The Lacer Agenda

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The Lacer Agenda
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP077
*Initiated: 110814
*Ended: 110814
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: The Lacer Agenda
*Previous Mission: Favours for Old Friends
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The Sheppard crew goes undercover to meet with the mysterious and dangerous Lacer Agenda.


Location: Cascadia Station Alert Status: Green

Captain's log, Stardate 110814

The Sheppard is nearly ready for launch; we have just installed the warp core and are doing the final tests on the power systems before we are back up to spec and ready to be on our way. I have recalled all crew from shore leave and department chiefs are briefing their people on the Sheppard's new assignment.

We have been given a six month assignment as a patrol and police vessel for the Pinastri sector. Not quite as exciting as exploring brave new worlds and meeting new species but still a vital service as Starfleet in the Delta quadrant faces a lot of threats - even in our own backyard.

On that note, our work has already begun. Our investigations into the information that Zenk provided us has proved that a Federation quantum torpedo has been obtained and evidence suggests an organization called the Lacer Agenda is involved. Interestingly, Commander Coswell has heard of the Lacer Agenda from one of her own Dabo friends; personally Inever knew she played but from what she has been able to gather they are not a particularly pleasant bunch. I have asked her to gather what information she can and, if possible, set up a meeting with this organization.

As the rest of our leads from Tye-Fe II have turned into dead ends, gaining contact with this organization is our only way forward.

Computer, end log.


Lt. Commander Coswell's contact, an alien named Grohl, had been persuaded to arrange a meeting with the Lacer Agenda. For this meeting, Captain Dwi went undercover with a small task force, using Zenk's ship and posing as his crew.

Once at the meeting coordinates - on the edge of a planetless system with an asteroid belt - Zenk and the Sheppard crew soon received a hail from the Lacer Agenda ship and its commander, a rather belligerent and threatening humanoid who introduced herself as Lace. After much negotiation and persuasion, she finally agreed to an exchange - two Lacer Agenda crew would beam to Zenk's ship, while two of Zenk's "crew" would beam to the Lacer vessel. However, Captain Dwi, intent on taking over the Lacer ship, asked her crew to find a way to secretly beam two more officers, who would act as an infiltration team.

Engineering manufactured an engine "spike", allowing Lt. Commander Hamelin and civilian advisor Lady Byrna to beam aboard the Lacer ship unnoticed, while Lt. j.g. Rich Lombardia and Science officer Kathen Ohtobide beamed in as "collateral". Meanwhile, the Lacer Agenda leader, Lace, beamed aboard Zenk's ship with one of her acolytes to look at a cloaking device the Ferengi had promised her. Captain Dwi posed as Zenk's "assistant", but quickly lost patience with Lace and ended up shooting her unconscious. The Captain then castigated Zenk for hiding how much he knew about the Lacer Agenda - but in doing so, she got him to reveal that the lost quantum torpedo that was being used to create a biogenic weapon had been recovered by Orion pirates on the wreck of a Federation science ship, the USS Faraday. He also revealed the place where the torpedo and biogenic agent were due to be auctioned off.

Meanwhile, Commander Hamelin's team managed to cut power to the Lacer Agenda ship's weapons control and shields, disabling the helm before incapacitating the bridge crew and isolating the rest in the mess hall. One of the officers beamed over as "collateral", Lt. Lombardia, got shot in both legs by his guard and had to be rescued and transported back to Zenk's ship.

Back on Zenk's ship, Lace had come to and attempted to make a run for it, stabbing the engineer in the process. Captain Dwi instructed Commander Coswell, up on the bridge, to beam Lace out and hold her in the pattern buffer until she could be transported to the brig on the Sheppard - which had been summoned and was on its way. Once it arrived on the premises, the Sheppard beamed officers over to take custody of the Lacer Agenda vessel while Captain Dwi and her team beamed back to the ship.


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