions?
[13:09] michaels Toshi: maybe we could ask for data on any Starfleet lookalike ships close by?
[13:09] Reina Beaumont: aye, they did, they just sent them to us
[13:09] Reina Beaumont: same person, same talk
[13:09] Silkie Dagger: Message sent, Sir
[13:10] Orion Pastorelli frowns, "so then we have a conspiracy..."
[13:10] Reina Beaumont: most likely the Mirror ships look exactly like ours, but with small differences, maybe paint jobs, power readings, that kind of thing, the ISS Redeemer had yellow markings on areas on the hull
[13:10] Chase Quinnel: This Terran Empire is really beginning to irk me.
[13:10] Chase Quinnel: Their uniforms are rather different too.
[13:10] michaels Toshi: well I think we should still ask for the info?
[13:11] Reina Beaumont: considerably different, it's like they've never known peace
[13:11] Reina Beaumont: if we can capture one of their ships, once they start sending them through in force, whenever that will be, we might be able to get something from them
[13:11] Reina Beaumont: captain, remember where the ISS Redeemer appeared suddenly?
[13:11] michaels Toshi: would we be able to tame a ship like the redeemer we encountered?
[13:12] Reina Beaumont: maybe we should go back there and run scans, look for anything we may have missed
[13:12] Reina Beaumont: I doubt we would
[13:12] Silkie Dagger was wondering the same thing.
[13:12] Reina Beaumont: but we can try
[13:12] Chase Quinnel: Helm, set course for the location where we met the ISS Redeemer.
[13:12] Chase Quinnel: Warp 7.
[13:12] Chase Quinnel: Engage.
[13:13] michaels Toshi: aye sir setting course
[13:13] michaels Toshi: engaging at warp 7
[13:13] Reina Beaumont: the Krex and Radians should be fine, I think they preferred being at peace than fighting anyway
[13:13] michaels Toshi: we will arrive in 15 mins
[13:13] Reina Beaumont: hmm...getting something, captain, it's an energy reading of some kind, I can't recognise it
[13:14] michaels Toshi: shall I keep our distance?
[13:14] Orion Pastorelli: On it...
[13:14] Reina Beaumont: it seems to be coming from a planet about half a light year from where the ISS Redeemer appeared
[13:14] michaels Toshi: maybe set course for the planet?
[13:14] Reina Beaumont: sending Tactical sensor readings to Science, sent
[13:14] Orion Pastorelli starts running scans on the energy reading
[13:15] Reina Beaumont: captain, we've got incoming!
[13:15] Chase Quinnel: Shields up
[13:15] Reina Beaumont: shields up, red alert
[13:15] Silkie Dagger: Shields up, Sir!
[13:15] Chase Quinnel: Disengage warp and bring us about.
[13:15] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[13:15] michaels Toshi: slowing
[13:15] michaels Toshi: turning us about
[13:16] Reina Beaumont: I'm reading the same readings from we got from the ISS Redeemer, two ships, one is Oberth Class, the other is Nova class
[13:16] michaels Toshi feels worried even as a Vulcan
[13:16] michaels Toshi: not much of a challenge....normally
[13:16] Chase Quinnel: Hail the lead ship
[13:16] Silkie Dagger: Hailed.
[13:16] Reina Beaumont: these power readings are off the scale, I've never seen a ship of that size and class with these kind of power readings
[13:17] Silkie Dagger: Channel open.
[13:17] Imperial Commander: =/\=Back off, Starfleet, you have ten seconds to turn round and leave this area=/\=
[13:17] michaels Toshi prepares some whoop behind manoeuvres he made for this one
[13:17] Orion Pastorelli: Ok I'm getting complex, repeating patterns on the energy reading, probably not naturally occurring... however, that’s all rather moot at the moment...
[13:17] Reina Beaumont: captain, I hate to say it, but I think we should back off, from these power readings, they can carve us up
[13:18] Chase Quinnel: Aye, reverse course.
[13:18] michaels Toshi: aye sir engaging getting the hell out of here manoeuvre
[13:18] Chase Quinnel: Set course for Sector001, Pinastri colony at warp 8. Engage.
[13:18] michaels Toshi: aye sir engaging
[13:18] Imperial Commander: =/\=Wise choice, Starfleet. Now get lost, if any of your ships enter this region, they will be destroyed=/\=
[13:18] michaels Toshi: cruising at warp 8
[13:19] Reina Beaumont: chased off by two science vessels
[13:19] michaels Toshi: that was rather brief
[13:19] michaels Toshi: maybe we should come back with back up at a later date?
[13:19] Chase Quinnel: There's something going on there that they don't want us to see.
[13:19] Chase Quinnel: We will need to find some way to get past their sensor network.
[13:19] Reina Beaumont: Orion, work on the readings, send them to Starfleet Command ASAP
[13:20] Chase Quinnel: That's why we are heading back to the Pinastri colony.
[13:20] Chase Quinnel: ::The ship drops out of warp in the Pinastri system::
[13:20] Reina Beaumont: getting a hail captain, Ops, are you receiving it?
[13:20] michaels Toshi: dropping out of warp
[13:21] Chase Quinnel: Comms, get us docking clearance with the Cascade.
[13:21] Silkie Dagger: Open channel, Sir?
[13:21] Orion Pastorelli puts his scan on auto then turns to face Lt. Chase, "ok sir, what I don't get is, with all their power, why didn't they just destroy us, why let us go? did they feel sorry for us?
[13:21] Chase Quinnel: Onscreen.
[13:21] Chase Quinnel: I have no clue, Orion.
[13:21] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir.
[13:21] michaels Toshi: I think they really wanted rid of us that badly
[13:21] Reina Beaumont: =/\=One more thing, Starfleet, we will agree to a border, you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. Acceptable?=/\=
[13:22] michaels Toshi: can we agree to a border with....ourselves?
[13:22] Reina Beaumont: do we have any choice?
[13:22] Chase Quinnel: Mute channel.
[13:22] Silkie Dagger: Muted.
[13:22] Reina Beaumont: with those power readings, one of their Runabouts could probably have us worse off than we were during the Dominion War
[13:22] Chase Quinnel: I think they aren't going to honestly hold their end of the bargain
. [13:23] michaels Toshi: me either
[13:23] Reina Beaumont: they might, for a while, I only detected two ships
[13:23] michaels Toshi: it’s to keep us away while they prepare
[13:23] Silkie Dagger: I doubt they will, Sir. Perhaps stalling for time?
[13:23] Reina Beaumont: they're likely beginning to build their invasion fleet and they need as much time as possible
[13:23] michaels Toshi: maybe we shouldn’t give them that time?
[13:23] Chase Quinnel: We know that they want to expand their empire into our universe.
[13:24] michaels Toshi: and ask Starfleet to send a fleet
[13:24] Reina Beaumont: we can't face them head on
[13:24] Orion Pastorelli: I recommend consulting with Starfleet proper in the alpha quad. on this, this is way over our heads....
[13:24] Chase Quinnel: I agree with Reina, they are just trying to keep us off them while they get their invasion fleet.
[13:24] Reina Beaumont: all the ships from every ally isn't enough, not with the power they have
[13:24] Chase Quinnel: I agree.
[13:24] michaels Toshi: yes but we have a bigger chance
[13:24] Reina Beaumont: we were lucky to survive an encounter with one ship
[13:24] Chase Quinnel: Inform the Terran empire that we will accept their terms.
[13:25] Reina Beaumont: two ships, we would be screwed, an invasion fleet, there won't be anything left to remember
[13:25] Silkie Dagger: Transmitted, Sir.
[13:25] Chase Quinnel: But we have no intention of keeping that promise.
[13:25] Chase Quinnel: Hail UFS Command.
[13:25] Chase Quinnel: Helm, hold us in orbit.
[13:25] Silkie Dagger: Hailing.. Channel open, Sir.
[13:26] UFS Command: =/\=Report, anything happen with the Krex and Radian's?=/\=
[13:27] Chase Quinnel: They have resolved their problem but we have a much bigger one on our hands now.
[13:27] UFS Command: =/\=What kind of problem? We just received sensor reports from your Science officer, something that couldn't be recognised=/\=
[13:28] Chase Quinnel: It appears the Terran Empire has begun a full scale invasion project. They are controlling a small part of our space, the location we met the ISS Redeemer.
[13:28] Chase Quinnel: It's possible they are setting up base there.
[13:28] UFS Command: =/\=Our counterparts from another universe? I thought you had dealt with them=/\=
[13:28] Chase Quinnel: Only a few of their ships were eliminated.
[13:28] Chase Quinnel: We never could find a way to keep them from opening gateways between universes.
[13:29] UFS Command: =/\=I see, and you believe they're building up an invasion fleet. Is there any way to stop them?=/\=
[13:30] Reina Beaumont: captain, if I may?
[13:30] michaels Toshi: sir is there any way of finding the power source of their vessels and eliminating it so that they can’t repower their vessels?
[13:30] Chase Quinnel: What’s worse is, they have Borg and Dominion technology.
[13:30] Chase Quinnell nods towards Reina.
[13:30] UFS Command: =/\=Borg and Dominion technology, as in one full system?=/\=
[13:30] Reina Beaumont: sir, if these readings are correct, we can expect to be invaded within the next decade
[13:31] michaels Toshi: that’s not very long if you ask me
[13:31] Chase Quinnel: Which is why we must stop the Terran Empire before it manages to invade us.
[13:31] Reina Beaumont: these power readings are extreme, to send ships through must be a lot harder than they expected. We have time to stop them, but I don't know if we can, they're too powerful
[13:31] Chase Quinnel: With their technology combined with Borg and Dominion tech, we may see a war which dwarfs all of our previous wars combined.
[13:32] Chase Quinnel: Even with inter-galaxy cooperation, we would have trouble fighting the Terran Empire.
[13:33] UFS Command: =/\=I see, very well. We'll try to find anything we can use against them. For now, your orders are to steer clear of them, do not engage them. We will have every ship look for anything that can help us. Good work, Redeemer, Command out=/\=
[13:33] Chase Quinnel: Understood.
[13:33] Chase Quinnel: We will maintain orbit over Pinastri for now.
[13:34] Reina Beaumont: I'll keep examining the readings
[13:34] Chase Quinnel: It will take time to fully brief Starfleet and UF Starfleet on the details.
[13:34] Reina Beaumont: there has to be something in these readings that we can use against them
[13:34] Chase Quinnel: What is it?
[13:34] michaels Toshi: maybe they can’t keep the core stable if hit too many times?
[13:35] Orion Pastorelli doesn't bother to look up from his scanner, " sir I believe the answer may be with that strange energy reading tactical picked up, its most definately not naturally occurring. I suspect its part of their trans-universe technology, we should start there..."
[13:35] Reina Beaumont: no matter what I do, no matter how much I look through the readings, there isn't anything I can find that can use against them
[13:35] Reina Beaumont: if so, then we need to find out exactly how we can use it
[13:35] Chase Quinnel: Tactical, Science, work on a way to break through their weakness.
[13:35] Orion Pastorelli: agreed
[13:35] Reina Beaumont: just one of the phaser blasts from their Redeemer almost cost us the ship
[13:35] michaels Toshi: and where the readings come from exactly on the ship
[13:36] Reina Beaumont: being immortal, I can't die, but I don't want to see anyone else die
[13:36] Orion Pastorelli: not the ship, it was a distinct signature...
[13:36] Silkie Dagger: Thank you
. [13:37] Reina Beaumont: it could be a long while before we can even fight them