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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110825
*Ended: Ongoing
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: None
*Forum Thread: Scavanger]
*Previous Mission: Shadows and Light
*Next Mission: >> Escort
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

SD 110819.0215, first officer

The battle is over and the enemy seems gone. we still do preliminary tests but if all goes well we will learn a great deal today or maybe tomorrow. Unknown terretory it is for us but i have the feeling if we dont have a look it will become quite our disadvantage. tomorow morning in the briefing we deside on a plan. the captain had a relapse but the docs says in a couple of days she is as good as new.

Mission Log

SD 110903, ships logs first officer,

we waited a little bit longer in grey mode just to make sure then went to the edge of the asteroid field, still in grey mode. After we scanned and found no signs of either the undine nor the strangers. I am still puzzling what made the Undine left their space to fight in ours and who is that dark ship we saw, destroying a small Undine fleet? I hope i get all the answers. We had to leave the asteroid field as radiation was detected inside, which we should not prolong to stay in. We went to the nearest Undine ship now full alert and scanning. A few pieces were beamed on board into a containment field then we went to the explosion side and either the Undines combined power was too great or there was just not much left to beam on board a really few fragments some biological matter but no parts of any hull or even internal walls. that i find strange i have to admit. After we completed our collection we are heading now to a close sun system, where we detected a class M planet. We will wait there until all the reports are sent to Pinastri and we received orders back.

computer end log


Ship Status

Status: yellow


  • Command
    • Tedra de Arr
  • Operations
    • Ashlynn Gravois
    • Chronus Boxen
    • Emilie Chardin

  • Engineering*
    • Data Giant
    • Damien Korolev
    • Jackray Toocool
  • Security
    • tlhepa Gurbux
    • Reina Beaumont
  • Science
    • Jim Foxley
  • Medical
    • William Greymoon