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"Like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn." - Capt Jean-Luc Picard
Task Force Egress
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Founded: 2412
*Status: Active
*Location: Gamma Quadrant
*Homebase: SS Astraios
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Poison Toocool
*Fleet Executive Officer: Wolfton Foulsbane


Starfleet first became aware of The Apeiros during an investigation into the sabotage and subsequent hijacking of the USS Prophetic in the early spring of 2412. The search brought the USS Davy Crockett to Varish IV, 55 light years coreward of SS Astraios, in the Gamma Quadrant.

The Prophetic was beaming up hundreds of Apeiros from the planet surface. The native Varishian news agencies were abuzz with reports of a flying saucer - the USS Prophetic as viewed ventrally - saying the ship was stealing the very gods from their Antarctic continent.

The Prophetic was boarded and several perpetrators were captured for further questioning, along with those colonists already aboard. These were taken back to Astraios Prime for internment and interrogation.

The Apeiros have a very different set of star charts and galactic history. These charts are either the result of intentionally misleading data (propaganda), or evidence that these humanoids are from another timeline or dimension. It has since been established that this race of beings is from a neighouring galaxy, having had the technology to travel across the vast expanse between the Milky Way and Triangulum Galaxy (M33), and possibly travel in time as well.

It appears The Apeiros arrived in the Gamma Quadrant at least a century ago, and established their colony on Varish IV as it was a pleasing planet not too far from their arrival point. It is believed that the technology used for intergalactic travel was failing at that point, and they were not able to return. They took up residence on the Antarctic continent and over time became viewed as gods by the indigenous peoples, who, at that time, were simple farmers and loosely scattered about the equatorial regions.

Though the colony on the southern polar (or Antarctic) continent coexisted with the indigenous races of Varish IV for decades, the technology The Apeiros possessed was never shared with the natives. This helped to solidify the deification that allowed the colonists to take whatever they wished from the native Varish.

There are a number of factions among the "Apeiros-Varishians". The danger to Starfleet, the Astraios Sector, our allies and other peaceful people in this area of the Galaxy lies with those Apeiros who desire to conquer or invade, taking planets, technology and resources for themselves. Others wish only to resettle on an uninhabited planet and make their own lives away from Varish IV, and others wish to return to Triangulum. These last two factions may assist us in stopping those who wish to invade.


We have three priorities:

- establish diplomatic ties with those Apeiro factions desiring peaceful resettlement or a return home;

- make it abundantly clear to those factions who aim to invade or conquer this Galaxy that we will exert all our power to keep sentient beings free from harm or extraterrestial oppression on their home planets;

- to calm the people of Varish IV while removing the influence of the Apeiros from their lives, leaving them free to determine their own future.



Initial mission: covert intelligence gathering, preparatory to the overt action which may be necessary in the weeks to come.

Stardate 140720.0800: As part of "Task Force Egress", which is investigating the Apeiros-Varishian situation, several members of SS Astraios crew were assigned to the USS Mont Cervin. Their mission is to provide assistance and expert skills to the Task Force flagship, USS Prophetic, in its work to gather intelligence about The Apeiros and their goals in our Galaxy.

The USS Mont Cervin was dispatched from SS Astraios on 140717, expected to rendezvous with the USS Prophetic in the Varish System, 55LY coreward of Astraios Prime, in about four days time. The USS Marco Polo was assigned as escort to Mont Cervin, to travel with the runabout for the first part of the journey. The journey from Sector G-009D (Astraios) to Sector G-009C was uneventful, and the Marco Polo resumed its patrol duties spinward at 140719.2230. The area beyond Sector G-009C and its spinward neighbour Sector G-008C is only partially charted.

USS Mont Cervin was now silent running, short and long range communications were prohibited until the rendezvous point is reached. Position: 10 LY past the Sector-009C border, 36 LY coreward of Astraios and 14 LY from the meeting coordinates. Day shift changes at 0800 hours. Shortly afterwards, a vast gravimetric distortion is discovered, 50,000 kilometers in front of the ship. It has not appeared on any charts before now.


Specialists from SS Astraios S006 were assigned to assist the USS Prophetic in her covert mission of intelligence gathering in the Varish System. USS Mont Cervin NCC-88062 was dispatched from SS Astraios, expected to rendezvous with the USS Prophetic 55LY coreward of Astraios Prime, on 140720. On their journey the runabout crew encountered an uncharted, vast gravimetric distortion across the border of Sector-009C, blocking them from the direct course they had set for the Varish System. After making adjustments they continued on their journey, hampered again when their proximity alarms went off. They discovered an unknown object in space. In order not to delay their arrival any further, they took it aboard the vessel and continued, relaying to the USS Prophetic their position and ETA via an encrypted signal carried by what would appear to be normal space noise. Capt Foulsbane responded and the crew of USS Mont Cervin are now aboard USS Prophetic, reporting on what occurred during their journey and beginning their assigned work to assist in the gathering of intelligence about the Apeiros-Varishan situation.


unidentified object in space. After some examination via sensors the decision was made to take the object aboard so that science could examine it further while the runabout continued to the designated coordinates for the meeting. Once the Mont Cervin was successfully aboard the Prophetic, a briefing was called by Capt Wolfton Foulsbane. A full report of the runabout's journey was given, including the encounter with a gravimetric distortion at the sector border, as well as the finding and subsequent examination of the alien object.

Theorizing that the object was part of a vast detection network to monitor movements and communications within the Varish system and beyond, the decision was made to return the device to its original location before it was found to be missing, but with a "bug" installed which would allow Starfleet to also monitor whatever information the device received. It was further suggested an exact replica be made in order that it could be studied further. This was agreed and work commenced to make it so.


The object found by the USS Mont Cervin whilst on its way to rendezvous with the USS Prophetic, proved to be a monitoring device - able to record the comings and goings into and out of the Varish system as well as subspace transmissions. A copy of the device was made for further study, using the replicators aboard the Prophetic, in order that the original device could be returned to the spot where it was found before it was missed. The device was however "bugged" before it was loaded back aboard the Mont Cervin for redeployment.

The runabout returned to the coordinates where the device had been originally found, and an engineering team replaced the object and ensured it was operating effectively. During the task, a tachyon sweep of the local area detected a shadow that was surmised to be a cloaked vessel. Attempting to appear innocuous, the Mont Cervin ignored the cloaked vessel and left the area slowly. Once out of sensor range, they increased to warp 6 and eventually warp 9, to rendezvous again with the USS Prophetic and report on the success of their mission.


The USS Mont Cervin, on route to rendezvous with the USS Prophetic, detected an alien device. The object was taken aboard for examination. Upon arrival the situation was discussed with Capt Wolfton Foulsbane and it was determined that the device should be returned to the original location before it was missed, but with a 'bug' that would allow Starfleet to receive details of the information the device received/transmitted. A copy of the object was made for further study, and then the original was redeployed. During this mission the USS Mont Cervin detected a cloaked vessel nearby. The Mont Cervin left the area hoping to avoid being followed, and subsequently returned to rendezvous with the Prophetic and report.

The next day, a cloaked vessel, the KS Angahuan, approached the Varish System and hailed the USS Prophetic. Cmdr Genny Markus was in command and after some discussion via short range comms, she invited Captain Boolregard and his companion, Cmdr Red, to come aboard. After a short tour the two visitors were taken to the briefing room. They appeared to be members of an Apeiros-Varishian faction that desires to resettle on an uninhabited planet. Creating a relationship with them may be an important strategic move.


The USS Mont Cervin, on route to rendezvous with the USS Prophetic, detected an alien device. After examining the object aboard the USS Prophetic, it was determined that the device was part of a communications net. It was replicated for further study, and the original was taken back to the coordinates at which it was found. It had been hoped the device would not have been missed, but a cloaked ship was detected nearby. The alien vessel apparently followed the runabout USS Mont Cervin back to its berth aboard the Prophetic. The KS Angahuan then hailed the Starfleet vessel. Two representatives came aboard and it was decided that the bridge officers of the Prophetic would visit The Apeiros' ship.

After beaming over the away team was met by Captain Boolregard, Commander Red, and Commander Brakva. A tour of the ship commenced and after an exhaustive look around most areas of the vessel, everyone was taken to a briefing room for further talks.

Captain Boolregard did not seem to understand what it might mean to be allied with UFS. Cmdr Markus informed the Apeiros that science officers had managed to find five uninhabited planets, one of which might suit them for resettlement. They were also informed that although Starfleet Astraios and United Federation Starfleet could offer help in many ways our prime directive stopped us from giving any type of defensive capabilities. Captain Quar and a team of Starfleet engineers could help repair the Apeiros monitoring network if desired.

An exchange of crew was suggested and accepted; officers from both sides were appointed to liaise between the crews and ships (Cmdr Red and LTjg Yalin). The away team transported back to the Prophetic to put these plans into motion.


Senior crew of the USS Mont Cervin and the USS Prophetic were invited aboard the KS Angahuan for a tour and discussion with the Koli Separatist faction. An officer exchange was proposed and accepted. The Koli made arrangements for further talks with other factions on Varish IV. They then left the system to explore several uninhabited worlds, the location of which had been given to them by Cmdr Markus as a gesture of good faith.

An away team was then assembled aboard the USS Prophetic. Their assignment was to beam down to the location set for the meeting, to survey the area around the conference coordinates for any medical, engineering or tactical issues which might need to be resolved before the diplomatic team transported down.

The survey team found an open meeting area, with a number of floating semi-spherical seats set in a circle that appeared to be used regularly for gatherings. Nearby a man in a pillory with a small notice around his neck was found, but on closer examination it proved to be a mannequin. There were notices posted about conduct at meetings, which were carefully recorded to pass along to the diplomatic team.

The immediate surroundings were reported as very pleasant, a wide variety of plant species was noted. Further on there was a soft sandy area that became difficult to walk upon, which led down to a large expanse of water. One of the team slipped into the water but no harm was done.

Further reconnaissance of the area did not show any further hazards and it was determined that the area would be suitably safe for the forthcoming meeting. Photographic records were taken for further examination and the team returned to the Prophetic to brief Cmdr Markus and her diplomatic team.


Officers from the USS Prophetic and the USS Mont Cervin beamed down to Varish IV for the arranged meeting with the various Apeiro-Varishian factions.

From Starfleet's perspective the purpose of the meeting was to progress the three priorities given to the "Egress" Task Force, namely: - establish diplomatic ties with those Apeiros factions desiring peaceful resettlement or return home; - make it abundantly clear to those factions who aim to invade or conquer this Galaxy that we will exert all our power to keep sentient beings free from harm or extra-terrestial oppression on their home planets; - to calm the people of Varish IV while removing the influence of the Apeiros from their lives, leaving them free to determine their own future.

Captain Quar and Commander Genny7 Markus transported down from the USS Prophetic to the planet Varish IV. They were met by a representative of the Fenshin Clan, Rep. Nivarb; also attending was Ogann Reg and his second in command, Nylesh, both from the Ogannite faction.

The Starfleet team was able to convince the two groups that UFS wishes to establish peaceful relationships with them, as we have with many other species. The Apeiros were informed Starfleet had found five possible uninhabited planets that might suit for resettlement for the Koli Separatists, who were now on a mission to inspect them in hopes one would become their new hom. In addition, UFS engineers were working to improve the Apeiros-Varishian sub-space communication monitoring network.

After some discussion it was clear that the different Factions had difficulty coming together as a whole to say what they wished for the future. Cmdr Markus felt that the first order of business would be for them to decide as a group what they wanted in order to be successful and happy. She suggested that a Mediator (who could sit with as many of the clans as possible) should be brought in to help them. This was accepted.

The Away Team returned to the Prophetic, encouraged by the meeting, with the sense that, if an 'invasion' had been planned it was more some wishful thinking of a minority of Apeiros who were dissatisfied with the status quo. A full report was prepared and sent to SS Astraios and Colony Commander Fleet Captain Toocool, with a request to have an experienced mediator sent to Varish IV.

The USS Temujin was dispatched to deliver the mediator and act as support for the talks. Defstat for Astraios Colony and SS Astraios has been lowered to DefStat 3.

It seems, for the present, that "The Aperios" sitation has been handled through the skilled diplomacy of Cmdr Genny7 Markus, Capt Wolfton Foulsbane, and their teams.


  • USS Mont Cervin NCC-88062 (Mont Blanc Class) NPC Ship


The Task Force was able to bring a diplomatic end to the hostilities and come to an agreement with the participating Apeiros factions to send a negotiator so they can find agreement themselves as to what their future should be. This, we believe, will assist in maintaining peace on Varish IV and the Varish Sector, as well as our area of the Quadrant.


SS Astraios (USS Mont Cervin)

Cmdr Genny7 Markus - Acting Captain & Mission Leader

Cmdr David7 Bravin - Acting 1st Officer

Capt Karl Quar - Chief Engineer

Capt Dolfke Barbosa - Chief Security

Cmdr Breydon Lane - Chief Medical

USS Prophetic

Capt Wolfton Foulsbane - Captain & Mission Leader

Lt Col Colin Nemeth - 1st Officer

LTjg Blane Yalin - Chief Tactical Officer


Capt Boolregard, Koli Separatist Faction ((Cmdr Breydon Lane - SS Astraios))

Cmdr Brakva: 1st Officer, Koli Separatist Faction ((Capt Karl Quar - SS Astraios))

Cmdr Red: 2nd Officer, Koli Separatist Faction ((Cmdr David7 Bravin - SS Astraios))

LT George, Intel Officer, USS Prophetic ((Capt Wolfton Foulsbane))

Rep. Nivarb, Fenshin Clan ((Cmdr David7 Bravin, SS Astraios))

Ogann Reg (Leader - Ogannite Faction) ((LTjg Blane Yalin, USS Prophetic))

Nylesh (2nd in command - Ogannite Faction) ((Ensign LilithGreycloaks Resident, USS Prophetic))

Astraios Colony

FCapt Poison Toocool, Task Force Commander ((email/forum roleplay))