Test Run III

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Test Run III
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP151
*Initiated: 140113
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Crack that Rock
*Next Mission: The Weather Makers
*SIM Concept: Selenmoira Resident
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Within the last few days the Davy Crockett was refitted and the last installations find their way aboard. Meanwhile some sensor arrays at the edge of the Astraios Sector found some strange signals. It looks like someone is spying on the Federation installations within the sector. While starting the next test run for the ship, the crew are ordered to setup a new hidden sensor array and have an eye to this spy ship.

Crew participation

Captain Dolfke Barbosa - Security

Lieutenant Commander JohnnyB Guardian - Operation/Helm

Lieutenant KirstyTamae Resident - Science

Lieutenant RhysJayden Resident (RhysJayden Baumeister) - Engineering

Lieutenant Selenmoira Resident (Daecalad Brogdram) - Command


Log 140113.1130; LT Selenmoira Resident reporting: We took the ship for another test run. Task today: sensors test. After we left the yard, where we had targeted several test drones, we gave the coordinates to helm and followed a small course to test the range and accuracy of the systems.

Our Chief Engineer announced the readiness of both machines. The calibration of the internal sensors was done by LTcmdr Guardian. The third test object was mobile and we intercept it at warp 3.5. According to the instructions Tamae initiated a ping via the deflector. Then LT Brôgdram activate red alarm at 1153. A Holographic practice target was initiated and Baumeister took over the tactics console. Tamae found very quickly some weaknesses on the target and sent them to tactics who, after weapons release by the team leader, opened fire. Suddenly a shadow appeared on the edge of the sensors, and we have been scanned.

Before we could react the shadow disappeared. The long-range sensors could not find any warp signature. Baumeister destroyed the practice target with a skillful torpedo salvo. The team leader order to fly to the edge of the sensors perimeter of Astraios system. Tamae held the horizon in view. Lieutenant Brôgdram informed the bridge crew about the sudden shadow popping up and that no one has a clue who or what that is.

The Crockett has an alert-perimeter stored at the cargo hold that we now want to unload at our destination to amplify the net around the Astraios solar system. Baumeister synchronized the two Warp cores and we rose to Warp 9. Captain Barbosa came to the bridge and took over the tactical station.

We reached the place and unload the perimeter, which installed itself automatically. Suddenly the shadow reappeared on the horizon. The team responded immediately. Tamae gave the coordinates to the helmsman who moved to intercept the object. Lieutenant Brogdram gave instructions not to leave the object in weapons range but to just take a look at it. When the object was within reach of visual sensors Tamae put it on the main screen. It was a Borg probe.

The Probe stopped and we stayed at a distance. We tried to be as passive as possible. Most of us knew the reports about the Borg. The emergence of a probe brought a bad feeling with it. After a few minutes the teamleader noticed that the Probe didn't start to communicate. No common Borg-threats, nothing. Lieutenant Tamae scanned the Probe. Minimum arming, no active shields. The long-range sensors detected no further Borg ships, no cubes, nothing. It was puzzling because it was different from the usual strategy of Borg.

LT Baumeister expressed his concerns. The teamleader order Captain Barbosa to inform sector command about the situation. Tamae again reviewed the data on the probe, but found no activities. So we opened a channel and Lieutenant Brôgdram greeted it according to the protocols of Starfleet and asked the reason for its presence. No response.

We headed for it with 1/8 impulse, whereupon the probe suddenly accelerated. Guardian responded very quickly and began the pursuit. Then it disappeared. The crew made a few jokes that the Borg probably do not want to be assimilated and therefore fled. Barbosa noted that every Scout needs a base. Tamae found something that seemed like a transwarpchanel on the scanners. Guardian flew a circle around the point to allow the sensors some time to capture a complete picture of the place. Tamae continued to monitor the sensors. Our Engineer made the proposal to lay mines around the point for safety's sake. The teamleader agreed. Baumeister, Barbosa and Tamae laid a network of buoys and self-replicating mines around the point.