Sound Forge (part 1)

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Sound Forge (part 1)
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Cascadia Missions
*Production number: CAS-RP001
*Initiated: 101217
*Ended: 101230
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: One Foot Over The Line
*SIM Concept: Sinji Itokawa
*Historian: Sinji Itokawa

A strange sound is detected somewhere in the Humboldt Belt and leads to a stunning discovery.


STARDATE 101217 - Operations Officer's Log

""Upon arriving on the station today I detected a spike in the subspace fields. Tracing the spike over the next 2 hours I was able to determine it was a repeating subspace microburst eminating from the Humboldt Belt. I reported this to the Commander and Lieutenant Zepp. The spike occured again after I was placed in command. Tracing the spike Ensign Paramour, Ensign Book, Ensign Brennan and myself scanned its exact location and confirmed its detection by Miners in the Belt through investigation of their logs.

The USS Mackenzie, Danube Class Runabout, was mobilized and the Away Team departed to investigate.""''


Plotting a course into the Belt, the Mackenzie arrived and discovered the exact location of the anomoly now called the "beacon". An Away Team was authorized consisting of ENS Graves Paramour , ENS Bailey Brennan and ENS Magan Book. The Team, dressed in EVA suits, beamed to the location on an asteroid at location var.167.36.

-The Team discovered the "beacon" to be a highly energized radioactive piece of alien technology. No racial characteristics identified it. The device was "cloaked" in either naturally or self generated magnetic fields that hid all trace of it to all but visual observation. It emitted a high frequency microburst of .0011 mseconds every 43 minutes, in the subspace stratum of drone noise at 873 GHz, aimed at a tangental angle into the Nekrit Expanse. Destination UNKNOWN. 23 minutes after the Away Team landed the beacon released its scheduled microburst and it was recorded.

-The Team also discovered what appeared to be ancient ruins on site.

The Away Team returned to the ship and the crew then returned to Cascadia to file reports on the discovery. See Sound Forge (part 2)] for the conclusion.