Task Force Group 3: New Vinland

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Task Force Group 3: New Vinland
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Status: Active
*Location: New Vinland Sector
*Homebase: New Vinland Colony
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Vacant
*Fleet Executive Officer: Vacant


This task force is established to:

  • to represent Starfleet in this sector
  • to explore the sector
  • to support as humanitarian organisatiion
  • to defent federation property


  • August 2413 establishing of the Task Force Group 3: New Vinland
  • September 2413 arriving at New Vinland
  • October 2413 starting securing the sector

Missions of Task Force Group 3: New Vinland

  • Defend the property of the Federation of Planets and UFStarfleet installations at the New Vinland Sector
  • establish diplomatic relations
  • exploring the neighborhood

Task Force Composition

Registry Name Class CO XO Status Note
NCC-88071 USS Davy Crockett Pathfinder Capt. Daecalad S. Brôgdram Capt. Kirsty Tamae Active Ship of the Line
NCC-99011 USS Olympus Odyssey Capt. Andrea Forestborn Cmdr. Zane Kanze Active NPC
NCC-99012 USS Zeus Sovereign Capt. Roman Vious Cmdr. Ben Hernandez Active NPC
NCC-99013 USS Poseidon Sovereign Capt. Thomas Mean Cmdr. A'lleka Active NPC
NCC-99014 USS Hera Galaxy Capt. Henry Harris Cmdr. Roy Harris Active NPC
NCC-99015 USS Demeter Galaxy Capt. Marcus Gaelyth Cmdr. Angel Gold Active NPC
NCC-99016 USS Artemis Nebula Capt. Daniel Unit Cmdr. Rohethe Thin Active NPC
NCC-99017 USS Apollo Defiant Capt. Nicholas Contepomi Cmdr. Elizibeth Grace Active NPC
NCC-99018 USS Athena Defiant Capt. Isobel Nature Cmdr. Sevish Shepherd Active NPC
NCC-99019 USS Ares Akira Capt. Gopi Gupta Cmdr. Nicholi Markov Active NPC
NCC-99020 USS Hermes Akira Capt. Athena Curie Cmdr. Charles Mallard Active NPC
NCC-99021 USS Hephaistos Akira Capt. Samantha Han Cmdr. Diane Kitty Active NPC
NCC-99022 USS Hades Akira Capt. Harold Bond Cmdr. Renee Newton Active NPC
NCC-99023 USS Aphrodite Luna Capt. Anthony Blackfoot Cmdr. Ingrid Trinity Active NPC
NCC-99024 USS Dionysos Luna Capt. Katherine Fisher Cmdr. Collin Spears Active NPC
NCC-99025 USS Hestia Luna Capt. Brandon Real Cmdr. Chuck Ames Active NPC
NCC-99026 USS Persephone Nova Capt. Frank Tarken Cmdr. Andromedea Daton Active NPC
NCC-99027 USS Hekate Nova Capt. Nikolas Eel Cmdr. Cherry Wilds Active NPC
NCC-99028 USS Gaia Olympic Capt. Mishka Killian Cmdr. Oscar Wilder Active NPC
NCC-99029 USS Heracles Sabre Capt. Benjamin Tesla Cmdr. Randy Bishop Active NPC
NCC-99030 USS Pan Sabre Capt. Randal Sidion Cmdr. Brannon Inger Active NPC
NCC-99031 USS Asclepius Sabre Capt. Alexander Anur Cmdr. Roberta Bags Active NPC
NCC-99032 USS Eros Steamrunner Capt. Walter Boat Cmdr. Chakote ʺcocoʺ Souix Active NPC
NCC-99033 USS Hebe Steamrunner Capt. Rose Moramax Cmdr. Joseph Chain Active NPC
NCC-99034 USS Aeolus Steamrunner Capt. Cordelia Reeves Cmdr. Luke Weaver Active NPC



Task Force Group 3: New Vinland