The Askans

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General Data
*Home System: [Askum System
*Home Planet: Askum III
*First Contact: 2385, stardate 100911
*First Contact By: USS Sheppard
*Government: Representative assembly
*Violence: Moderate to low
Biological Information
*Hair: N/A
*Eyes: N/A
*Auditive: N/A
*Emphatic: Unknown
*Telepatic: Unknown
*Genders: N/A
Other Information

History and Politics

Life evolved on the planet some 300 million standard years ago. The first record of Askan civilization dates back to some 4,800 years ago. Iron-based civilizations grew on all three continents of Askum III and, due to the great quantity of water separating the land masses, remained fairly isolated from one another until approximately 600 years ago. Contact, as well as the ambition of one chieftain from the Southwest Continent, led to what became known as the War of the Three Continents, which lasted 70 years. At its conclusion, N'Kull, a leader from the Southeast Continent, unified the lands and created a line of emperors that reigned for four centuries. There is evidence of social unrest at the end of this imperial period, as the planet was entering its industrial age. The last emperor was assassinated 83 years ago, and a shaky democracy succeeded him. Quickly, though, a strongman named Krall'as the Decimator came to power and governed as a tyrant for 23 years, costing the lives of 15 million Askans. The final war to remove Krall'as - 43 years ago - laid waste to the planet's infrastructure, which is still recovering. However, the Askans became a warp-capable species within the last 50 years.

Askum III is currently governed by a Council of three Archichancellors - one for each continent - each assisted by two Protochancellors. All of them are elected every 10 years. Each city is governed by a Council of Protectors.

Society and Technology

The population of Askum III is currently 900 million. Beyond the few historical documents volunteered by the Askans themselves, not much is known about Askan society. During first contact, it was made clear that the Askans value their privacy.

Askan technology and infrastructures seem equivalent to that of mid-21st-century Earth, and often appeared in a state of disrepair during the USS Sheppard's visit on Stardate 100911. It should be noted that some on this occasion, some of the Sheppard's crew fell ill while visiting the surface - a possible combination of pollutants in the air and some unidentified laser-like beams that flashed intermittently.


The Askans are a humanoid species, similar to Terrans in appearance. However, as the USS Sheppard's request for biological and medical data was denied, little else is known about this species' physiology.



Askum System Mission


Authored by: April Coswell


  • Coswell, A. (2010) Askans Species Report