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"Sometimes the best offence, is a good defence"
Task Force Five
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Founded: 2387
*Status: Active
*Location: Genesis Sector
*Homebase: SS Pegasus
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Vacant
*Fleet Executive Officer: Vacant


Task Force five is generally the TF that is in charge of protecting and exploring the Sol Sector. This Task Force is the only one active in the Alpha Quadrant and SS Pegasus serves as the Port of Call for this Sector.


During a routine long range sensor sweep made by the USS Aegis during its flight from Earth to Pinastri, a strange Federation signature was recorded coming from the G-142a Sector on the edge of the Alpha and Beta Sectors. This area was close to the Galactic Core and was a previously unexplored system. However repeated long range sensor sweeps of the area discovered the presence of some kind of Federation-based facility almost 40,000 Light-years from both Pinastri and Earth.

After receiving this information and combing over the intelligence, Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun of United Federation Starfleet (Pinastri Colony - Delta Quadrant) decreed that this was worth investigating. However due to its position near the Galactic Core and the dense Gravametric distortions created by a large number of Quantum Singularities, it was discovered that this facility would be too dangerous to reach under normal Quantum Slipstream travel.

A young Ensign, D'Deridex Orici who had recently graduated from the Academy into the Engineering branch on Pinastri believed that by using the now dormant "M.I.D.A.S" array that was once in operation to contact the USS Voyager, it may have been possible to create a super-compressed transporter beam and beam directly onto the Station.

On Stardate, 120130, Fleet Admiral Calhoun approved plans to send an expedition to this station under the command of D'Deridex Orici. The long range transport worked well, leaving twenty-five officers onto this abandoned station.

Faced with the possibility of having to remain in the Genesis Sector, Ensign Orici set about creating a permanent UFS base of operations in this sector, consistently watch for more Species 8472 threats.

Fleet Command Staff

UFS Command Personnel

Task Force 1 Command Personnel

  • Task Force Commander - Captain Vacant
  • Task Force Executive Officer - Vacant
  • Task Force Operations Officer - Vacant

Fleet Elements

SS Pegasus - Command Operations

Hidden in the Genesis Sector, near the Galactic Core, SS Pegasus may look like a typical Ournal Class Starbase Mark II but infact its beginnings are some what more insidious. SS Pegasus actually a lifeform, genetically engineered by Species 8472 to resemble Earth Spacedock in order to use it as a training facility for their operatives.

SS Pegasus is armed with unknown technologies and appears to be fully cooperative with the new Starfleet presence on the station, giving a fascinating insight into the depths of Species 8472's bio-engineered technology in a region of space filled with Quantum Singularities. Species 8472 are determined to reclaim their property, by any means necessary.