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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP009
*Initiated: 110408
*Ended: 110408
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Galatic Ghosts
*Next Mission: Nebulous I
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool


I have some grave concerns regarding recent events here. Continued and inexplicable instability in the stations systems despite a thorough analysis by one of Starfleets best engineers. An ion storm created in the middle of the galaxy by the unexpected collapse of a star, trajectory places SS Astraios and Astraios Prime directly in its path, while our shields are malfunctioning. Then a few days later, a ship infested with a parasitical creature appears on our dysfunctional sensors. How it came to be here we cannot say. The freighter was empty of cargo. Without the swift action of our Security officers we may have well been overcome by these creatures ourselves. We destroyed the vessel, but not before two of the insectoids had managed to beam to SS Astraios. Security teams have scoured the station and killed both of them. We are concerned that crew members may have been infected. A thorough roll call reveals four personnel have not responded to combadge signals. Either this is symptomatic of our continued issues with communications or they are in trouble. The computer reports that the transporter in the shuttle bay is in use, but internal sensors show no one in the area. Another glitch? As we begin a deck by deck search for missing crew, engineering reports that the communications array is finally back on line. Immediately we receive a distress call from the planet. An insectoid has been observed in a forested area approximately four kilometers from one of the major villages. A fully armed away team is quickly assembled to find and dispatch the creature before any further harm can be done.

Crew participation

Poison Toocool - CO

Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Special Guest:

Astro Balut - as Dr Frank Swallow


Despite our concerns over the invasion of SS Astraios by what seems to be sentient insectoid life forms, I welcomed a civilian Doctor from the Colony to the Station as relations between UF Starfleet and the greater community is of paramount importance. I was hoping Dr Soulstar could discuss some of our general concerns with him, however, she was fully occupied dealing with some gruesome remains found in the shuttle bay. At this time four of our crew had not responded to repeated hails.

In addition, the communications array was once more off-line. Engineering teams were using workbees to check the external components while the computer core was undergoing a diagnostic. The work was successful, and we were able to reestablish signals to the Academy and to the Colony as a whole.

Almost immediately we received a distress call from the planet. One or more of the insectoids had managed to beam down to the surface. I suspect the shuttle bay transporter was used. We quickly assembled an away team, three security personnel under the direction of Ensign Dolfke Barbosa, myself, and Dr Swallow. He suggested that he accompany the team, he was familiar with the transport location. I agreed, although concerned for his safety, the information he had about the area would be extremely helpful and time was of the essence.

We beamed into a forested location surrounded by meadows and a waterfall. At any other time this would be an idyllic place to visit. The shadowed areas under the trees did not attract us, as they could harbor one or more of the creatures we knew to be dangerous. Our tri-corders registered faint signals and we began our search. I admit to feeling faint as we moved along a path towards a grassy area. I did not understand this feeling at the time as I was sure I was in good health again. In fact I felt better than I had in some time. We spotted one of the creatures near the waterfall and the team moved to surround it and dispatch it. I fell behind. I felt very odd at that point.

I remember leaning against a tree, wiping my hand across my face and looking down to see the perspiration on my fingers. After that, most things are a haze. One of the creatures had me. Somewhere in my mind, however, I saw the face of Ensign Barbosa. I struggled to call to her but… There was no conscious thought, just impressions. Flashes of sun and shadow. I was submerged like in deep water. The insect part of me was gaining control. It moved across the landscape at great speed. At one point it halted by some long grass in the sand. I struggled to push my mind to the surface. I could hear Dr Swallow calling my name. I moved one of my legs, spelling out “help”. The effort of taking control of my own mind exhausted what will I had left.

I remember very little after that until I woke up in Sickbay on the Station. I still felt very odd, and was in great pain, but I was aware that Dr Swallow was attempting to assist me. I could hear Ensign Barbosa in the background, instructing Engineering to boost power to the biofilters. Eventually I was able to sit up and speak with them. Through great ingenuity they were able to separate the insectoid cells and membranes from my body. I still hear the creaky thoughts of the creature in my mind sometimes. It makes me shudder.

We have scoured the station and the planet to ensure no more of the insectoids have escaped. Nests were destroyed by phaser fire. They are cunning and seem to be able to avoid our sensors. I fear, without our presence and advanced weaponary, this invasion of an alien lifeform may well have led to extermination of humanoid life and the ruin of the planet Astraios Prime. I have permitted Medical and Science to keep samples for study. Further reports will be made to Starfleet Command when their research is complete.

Now I must undertake the sad duty of informing the families of the crew we lost during this encounter. I commend Ensign Tom Smythe, LTjg Alice Sanders, LT Sam Smithers, and LT Cmdr John Fields for their sacrifice.