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Task Force Four
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Founded: 2382
*Status: Active
*Location: Astraios Sector
*Homebase: SS Astraios
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Poison Toocool
*Fleet Executive Officer: Genny7 Markus


Task Force Four is generally the TF that is in charge of broadening Horizons. Task Force 4 is tasked with the protection and support of Astraios Colony which is located in the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant, beyond the reach of United Federation Starfleet forces which are located in the Pinastri System. Astraios Colony proves to be one of UFS's finest long distance colony to date.


On Stardate 100215 Colonel Guy Maloy and his expeditionary team stepped out of an Iconian Gateway on an unknown planet soon to be identified as being deep inside the Gamma Quadrant. First contact was made with the Astraionians who eventually welcomed a Starfleet presence on their planet. UFS obliged and work began on a small colony, with Commander Marie Lawson given command of the sector on stardate 100520.

High hopes for the colony were soon to be deflated when hostilities between the Astraiosians and the Tremanites commenced once again. Starfleet’s non-interference policy meant retreat was their only option although they remained in a diplomatic role trying desperately to find a solution to the hostilities. A fragile peace treaty between the warring factions was finally negotiated with an agreement for Starfleet to return to Astraios.

On stardate 110111 newly appointed Sector Commander BenjaminBastian Hermans, with a small crew of officers, returned to the colony. Rebuilding is in progress. There is not only a great deal of work, but many problems. The planet seems to have a power, some even say a consciousness. Things move of their own accord, systems turn on and off on their own, items placed, disappear and power fluctuations are rampant. Poison Toocool took command 110321, her team continues to investigate these inexplicable malfunctions and mysterious changes.

Fleet Command Staff

UFS Command Personnel

  • Chief of UF Starfleet Operations - Commodore Piper John

Task Force 4 Command Personnel

Fleet Elements

Astraios Colony - Command and Colonial Operations

Nestled within the deep confines of the Gamma Quadrant, the planet of Astraios, home to the Astraionians people who welcomed a Federation presence on their planet due to an accident with an Iconian Gateway on stardate 100520. The Colony is currently under the administrative eye of Captain Poison Toocool who leads Astraios in day to day operations, cut off from the rest of UFS.

Today, Astraios is one of UFS's most successful colony ventures, with expert leadership, Captain Toocool has lead the colony into a new era of exploration and prosperity in the Gamma Quadrant, relaying significant discoveries back to Pinastri via an array similar to the Pathfinder Project. Astraios is a fully equipped colony with an extensive civilian presence as well as an Academy of its own too.

SS Astraios - Command and Defensive Operations

Orbiting high above the planet of Astraios, SS Astraios is a fully operational Helenic Class station of new and experimental design. The station is a testbed of new technologies designed to help protect and serve Astraios Colony and service Task Force 4 which regularly dock at the station before proceeding out to explore the Gamma Quadrant.

Starfleet’s role here as always, is primarily scientific as its archaeologists study reported remains of the Hur’q race and connections with the Rajans and Astraiosians. In addition scientists are interested in learning about the rare and volatile Takaar Gas that that is found in the large nebula that is present in this sector. However SS Astraios Station, due to the independent nature of the colony is heavily armed to deal with threatening situations.