Right and Wrong

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Right and Wrong
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP051
*Initiated: 110205
*Ended: 110205
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Right and Wrong
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Learning that the Urechta are working for the Nabraithians leads Captain Dwi to take sides in a fight, even if it means violating the Prime Directive.


Captain's log, Stardate 110205

The Sheppard has been following alongside the Urechta vessel for almost a week now. We still do not have a clear idea of exactly where we are heading, as the ion storms are interfering with sensors and our regular course changes have resulted in a very convoluted course. I'm starting to wonder exactly where this command center is.

I've found Captain Darkta to be a somewhat arrogant and complacent commander. We have already detected several security holes in his computing systems we may be able to utilize if needed, and his ship seems to be poorly maintained and inefficient. Not only that but his navigational skills are nothing short of foolish - how that man came to be a captain I do not know.

- Shakes her head at the screen -

We have also detected distress signals on a regular basis from civilian ships. On questioning Darkta about these ships and whether we should respond, he simply stated they where being dealt with. *pauses* I have a feeling I know how these vessels are being dealt with, but without any further information or data I can't really act without losing this opportunity to contact the local people in this area.

Of course, the Federation has rules on interaction with other species, and we should not get involved in the internal politics of this situation if we can avoid it. Our duty is to locate the Denmark crew and enact a rescue.

Computer, end log.


The Sheppard was being escorted by a mercenary vessel from the Urechta clan - a group related to the Red Sun Rising mercenaries - whose captain, Darkta, agreed to take Captain Dwi to his command station. While en route, the crew obtained more and more clues about Darkta's professionalism and slopiness. At some point, the Sheppard picked up a distress call from a large transport ship and hailed the Urechta vessel to mount a rescue. Captain Darkta was less than interested in a rescue, however, and warned Sheppard not to intervene - going to the extent of placing his vessel on an intercept course.

At that moment, the Sheppard crew detected a smaller vessel escorting the distressed transport and intercepted communications between this smaller vessel and Darkta's ship. Listening in on these communications, the crew learned two things: one, that the newly-detected vessel was Rechta - a rival clan trying to aid the stricken transport ship, which Darkta wanted to prevent; and two, that the Urechta were working for the Nabraithians.

Upon learning that the Nabraithians were involved, Captain Dwi made the decision to side with the Rechta, even though this violated the Prime Directive. The Urechta ship was ordered to stand down and, when it didn't comply, fired upon. It chose to go to warp and leave the scene.

After a first contact with the stricken vessel - the Dilethian vessel Gantu, commanded by Overseer Hammabad - arrangements were made to beam over an away team to assist with a significant radiation leak issue - namely, by evacuating the passengers and helping eject one of the Gantu's cores. Meanwhile, the Sheppard crew worked with the Rechta to push some parts of the modular Gantu out of the way of an incoming ion storm, while beaming as many of the transport's passengers onboard as possible.

On the Gantu, Lieutenant Marabana, wearing an EVA suit, worked in the core room to identify and engage the ejection mechanisms while on the lower decks, Lieutenant Coswell and Ensigns Zapatero and Xanthi rescued passengers who had taken refuge behind bulkheads. Trouble arose, however, when Lieutenant Marabana was pinned under some debris and lost consciousness. Lieutenant Coswell entered the core room without an EVA suit - suffering severe radiation poisoning in the process - to finish the ejection and get Sheppard to beam the away team back to safety.


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