The Jury

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The Jury
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Aviator-A Missions
*Production number: AVI-RP034
*Initiated: 110507
*Ended: 110507
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: The Jury
*Previous Mission: Here and Gone
*Next Mission: Hide & Seek
*SIM Concept: Markus Tyrellium
*Historian: Markus Tyrellium


"While exploring the village of Deraxon VI a member of the away team was arrested and accused of theft from one of the local vendor shops. After attempting several ways to get the crewmember released it was determined that they must follow the Prime and all other federation directives.

The crew member has been given a trial date of stardate 110507. Because the judicial system is unknown on the planet and with this culture the crew must be very aware as one mistake could lead to others being arrested and charged with hindering of their judicial system. It was already made clear that the penalty for any crime is death; however this is not the absolute.


Lt. Cmdr. Markus Tyrellium Commanding Officer, USS Aviator NCC 75101-A