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General Data
*Production number: 44
*Initiated: 080921
*Ended: 080922
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Athena Part II
*Next Mission: Field Work
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


Since the ship is still in drydock for its upgrades, the captain has let much of the crew take a day off. Various crewmembers hang-out onboard the ship while others take a shuttle to Tranquility at Pinastri III.

However, something strange begins happening to the people when they beam to the Tranquility station. No one is on-board. Despite Tranquility Ops responding as normal over the comm channels...


The captain, XO, and chief of sciences aboard the Redeemer were en route to Tranquility to enjoy a 1 day vacation from their duties. However, as the shuttle entered Tranquility's shuttlebay doors, a white flash appeared briefly. The crew of the shuttle landed as normal, but they somehow lost comms with the Ops deck. When they checked in at the Bridge, they discovered no-one was there.

Deciding to check the Command Deck, they reboarded the Turbolift. The Command Deck turned up empty as well. Orion returned from a survey of the Command deck and noted that PADDs in various offices were a bit messy, almost as if people suddenly got up and left.

Meanwhile, in Tranquility Bridge, the command crew were attempting to figure out what caused the Redeemer's shuttle to suddenly disappear. They began to sweep the area and the station with sensors, but with no apparent results.

The trio decide to review the shuttle's sensor logs. Lt. Quinnell's tricorder beeps briefly, but he disregards it as a glitch. Orion begins working on his arm console. They all go to the science deck to further analyze the data. Chase's tricorder beeps again.

Orion interfaces with a science console and begins working. He comes up with a theory that they are in some sort of 'temporal displacement' which means that they are stuck in one moment in time. Chase counters that theory by reminding him of the fact that turbolifts and other items still seem to be operating as if someone was using them-- someone whom they could not see.

Chase's tricorder begins beeping once again, and this time he attempts to determine the problem. He notices an abnormal pattern. It looked to him almost like a comm message, but it was highly distorted. Vinnie takes it and determines that it is a modulated subspace field transmission on an FM frequency. He reconfigures it to another frequency, but the universal translator is still unable to properly transmit it. Orion makes a few modifications, and it becomes audible...

=/\= Resurrection.. ? this .... Tranquility copy? =/\=

The message appeared to have been sent shortly after the shuttle landed.

Chase Quinnell: So I assume we can't see them, they can't see us.
Orion Pastorelli: that would be correct sir

The crew of the Tranquility detected a small amount of Chronitons in the forcefield that protects the shuttlebay.

Ulrich Bechir: Sir... the comm logs are bizarre... on first blush it sounds like me talking to empty air... but if you increase the gain we have something resembling an EVP... but extremely slowly. Dyllon McMahon: EVP?
Ulrich Bechir: Electronic Voice Pattern.
Ulrich Bechir: I'm trying to clean it up, Sir.

Ulrich manages to decipher the transmission..

=/\= Resurrection... to... Ops... we... have... . Copy? =/\=


The Redeemer crew return to the shuttlebay since that seemed to be the source of their problems. Chase noted hearing a faint sound, almost like an alert klaxon. Orion did some more testing and calculating, and came up with the conclusion that all technology on Tranquility and the shuttle would degrade and eventually completely cease.

Chase Quinnell: so you're saying that Tranquility, including us and them will all notice the technology failure?
Chase Quinnell: Then there's more to loose than just us.
Orion Pastorelli: that would be a correct assesment... which means they may be aware of our predictament

Chase's tricorder beeps again, and Vinnie reconfigures it so it can be understood--
=^=Lieut... Quinnell.....crew of.. Redeemer.... on station...this... Tranquility.....Bridge.^=

A response is sent;
=/\= Tranquility, this is Lt. Quinnell, we received some of the message. We're in the shuttlebay. Please respond. =/\=

Tranquility receives a response;
=/\= Tranquility, this is ... Quinnell, we received some of the [static]. We're in the [static]. Please respond. =/\=

And attempts to send a reply;
=^=Redeemer Crew, we read you, we have subspace freqency 1210.17606.40 locked down for use with you. Please lock into signal.=^=

Redeemer crew receives;
=^ ......freqency 1210.17606....locked down....use with you. Please......into signal.=^=

Part of the frequency was lost in the transmission, so Orion had to try throwing his best guess at the wall and came up with .40 as the missing decimal.

Chase Quinnell: Sending message... =/\= Tranquility, you read me? =/\=
Ulrich Bechir: =^=Redeemer Crew, this is Tranquility station, we do read you.=^=
Chase: =/\= Perfect... well, we got bad news.. =/\=
Ulrich: =^=Go ahead Lieutenant.=^=
Chase: =/\= It seems that Tranquility;s and Resurrection's technology is degrading. Eventually.. it will fail. Along with life support. =/\=
Ulrich: =^=Yes, that would definitely go in the 'bad thing' category, Sir.=^=
Ulrich: =^=Sir, do you know the cause of the degradation?=^=
Chase: =/\= According to my science officer's findings, they started when we went out of sync. =/\=
Ulrich: =^=Is it your science officer's opinion that resynching will fix the problem?=^=

A cadet informs Ulrich that each transmission threatens to degrade the connection further.

Chase: Orion? Anaylysis?
Orion Pastorelli: sir, actually there is more, the basic chemical reactions of our bodies will begin to fail as well...
Chase: Ok.. that ain't good..
Chase: =/\= Apparently.. even our bodies' chemical reactions will degrade, not just technology. =/\=

The Tranquility crew attempt to send a bio sample container through the field as a test. The Redeemer crew notice it and tell Tranquility that their test was successful. The first person to be beamed out is Vinnie, who successfully returns. Next went Orion, and finally Chase. Everyone arrived back ok, but the shuttle was lost.

Captain’s Log



USS Redeemer
Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Vinnie
Science Officer: Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli

SS Tranquility
Station CO: Lt. Cmdr Chad Hoorenbeek
Station XO: Lt. Jg Kinney Randt
Comms Ofcr: Ens. Ulrich Bechir
Ops Ofcr: Cad. Dyllon McMahon

Mission Logs