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Sublevel 41 (Introduction)
General Data
*SIM Type: Cassini Research Missions
*Initiated: 101211
*Ended: 101211
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: None
*Next Mission: [[|Next >>]]
*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

Starbase Cassini - SUBLEVEL 41

Mission Briefing & Objectives

Introduction Report

Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 141115

Location: Genesis System, Starbase Cassini

Next Mission Objectives:

Mission Logs

Command Log :

Starbase CASSINI Command Report Commanding Officer : Nabuleone Rhode Stardate : 141115

The Starbase Cassini suffers from a continuing energy crisis due to the fact, that the original old (Kologon) reactor units of the starbase having a very low enegry output. The result of this lack availability of a proper energy level is, that 80 % of the Starbase Cassini are completely out of energy or on a very low level. The implementation of federation technolgy engery supplies is very difficult an continues slowly, so the engineering team is always searching for alternate solutions to raise up the enegry level and restore the energy grid on the whole station.

The incoming Engineering Report about reestablishment of the energy grid at Sector RDD 02 was very welcome. Sector RDD 02 is one of two sectors for Research and Development Department and includes 50 Decks. The Section is located in the lower area of the Starbase right above the Reactor, Computer Core and Engineering Decks.

To power one of the two RDD Sectors with energy was a primary Task for the Cassini Engineering Team. Currently we just can use three science decks in the Section RLD 001 with main science decks and a few laboratories and for the future tasks it is necessary to use an area for Research and Development.

The past months Chief Engineer (NPC) MacHennry worked hard to restore and stabilize the internal power supply of the lower decks. Several exploration teams were sent out to secure and explore the undiscovered decks. An exploration team leaded by Commodore John found a closed sickbay in an unknown and self-sustaining part of the station. Further investigation in this area are advised and ordered.

Meanwhile an other exploration team detected some unusual and abnormal energy signatures in Sublevel 41 - a part of the Sector RDD 02. Sublevel 41 includes 10 Decks 41 A-K Preliminary investigations of the old Kologon databases have shown, that Sublevel 41 was used for Technical Development. Especially biological, biochemical and technical devices. Sublevel 41 gets a higher priority for a further investigation.


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