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Shogunium is an element discovered by the crew of the USS Shogun in 2384. Dr Skytower's analysis outlines the basic properties of the element.

  • Name, symbol, number - Shogunium, Sh, 130
  • Element category - Alkali metal
  • Group, period, block - 1, 8, p
  • Appearance - unknown, it seems highly unlikely that element could be a gas under standard conditions.
  • Standard atomic weight - 330 g*mol^-1
  • Electron configuration - 6f16 6d10 7s2 7p6
  • Density - app. 40 g*m^-1
  • Half-life period - undetermined, expected to be very long. Source of extra-strong gamma radiation.
  • Boiling point - between 340 and 440 K

Isotope is not entirely stable, but seriously contradicts principle, that all isotopes with an atomic number above 101 decay radioactively with a halflife under a day.

Under current condition of science, it deems impossible to synthesize synthetic superheavy element, like this. Nevertheless, probability of it occuring naturally and in such quantities is zero.


The Captain of the USS Shogun, LT Ulrich Bechir, recovered a suspicious barrel on an Oncan Station slated for decommission that contains a very heavy element, uknown to UFS Scientists. It is also highly radiactive. After LT SVAndrei Baxton analysed the contents wih Dr Fargus Skytower, they came to the conclusion that the element is beyond the manufacturing skills of the Federation. An anlysis of the substance's possible use is found below.


Since it is not a naturally occuring element, it's obvious that it was engineered for a spacific use. Due to the high amount of gamma radiation it emits, i believe that it can be used either as a fuel source, or as part of the payload of a classic balistic type of ammunition. When used as a fuel source, while in theory giving out massive amounts of power, the radiation it creates in the combustion chamber wouyld most certainly prove fatal over time for most living beeings. This leads me to conclude that:

a. The creatures that would use this as a fuel source are resistant to gamma radiation or b. The creatures using this as a fuel do not care about the health of their operators. (Possible slave based social order) or c. It is not used as a fuel source at all.

a and b are somewhat proven wrong by the fact that the barrel itself manages to contain radiation. It is a mixture of policarbonates, Silicates, and high density aluminium. this same shielding could be used to cover the reactor area, but it is unclear how the alloy would react woth the passing of time, as leaks of radiation could pe possible.

As a weapons payload, simulations showed the elemnt as most potent against any known ship designs, and shield configurations. In theory, it could be used as a torpedo payload, or another similar type of ballisticbased weapon system. Again, the radiation in the storage area should be high, unless properly shielded. Furthermore the resulting radiation after the detonation of such a device would add to the damage, so i theorise that this element is more ilikely a component of a weapon system.