Revenge is Powerful

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Revenge is Powerful
General Data
*Production number: 016
*Initiated: 080302
*Ended: 080303
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Vevarian Cluster
*Next Mission: New Dawn
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


After being disabled, her captain abducted and Mirror Lt. Quinnell on board, the Redeemer must restore power and rescue her captain.


Mission Logs

[12:05] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship is drifting in space, only partial emergency power::
[12:05] michaels Toshi: i'm going to see what i can get from the mirror Quinnell which may prove difficult
[12:06] Orion Pastorelli: good luck sir

Michaels enters the ready room where the Mirror Chase is locked up::

[12:06] Imperial Chase Quinnell: And what do you want?
[12:06] michaels Toshi: info. now
[12:06] Rezo Takashi pushing strands of loose hair out of her face as she runs her fingers skillfully over the control panel trying to regain attitude control of the drifting vessel, thrusters on the ship make it rock as they fire randomly not accepting normal controls. "I am having trouble getting anything but randomness from the thrusters..."
[12:06] Imperial Chase Quinnell: What sort of info?
[12:06] michaels Toshi: first of all we need to find the captain. where is the vessel he is on going?
[12:07] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Now why would I tell you that?
[12:07] Imperial Chase Quinnell: You're drifting in space and the turbolifts don't even work.
[12:07] michaels Toshi: you will. or i will not be a nice guy anymore
[12:07] Imperial Chase Quinnell: And what exactly happens when you're not a 'nice guy' ?
[12:07] michaels Toshi: if you want to find out....*punch*
[12:08] Imperial Chase Quinnell rubs his nose.
[12:08] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Little frisky aren't we?
[12:08] michaels Toshi: i suggest you talk. ive had enough of you mirror gits
[12:08] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Well, I think we can arrange agreement.
[12:08] michaels Toshi: and that would be?
[12:08] Imperial Chase Quinnell: I will tell you the information you want to know in exchange for letting me go free.
[12:08] michaels Toshi: fat chance
[12:09] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Then I guess we aren't going to get anywhere.
[12:09] Orion Pastorelli is started out of a deep thought... "Lt. Takashi, perhaps the problem is software, try running a level 2 diagnostic on the navigational routines...
[12:09] Rezo Takashi nods as she begins to run the diag.
[12:09] michaels Toshi: be reasonable. so i can be reasonable too
[12:09] Imperial Chase Quinnell: I could help you get the ship running..
[12:09] michaels Toshi: info. or your life gets hard
[12:09] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Those weapons weren't just normal weapons.
[12:10] Imperial Chase Quinnell: They contained a computer worm that has disabled most of your systems.
[12:10] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Only I have the codes that will make them release their hold on these systems
[12:10] michaels Toshi: hmmmm...
[12:11] Rezo Takashi: The Diagnostic isn't working. It is sending back odd data streams...
[12:11] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Its either that or wait and see who finds you first.
[12:11] Imperial Chase Quinnell: And never see your captain again.
[12:11] michaels Toshi: one thing. i wont let you go. all i will do is make your life easier.
[12:11] Imperial Chase Quinnell: How is that?
[12:12] michaels Toshi: i wont be forced into unnecessary courses of action
[12:12] Orion Pastorelli sighs while leaning against his console... "wonderful..."
[12:12] Chase Quinnell sighs
[12:12] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Fine, your darned ideals are your loss, not mine.
[12:13] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Shall we get started?
[12:13] michaels Toshi: this will have to be my first mind meld then. it might get messy
[12:13] Imperial Chase Quinnell: Mind meld?
[12:13] Imperial Chase Quinnell: What!?
[12:13] michaels Toshi: you will see
[12:13] michaels Toshi puts his hands on chases face
[12:13] michaels Toshi: my mind to your mind....
[12:14] michaels Toshi: my thoughts to your thoughts...
[12:14] michaels Toshi: this will be painful. im not very experienced
[12:14] michaels Toshi: will you tell me before i try?
[12:14] Imperial Chase Quinnell grunts. "You're going to regret this.."
[12:15] Orion Pastorelli: so Lt. none of the diagnostic systems work? I don't get it how could all these systems be disable after just one altercation... it doesn't make sense...
[12:15] Orion Pastorelli: Lt. Dagger, any luck with the comm systems?
[12:15] Imperial Chase Quinnell: The ISS Rhode Island is heading for the Imperial Space Station near the Cretia system. That station is highly fortified and is very dangerous.
[12:16] Rezo Takashi: Orion... This looks like some form of computer sabotage.... The thrusters aren't even firing randomly anymore.... I suggest we eject the computer core into space and use a high energy EM burst to recondiction the isoleaner circuits...
[12:16] Silkie Dagger tries to remember if she flossed this morning as she continues tapping at the console, "Nothing yet..."
[12:16] michaels Toshi: then you will tell us of its defenses
[12:16] Imperial Chase Quinnell: The code to remove the virus is Quinnell-Alpha 2 four one.
[12:17] Imperial Chase Quinnell: I don't know their defensive capabilities. I was not high ranking enough to have that privilidge. *grunts*
[12:17] michaels Toshi taps commbadge =A= Lt Toshi to Orion the code to remove a computer worm in our systems is: Quinnell-Alpha 2 four one. =A=
[12:17] Orion Pastorelli: I guess that could work, but lets just disable the core and quarantine it, could still be salvageable
[12:17] Rezo Takashi looks back at orion, "that was interesting timing.
[12:18] Orion Pastorelli: no doubt...
[12:18] Orion Pastorelli: so there is a worm then
[12:18] michaels Toshi tries to figure out what to do next with the captive
[12:19] michaels Toshi: i believe your life will not be so "endangered" left in here
[12:19] Orion Pastorelli: that explains things... *taps com badge* "orion to toshie, sir we will get one it, orion out"
[12:19] michaels Toshi uses the meld to knock quinnell temporarily unconscious
[12:20] michaels Toshi: i got all i could
[12:20] Rezo Takashi: Helms clearing up.
[12:20] michaels Toshi: we need to repair a lot of our key systems before we go into battle again
[12:20] Orion Pastorelli: so are the LR and SR scanners
[12:20] Silkie Dagger: Ops is slowly coming around.
[12:21] Rezo Takashi: I have attitude control and impulse... it'll take awhile to reinitialize the warp matrix. The Core seems to have done an emergency shut down when the computer lost sensors on the containment field
[12:21] Blush Babii: same with tactical Sir
[12:21] michaels Toshi: keep my informed of our repairs we will most likely be heading into dangerous odds
[12:22] Orion Pastorelli: that worm was pervasive, it inessince replace the fundamental operating systems, thats why the diagnostics didn't work...
[12:22] ::Warp power begins to return.::
Computer: Maximum warp possible is currently warp 7::
[12:22] michaels Toshi: good. thats progress
[12:23] ::Defensive capabilities have been nearly completely restored and weapons following suit. Sensors are still at 50%
[12:23] Rezo Takashi looks back to Toshi. "Now that we have Warp we should get going after the captain."
[12:23] michaels Toshi: i concur
[12:24] michaels Toshi: the cretia system. how far is it?
[12:24] Orion Pastorelli: if the brig is up and running then I would recommend beaming the imposter there
[12:24] michaels Toshi: is it?
[12:24] Rezo Takashi does calculations. "Not far. an hour at warp 7."
[12:24] michaels Toshi: ok. set course for cretia and engage best possible speed
[12:24] Silkie Dagger: The brig is up, Sir.
[12:25] michaels Toshi: try and make repairs on the way
[12:25] michaels Toshi: ok. transport Quinnell to the brig
[12:25] Rezo Takashi enters to course and engages at warp 7. "Aye sir. we're on our way."
[12:25] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir
[12:27] Silkie Dagger: He is secured in the brig now, Sir.
[12:27] michaels Toshi: good
[12:27] Orion Pastorelli bites his lip trying to work the scenarios in his head, "so once we get to Cretia, how are we suppose to rescue the captain, we are in no position to take on terrian vessels..."
[12:27] michaels Toshi: be ready for when we drop out of the system. according to quinnell's info the station he is going to is heavily armed
[12:28] michaels Toshi: hmmm. any other federation vessels in the area?
[12:28] Silkie Dagger: We arent a match even when we are fully operating.
[12:28] Silkie Dagger: I'll check now, Sir
[12:28] Rezo Takashi working her controls. "We are nearing the Cretia system."
[12:29] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship is being hailed by a Federation starship::
[12:29] michaels Toshi: drop us out of warp
[12:29] Silkie Dagger: Receiving a hail, Sir
[12:29] michaels Toshi: onscreen
[12:29] michaels Toshi: ok. put it onscreen
[12:29] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir
[12:29] Rezo Takashi throttles back, the ship actually shakes a bit as she drops out of warp. "sorry about that, the inertial compensators are not back to 100 percent."
[12:30] Captain Jon Tran: Greetings.. Redeemer. We thought you might need a little help.
[12:30] michaels Toshi: we need a lot of help
[12:30] Orion Pastorelli braces himself the familiar bulkhead...
[12:30] michaels Toshi: i think this is more of a hit and run operation. we obviously cant hold out
[12:31] Captain Jon Tran: I have a fleet of 7 defiant class vessels with me. They are being lead by us, the USS Bravon (Galaxy Class)
[12:31] michaels Toshi: thats great
[12:31] Captain Jon Tran: We are ready when you are, Lt.
[12:31] michaels Toshi: we are as ready as we'll ever be
[12:31] Captain Jon Tran: Alright. (to his crew) Prepare for battle, deploy the fighter wings and send the fleet to that station. (to redeemer) Good luck.
[12:31] michaels Toshi: thank you we'll need it
[12:31] Captain Jon Tran: Tran out.
[12:32] Rezo Takashi begins ploting a course into the system to be ready for the order to engage.
[12:32] Orion Pastorelli whistles, " 7 defiant class... I love number like that..."
[12:32] michaels Toshi: head for the station. target its shields once they’re down. try and get a transporter lock on Chase and beam him back
[12:32] michaels Toshi: aye engage the course Ms Takashi
[12:33] Rezo Takashi takes us in juicing the engines to battle speed.
[12:33] michaels Toshi: all hands prepare for battle
[12:34] Silkie Dagger nods, "Aye, Sir."
[12:34] michaels Toshi: ETA to the station?
[12:35]  ::The station has entered visual range::
[12:35] Rezo Takashi: 2 minutes.
[12:35] michaels Toshi: onscreen
[12:35] Silkie Dagger: _Onscreen_
[12:35] ::The station has raised its shields and has begun to open fire::
[12:35] michaels Toshi: damage report
[12:35] Orion Pastorelli taps on panel, "shutting down all the science labs and accolacting sensor resources to tactical..."
[12:35] Rezo Takashi begins evasive pattern delta 1.
[12:36] Orion Pastorelli: power from from science labs is available for rerouting...
[12:36] michaels Toshi: tactical, target their shield generators
[12:37] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[12:37] ::The USS Bravon fires at the station's forward shield generators, with 3 of the Defiant ships joining in::
[12:37] michaels Toshi: fire at will
[12:37] Blush Babii: firing Sir
[12:37] Captain Tran: Redeemer, the forward shield generators are down on that station, try to get a lock on your captain.
[12:37] michaels Toshi: aye. ops got a lock?
[12:38] Silkie Dagger tries to get ready to lock on to the captain
[12:38] =A= Security to bridge, the prisoner has escaped and has stolen a shuttle... we've lost him =A=
[12:38] Rezo Takashi dips the ship out of the way of a torpedo and then rolls giving us a clear shot with all ventral phasers and the forward torpedoes.
[12:38] michaels Toshi: tractor beam
[12:38] Silkie Dagger: It's still weak, Sir

Mirror Quinnell's shuttle takes heavy fire and suddenly blows up::

[12:39] michaels Toshi: oh, snap
[12:39] michaels Toshi: that what happens when you dont take my advice
[12:39] Orion Pastorelli: was that the imposter???
[12:39] michaels Toshi: he could have provided valuable intelligence
[12:39] ::The station opens fire on the Redeemer's port nacelle::
[12:40] Silkie Dagger: Sir, I have a lock.
[12:40] michaels Toshi: Ms Takashi do what you can to keep their weapons off our engines
[12:40] michaels Toshi: beam him up
[12:40] Rezo Takashi: Does that include going the other way?
[12:40] Silkie Dagger beams the captain over
[12:40] michaels Toshi: it would now, yes
[12:40] Orion Pastorelli: I wouldn't count him out yet, he survived the destruction of his ship, I bet he survived that, smells like a cover to me...
[12:41] michaels Toshi: good to see you back sir. you have the bridge
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Well, took you guys long enough.
[12:41] Rezo Takashi rolls the ship several times making it nearly impossible to hit the same place twice, but those watching the viewscreen probably get sick from the maneuver.
[12:41] Chase Quinnell ::The ship shakes:: Lets get to work, shall we?
[12:41] Orion Pastorelli: ok we are sure its the real Lt. Quinell?
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Toshi, take the secondary tactical unit
[12:41] Chase Quinnell: Its me, Orion.
[12:41] michaels Toshi: aye sir
[12:42] Blush Babii: welcome back Sir
[12:42] Orion Pastorelli: wow Rez, fancy moves there, you go with your evasion patterns!
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: Open fire on that exhaust valve, there is a vital conduit running thru there.
[12:42] michaels Toshi: i suggest we use evasive maneuver alpha getouttahere
[12:42] Rezo Takashi: The initial dampens kind handle much more of it though...
[12:42] Chase Quinnell: It should take out part of the weapons array
[12:43] michaels Toshi: wow. you managed to gather intelligence on the station too sir?
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship's port nacelle is hit hard and tears off::
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Oh yea Michaels, always on the job.
[12:43] michaels Toshi falls to the floor with a cut along his face
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Michaels? You alright?
[12:43] michaels Toshi: yes....i'll be ok...
[12:43] Orion Pastorelli holds on to the consul for dear life...
[12:43] Chase Quinnell: Ok, hold together.
[12:43] michaels Toshi gets back up and starts tapping at buttons
[12:44] Rezo Takashi falls forward and the back. "they hit the pylon... I've lost the port Nacell...."
[12:44] michaels Toshi: can we still achieve warp with 1 nacelle?

The ship's saucer section takes a heavy hit. Part of the starboard saucer begins to buckle::

[12:44] Chase Quinnell: Negative
[12:44] michaels Toshi holds on
[12:44] michaels Toshi: then its a fight to see who will survive
[12:45] Chase Quinnell: Order the fleet to fire on that exhaust valve!
[12:45] Silkie Dagger: Sending the message, Sir
[12:45] Rezo Takashi tries another maneuvering pattern but sets a course to striffe the exhaust valve with our weapons.
[12:46] Orion Pastorelli: sir, permission to treat Lt. Toshi, I have medic training...

One of the Defiant ships is hit with a large phaser pulse and the debris flies into one of the other ships::

[12:46] michaels Toshi: i'll be fine. i think
[12:46] Chase Quinnell: Go ahead Orion
[12:47] Orion Pastorelli makes his way over to Toshsi, dodge sparks along the way...

The Redeemer's starboard nacelle is hit with a dead on blast, causing it to tear partially

[12:47] Chase Quinnell: darn!

the ship is jolted hard::

[12:47] Rezo Takashi: We are venting Plasma..... I am losing attitude control.
[12:47] Orion Pastorelli begins treating michaels with a dermal regenerator
[12:47] michaels Toshi falls over again
[12:48] Silkie Dagger: One of the Defiants have been destroyed, another badly damaged.
[12:48] Orion Pastorelli grabs him before he hits the floor...
[12:48] michaels Toshi: thank you...
[12:48] Captain Tran: Good to see you're back Lt. I've managed to hit that exhaust valve. Half of their weapons are now down but that large phaser cannon is still operational. We must... *The comm frequencies are cut off* [12:49] michaels Toshi: we’re taking a pounding captain we need to let thm have everything we got
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: Fire all phasers and quantum torpedoes
[12:49] Orion Pastorelli finishes up on toshi....
[12:49] Blush Babii: aye Sir
[12:49] Chase Quinnell: Target their station's reactor!
[12:49] Rezo Takashi looks over to toshi a moment. "we have a warp core... thats about it...
[12:50] ::The ship is hit with a blast from the large phase cannon, causing the entire aft section to break off, leaving only the saucer section::
[12:50] michaels Toshi: could we dump the warp core on the station?
[12:50] Chase Quinnell: Bloody hell what was that?
[12:50] Chase Quinnell: Damage report.
[12:50] michaels Toshi hits the floor hard
[12:50] michaels Toshi scrambles at his station
[12:50] michaels Toshi: we are venting atmosphere!
[12:50] Silkie Dagger: We no longer have an aft, Sir
[12:50] Orion Pastorelli flies backwards as his station erupt in flames!
[12:50] Chase Quinnell: Emergency bulkheads!
[12:51] Chase Quinnell: Medical team to the bridge!
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: Crap
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: Sickbay must be down.
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: Bridge to engineering..
[12:52] Rezo Takashi: Sickbay is in the other section of the ship
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: darn.
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: I hate to say this
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: But we're royally screwed
[12:52] Chase Quinnell: Abandon ship.
Computer: Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship. ::Klaxons begin to sound::
[12:52] michaels Toshi partially regains consciousness.
[12:53] Blush Babii: Sir? .
[12:53] Chase Quinnell: You heard me! .
[12:53] Blush Babii: aye Sir.
[12:53] michaels Toshi: i know, its hard sir... .
[12:53] Silkie Dagger: Aye, Sir... we'll need to drag out Orion. .
[12:53] Chase Quinnell: Help me get Orion.
[12:53] michaels Toshi helps.
[12:54] Chase Quinnell: ::grabs onto Orion and drags him to the turbolift.
[12:54] Orion Pastorelli lies moaning, coming in and out of consciousness....
[12:54] Chase Quinnell: This is your captain speaking; Everyone to the escape pods.
[12:54] Chase Quinnell: I repeat, abandon ship.
[12:54] Rezo Takashi stops at tactical and downloads a spec for the mines before heading out.

The escape pods are beamed aboard the USS Freemont(Defiant class)::

[12:56] Chase Quinnell: Alright everyone, lets get to the bridge.
[12:56] Chase Quinnell: Erm, where's the crew?
[12:56] michaels Toshi: ummm...i dont know...
[12:56] michaels Toshi: let me run an internal scan.
[12:57] Chase Quinnell: Someone treat Orion.
[12:57] Silkie Dagger kneels down next to Orion and notices the odd twist of his leg.
[12:57] michaels Toshi: sensors dont detect anyone on the ship. but we were beamed aboard.... [12:57] Chase Quinnell: Might wanna look at the screen..
[12:58] ::The Redeemer is hit by a large blast and breaks into pieces:
[12:58] michaels Toshi: we barely knew her....
[12:58] Silkie Dagger: I believe his leg is broken and perhaps a concussion.
[12:58] Orion Pastorelli eyes flutter open, "did we make it?" *the pain of his leg hits him* "AAAAhhhhggggrrrr!"
[12:58] Orion Pastorelli passes out again...
[12:58] Silkie Dagger whispers, "Hold still, dont move."
[12:59] Captain Tran: All fleet ships, the Freemont has the Redeemer crew. Fire on that station's reactor!
[12:59] Captain Tran: Hello Lt, we have the Freemont's crew here on the Bravon. You worry about getting rid of that station.
[13:00] Captain Tran: We left some of the medical staff in sickbay for your use.
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Thank you Captain, Quinnell out.
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Alright, fire on that station's reactor.
[13:00] Chase Quinnell: Stations everyone.
[13:01] Silkie Dagger: Sickbay, can we get someone to tend to our injured on the bridge, please?
[13:01] Orion Pastorelli 's green blood begins to puddle up under his leg...
[13:01] =A= Sickbay here, we are ready for your wounded =A=
[13:01] Chase Quinnell: Beam Orion to sickbay.
[13:01] Silkie Dagger: Orion, stay still, Medical will be here in a moment.
[13:01] Silkie Dagger: Aye Sir.
[13:02] michaels Toshi: i have a lock on the station reactor.
[13:02] Silkie Dagger: -Beams Orion to sickbay-
[13:02] Chase Quinnell: Bring us about and open fire on that reactor, full torpedo spread.
[13:02] michaels Toshi: aye sir arming torps.
[13:02] Chase Quinnell: Fire!
[13:02] michaels Toshi: ::fires::
[13:03] michaels Toshi: ::a chain reaction starts and the station begins to explode::
[13:03] Rezo Takashi Works the controls and the ship responds quickly. Begins tactical maneuvering avoiding the ships large phaser.
[13:03] Captain Tran: Good job everyone! Lets take the Freemont home.
[13:03] Orion Pastorelli materializes in sickbay and begins to receive treatment.
[13:04] Captain Tran: Good job Lt, your crew is a fine one. We are going to escort you back to Sector001.
[13:04] Chase Quinnell: Thanks, Captain. Quinnell out.
[13:04] Rezo Takashi sets course for home.