Shuttle Bug

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Shuttle Bug
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Veracruz Missions
*Production number: VERA-RP012
*Initiated: 111119
*Ended: 111119
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Shuttle Bug
*Previous Mission: The Subtle Art of Diplomacy
*Next Mission: Wandering Sheila
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Jamie Czavicevic



Stardate: 111119

Location: Docked at Tranquility Station

Alert Status: Green

USS Veracruz has docked at Tranquility in serious need of repair. The Fight with USS Proto has done a lot more then scratch our new ship. Science has Artifacts to Catalog and the rest of the crew will be doing resupply and seeing to repairs. A complete refit and repair after the first mission I wonder if that is a record.

In service, Jamie Czavicevic


The USS Veracruz is in port for repairs and resupply. The science team is aboard the Tranquility making use of their science lab, to run tests and catalog the artifacts they collected on Helios. Some of the supply needed for repairs require transport from Tranquility aboard a shuttle. Lt LeighAnn Mantis and Ens Leira Ingmann took the security runabout USS Hoover to SS Tranquility to pick up the supplies the ship needs to be repaired. The trip across to the station, was uneventful and they were able to load the supplies need quickly. On the return trip, Some of the Biogel packs for the ship started to leak, An alarm sounded and the shuttle crew panicked. Both Lt Mantis and Ens Ingmann managed to get gel on them, shortly Ens Ingmann started to get ill and quarantine procedures were enacted.

Lt Mantis started doing scans and transmitting them to the Veracruz. It was determined that the infection was a biogenic weapon. LT Mantis started to get ill, Lt Jamie Czavicevic ordered the shuttle to hold just off the port nacelle for scans and to determine if the force field in Sick bay would hold, any cotangent. Lt Mantis refused to comply with the order and proceeded to attempt to treat En Ingmann. Lt Mac Gaelyth was orders to override the Hoovers systems with their command coded and remote the shuttle to the location requested. Once it was determined the force field could hold ay possible contagion both Lt Mantis and Ens Ingmann were beamed to sick bay. Medical treated the infected and it was determined that the bio agent was not airborne and not contagious unless a person comes in direct contact with the gel. Once the treatment began Lt Mantis and Ens Ingmann started to recover completely.

Lt Czavicevic started the investigation into what happened, she ordered a sample of the Biogel sent to the Science lab aboard Tranquility station. The LT ordered Ops to contact Tranquility to request that they assist in the investigation on their end.