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Sheppard Revelations.png
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP059
*Initiated: 110409
*Ended: 110409
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Revelations
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The crew of the Sheppard thought their world had ended. They were wrong.


=^= All hands, this is the captain speaking, abandon ship, I repeat, abandon ship =^=

Captain Dwi looks down at Kaelin. "I'll take helm control, Commander." Watching at his obvious hesitation the captain sits down at the helm control and programs a collision course into the computer. Feeling an odd sense of calm steal over her she looks around the bridge, many of the officer’s still standing looking hesitant.

"You all heard me, get to your lifeboats now"

Seeing the crew start moving, she looks back at the screen as the computer issues a collision alert and then hears a clear feminine voice behind her.

“With all due respect, Captain, my job is to stick with you...I'm not going anywhere.”

Looking back she sees her Chief of Security, with a determined look on her face, go back to her duties of manning the ships weapons, ignoring the captains gaze. Mulgrave shakes her head and chuckles to herself. "Always with the sass with you Jess, but I am going to courtmartial your ghost"

Looking over to the tactical console she sees Commander Odriscoll manning the station. "Kaelin, I don’t suppose you're going either?"

Glancing at Jess, a determined look settles on the commander’s face and he looks back at his captain. “No, Captain. I'm not leaving... I will stay with you.”

Crewman Setsuko: "Captain, your Science officer refuses to let me get her to the escape pods..."

Looking over at the crewman. Setsuko was one of the crew rescued from Pinastri…

“Then leave, crewman. You only have a few minutes, everyone is now responsible for themselves”

As the crewman scurries from the bridge, the ship shakes from a blast, sending sparks and shaking the remaining bridge officers at their posts.

**Computer** Warning! Collision in one minute.

Sitting back, she glances to the side and sees Lt Commander Marabana still at his station, working to keep the ship going.

**Computer** Warning! Collision in 30 seconds.

The finality of the decision settles on her and she starts running over the actions that came to this moment. Her first days as a cadet and deciding to join security HQ, her time leading officers in countless skirmishes, the explosion that cost her eyesight, the actions and close calls on the Shogun as Executive Officer, the rush of commanding her first ship, all leading to this moment, this decision.

**Computer** collision in 10... 9 … 8 … 7

Jess Hamelin: "Their shields are down..."

6 …5 …4 …3

Cordova Marabana: "Love you my Rose, see you soon". Jess Hamelin cringes.


Captain Dwi: "Ladies and gentlemen, it was and always will be an honour."


**Sheppard crashes into the Nabraithian mother ship, setting off the subspace weapons and causing a huge explosion taking it and the ships surrounding it with it**



No sense of self, yet self aware.

A flash of light. The Captain Blinks


Captain Mulgrave Dwi believed she was dead. But then... a voice. A Nabraithian face.

"Remain calm. Subject does not have much time, and subject must listen to me." The Nabraithian introduced himself as Virgil Homer, Chief Science Officer of the USS Denmark. Suspended in stasis, the crew of the lost ship had managed to somehow hack into a Nabraithian subsystem and begin to free the Sheppard crew, who had also been kept in stasis for three weeks now.

The destruction of Pinastri, the battle at Excalibur, the loss of the Sheppard... it had all been a dream, a common hallucination induced by the Nabraithians upon Captain Dwi and her crew. They had never escaped the Nabraithians three weeks ago. They had been captured. But at least... the extinction of the USS Denmark crew hadn't happened.

Until now.

"There are a few of us here, a few to try to regain control of the systems we need, but... they'll kill us soon," Virgil Homer told the Captain as he freed her, explaining that the Denmark's senior officers had been busy beaming some Denmark survivors, as well as most of the Sheppard crew, back to her ship.

Captain Dwi looked at her hands and realized they were blue. It seemed that she had been experimented on again. So had her Chief of Operations, April Coswell - as the Captain worked the controls to awaken her, she noted the Lieutenant's shaved head, adorned with a spider-shaped implant of some sort. Nearby, the Nabraithians continued working, oblivious to the ongoing activity...

After the entire crew of the Sheppard had been liberated, they congregated in a central area where they took stock of what had happened. Captain Dwi had been genetically transformed into an Andorian; as for Lieutenant Coswell, she displayed a lack of emotion that seemed to indicate her personality had somehow been tampered with.

The crew set out to find a shuttlebay and, when they did, discovered that one of the shuttles they had used to come to the base was still here, although half-dismantled. As Lieutenant Commander Marabana and Lieutenant Coswell began work on repairing the shuttle, there was the sudden hiss of a gas being pumped into the shuttlebay - which, Doctor Dimsum quickly noted, was fast approaching lethal concentration. Ensigns Lombardia and Freng devised a means to jury-rig a stasis pod's internal systems to filter out some of the gas. A first team, headed by Captain Dwi, boarded the shuttle and made it back to Sheppard, sending the shuttle back for the other group.

Once back on board Sheppard, Lieutenant Coswell's behaviour, which had taken a strange turn in the Nabraithian shuttlebay, requiring her to be knocked unconscious, became ever more erratic and unstable. After relieving her from duty and ordering her to sickbay, the Captain ordered torpedoes armed as Lady Byrna prepared to detonate the device the crew had attached to the hull of the Nabraithian base three weeks prior. As the Sheppard escaped into the Badlands, a large subspace explosion occurred in its wake, the shockwave rocking the ship as it made it to safety.


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