Telepathic Underground

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Name: Telepathic Underground - Devore Space

Home Position: Unknown if a planetary settlement exists, encountered 227.28 LY Rimward from Pinastri

Class: Cooperative Collective

Conditional Notes: Potentially Hostile, Definitely Hostile to Devore

Society Classification: Not Applicable

Society Government System: Military Hierarchy

Date of Contact: 091003

History and Other Information: For some time, the crew of the USS Shogun had been suffering nightmares and headaches. Often telepaths seemed the worst affected. Eventually, the Shogun came upon the Telepathic Underground (T.U.) are a group of rogue telepaths who have escaped from the Devore. They suffered horribly under the Devore and saw their family and friends often killed. Upon escape, they managed to take a Devore Cruiser and modify it.

When encountered by USS Shogun, the T.U. were in grave difficulty in terms of engines and life support. In a face to face discussion, the leader of the T.U. requested aid from LTCMDR Ulrich Bechir who reluctantly agreed, providing a few conditions were followed. When a group arrived on the ship and began to scout out what needed fixing, and who needed medical aid, it was discovered that a psi-weapon was on board of such magnitude as to be catastrophic to an entire planet. It was quickly afterwards that it was discovered that the T.U. planned on committing genocide on the Devore homeworld as an act of revenge. After a quick conference, the crew of USS Shogun critically crippled the weapon but still rendered aid to the vessel so it could continue on its way. The location of the T.U. are presently unknown.

Recommendations: This group is duplicitous and not to be trusted. Avoid them if possible, and only deal with them in the barest of ways.