Stake Out (I)

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"Stake Out (I)"
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP065
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Changing Lanes
*Next Mission: Singularity Jive
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120720: The Temujin has returned from its short flight to Treman after an odd encounter with an unmanned Ferengi vessel, and some technical issues with cargo bay doors. Engineering has given the ship a thorough going over and reports it will be flight ready in a few hours. The XO handled herself well in her first command. Dr Breydon Lane has been duly welcomed to his new assignment and is now getting comfortable with our Sick Bay.

There are reports of an infection among the crew of the station, nothing serious I take it, but several people are ill with a form of Terran influenza, I've asked the XO to keep an eye on the situation, the last thing we need is it spreading to the Task Force.

We are expecting the USS Huitzilopochtli to enter Astraios space within the next month. I'm sure she can handle herself, but with the continued pirate activity in the Sector, and because of protocol, I've decided to roll out the welcome mat. We'll take the USS Argonaut to meet her, if we leave now we should be at Sector border within two weeks.

I've asked Security Chief Barbosa to coordinate the Task Force to create a blockade on the Sector borders, using probes and encrypted long range comms to watch for pirate activity. I think this is the equivalent of an old Terran enforcer tradition, called "stake out".

Crew participation

Captain Poison Toocool - Captain

Cmdr Karl Quar – Engineering/Ops

LT Breydon Lane – Medical/Science

Cadet Robert Bradshaw – Helm

Cadet Peter Python - Tactical

LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa – Tactical


Reporting: Cpt Poison Toocool, USS Argonaut, Stardate 120722

Location: 1 ly rimward of SS Astraios

We set off aboard USS Argonaut for a leisurely cruise towards the sector border, and our planned rendezvous with the Huitzilopochtli. We were not far from the station when we picked up an anomoly on sensors and changed course to investigate. Our sensors seemed to be jamming, we launched a probe to get more information and it promptly disappeared. After further collection of data we determined the anomoly was a singularity. It seemed benign in nature, we tested that theory by firing an unarmed torpedo at it, which was returned to us without harm. It seems to effect space/time and systems up to 120,000 distance, science felt it would not endanger the colony or station at this time. We attempted to communicate with the singularity to no avail. At present the Marco Polo is on route to take over from us, we've launched a probe to orbit the singularity at 120,000 kms distance, to monitor it and also to warn any ships to stay out of the area. I am curious about this anomoly but mindful of the clock, as we do not wish to delay here for too long.