The Probe

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Cytherian probe.jpg
"The mystery of exploration."
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP018
*Initiated: 110220
*Ended: 110220
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: Unknown
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Alexandria Twilight (Part 2)
*Next Mission: Insanity's Requiem
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

Alexandria encounters a strange metallic object that seems to have come from a planetary system that had just "appeared" in space.


Station Log

Stardate: 110220

It has been a busy week for Alexandria with the constant refit and building work going on around her. We had a rather strange occurance when testing our new sensor array which allows us to look deeper into the Rift and the Nekrit Expanse. I know that the crew is eager to get back to some exploration after the refit is completed.

It appears that a planetary system has been detected about 6 Lightyears out from us and that's it... just appeared, we are not sure if this is a sensor error however Chief Engineer Meriman has assured me that there is nothing wrong with the sensor grid. So it appears that we may have a little bit of a mystery on our hands.

Sensors have also detected a metallic object heading us at low warp. It appeared to be too small to be a ship and too large to be a weapon of some kind. Chief Science Officer Camino has summised that it may be some sort of probe sent out from this "appearing" planetary system however repeated scans of those planets indicate no lifeforms or no trace of technology. As far as we can tell, only one of the planets is Class M.

The object has been travelling continously for the past week and will pass us by in about an hour. I am ordering a tractor beam to bring it aboard so that we can hopefully start unravelling the mysteries of this strange object.


Alexandria locked a tractor beam on the probe as it passed the station. The probe had appeared from an unknown star system that had just "phased" into the Syrellan Rift, appearing to come from one of the most inner most planets which curiously had revealed had no signs of civilisation or technology. Ensign Tprai Helix pulled the probe into the shuttlebay and attempted to put a force field around it while an away team consisting of Petty Officer 3rd Class Avina Arun, Crewman Cd Duffield, Lieutenant Zyris Blaukempt and Ensign Peaches2U Camino moved in to investigate.

Lieutenant Blaukempt was able to identify a specific cellular residue that existed on the side of the probe which may have suggested that the probe had come from an area which had been populated with lifeforms very close to the human genome. It was possible that this probe could have been human in origin. An extensive interior scan showed that the probe contained a simple sub-light drive and it was currently unknown how the probe was able to travel at warp. Further scans also proved baffeling by suggesting that the probe had a very similiar construction to the "Pioneer" probes that were launched from Earth almost four hundred years ago. However additional scans and quantum dating of the hull showed the probe to be no more then fifty years old, there was also no evidence of temporal displacement or explanation to how a human probe could travel to the Delta Quadrant.

Unfortunatly, before further analysis could be taken, two of the crew, Petty Officer Arun and Crewman Duffield turned to a homocidal rage, almost as if they were in contact with the probe. They took the other two members of the team hostage and barricaded themselves on the science deck demanding to be given a ship to get off Alexandria. Helix, with Lieutenant Morath Landfall and Lieutenant Commander Sov Meriman armed themselves and took up a vantage point on the higher access to the science deck.

Thanks to the excellent diplomatic skills of Lieutenant Yuki Horten, Petty Officer Arun revealed that she was in contact with the probe that had proven to be "alive". She instructed the team that the probe was able to tap into her mind, showing her terriable images and was now in control of her. She allowed Commander Willowind and Lieutenant Horten to see the hostages in which Ensign Camino was suffering from weapons fire in the chest. While Lieutenant Horten distracted the leader, Commander Willowind was able to call Ensign Helix to deploy a stun granade, stunning everyone in the room and giving the team a chance to stun both Arun and Duffield. They now remain in custody in Alexandria's brig pending an investigation of the Probe's origin and powers.