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SS Astraios.JPG
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP011
*Initiated: 110420
*Ended: 110420
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Nebulous I
*Next Mission: Galactic Chess
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool


Returning from a charting mission of System FGC-5002997, the CO takes the helm and orders a nervous Dr Soulstar to take the centre seat. SS Condor skirts the Takaar Nebula. The ship detects an asteroid field. Course is set to avoid it... long range sensors pick up a vessel in the far distance.

Crew participation

Alia Soulstar - CO

Astro Balut - Engineering

Poison Toocool - Ops/helm

Special Guests:

Aldo Alchemi - Visiting Scientist

Scott Knowles - Visiting Scientist


System FGC-5002997 is on the far side of the Takaar Nebula. We set course to ensure we would be at a safe distance and avoid any system malfunctions on the trip home. We encountered an asteroid field while experiencing increased gravitational pull from the nebula. The asteroids had a strange character, they followed the ship. Science reported they contained crystaline forms that mimic living creatures. Speculated they were lifeforms, an undiscovered form of mineral life. They seemed attracted to our movements and the energy emmisions from our shields.

Set course to leave the area when an alien vessel was detected. A transmission was received, numerical in a sequence of three. Identified a Berretero mining vessel, possibly mining the energy of the asteroids. Used ice shields, low energy consumption. Our shield power dropped quickly when we opened a channel. Mining vessel responded bluntly. We came to a full stop and asteroid activity changed.

Decided to fire a reconfigured torpedo into the nebula in the hope it would attract the asteroid beings. It worked. However they also began to follow the vapour trail back to the ship. We went from full stop to Warp 4 in a Beta-Gamma trajectory to avoid them. We kept firing torpedoes to attract them away from us. We were successful in escaping them.

The civilian scientists aboard were very excited about the asteroids. Samples were taken from the hull and further investigation of these strange new lifeform is warranted.