The Searching

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The Searching
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP084
*Initiated: 120722
*Year: 2388
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Unseen Mystery
*Next Mission: Home Sweet Home
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Executive Officer Genny7 Markus - Log, Stardate 130104:

While investigating a war bird on the planet ShoValla, Captain Toocool was kidnapped. In the battle that followed, we killed the Pirate Queen Zhiella Bruxxls and captured her ship, the "Maj", however the Argonaut was badly damaged. We have left her behind on ShoValla with the bulk of the Huitzilopochtli crew, for repair. Logs on the "Maj" indicate Captain Toocool was beamed off the Bird of Prey prior to the battle, we are now following the trail. The Huit's Second Officer, Commander Konora Meth, has been seconded to us for this Mission. The data we have on the pirates show they are from a variety of species, but their ships, weapons and equipment seems to be overwhelmingly Klingon, albeit out of date. We've managed to destroy the spacestation they were using for a base near the ShoVallan system, but not before confirming the Captain had been there and was being taken to the slave market on Treman with other prisoners. We made our course for Treman at best speed the old warbird could manage. Through the use of a hidden wormhole, we were able to get back to the Astraios Sector and reconnect with the USS Argonaut, which had been searching for us for days.

We all long to get back aboard the Argonaut - not least to shower and change! However, the Maj has cloaking technology we need to approach Treman undetected. After a quick briefing over secure channel, we have made our plans. We will take both ships to Treman. The Argonaut will proceed with with the Maj on a parallel course. The Argonaut is to act as though they are doing the usual sweep of the sector, requesting permission for shore leave. The Maj will be cloaked, but will try to contact the pirates through the usual channels, claiming to have captured the ship and the Latinum and weapons it carries. I have put Commander Meth in charge of the Maj. I will be beaming to the Argonaut shortly. We all hope and pray we will find the Captain somewhere on Treman. As weary and homesick as we all are... we can only imagine what she must have been through.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus - Acting Captain

Cmdr Wolfton Foulsbane- Intel

LTcmdr Dolfke Barbosa - Tactical

LTcmdr David7 Bravin - Science

Karl Quar - Helm/Engineering

LTcmdr Breydon Lane - Maj Helm

Commander Meth (Poison Toocool) - Maj Ops

Captain Poison Toocool - Prisoner

LTcmdr Breydon Lane - Klingon Pirate


Reporting: Commander Genny7 Markus - Acting Captain, Stardate 130106

The USS Argonaut has met up with us and I have had a very welcomed shower and change of clothes. Cmdr Meth has taken over command of the Maj and will proceed with us to Treman, although the Maj will remain cloaked. We will take a slow pass of Treman making it look as if we are on routine patrol until the Maj has made contact with Treman Ops.

Just then we get a secure message from the Maj that on LRS they have picked up a runabout. Shortly after this Tactial confirms this and Science is able to tell us that it is a UFS runabout from the USS Huit which was destroyed near Sho'Valla. The runabout contains one life form and is on a heading for Astraios travelling at half impulse and identified as the USS Caloosahatchee. Tactial advised me that the ship is registered to Cmdr Wolfton Foulsbane. I ordered the shuttle bay doors to be opened and a security team to be there to greet the Officer. Cmdr Foulsbane hailed us and asked for permission to come aboard which I granted. After security had checked him over he was invited to join us on the bridge.

Cmdr Meth had left their communications open for us to hear, so we were able to hear the Maj asking to approach Treman, most of which was in klingdonese. And once the Cmdr had said that they had barrels of blood wine aboard they were given permission to transport down to the planet.

Knowing that they had arrived at Treman we then hailed Treman Ops ourselves asking for permission to send teams down for shore leave, this was granted after I agreed to only send down small groups.

With a small away team from the bridge crew we arrived and started to search the shops and surrounding area looking for a sign or hint of where they could be holding Captain Toocool, I knew that she was here and near to us because I could feel her. After a long search we found a spiral teleport under the Temple, and this in turn brought us to a large room and off of that were cells. Just then a Klingon with a phaser appeared and stunned Cmdr Quar, but I managed to stun him in turn. I went through to the cells as did the rest of the away team and it was in the third cell on the left that we found the Captain unconscious.

We contacted the ship and asked for immediate transport to Sickbay. Doctor Lane was waiting for us and quickly examined the Captain, he told us that she had been drugged and although he wanted to do lots more tests she would make a full recovery. At last we have our Captain back with us, and we can at last return home to Astraios.


"Reporting: Cmdr Konora Meth, 2nd Officer, USS Huitzilopochtli - Command, Maj, Stardate: 130106"

With the presence of USS Argonaut our situation was much improved, and a quick briefing was held to assess the information and decide on a course of action. Because of my command experience, and because of my Klingon ancestory, I was to take the Maj to Treman, pretend to be affiliated with the pirates, and offer to trade the very goods we had stolen from the pirate's spacestation near ShoValla. At the same time, the Argonaut would approach Treman with the idea they were on a routine patrol, and request shoreleave at the marketplace. Both ploys worked. I was able to distract the leader of the mercenaries on Treman - he being a male Klingon and a fool, while I enticed him with blood wine and suggestive words, the Argonaut team fanned out, seaching for Captain Toocool. By the time he realized what they were doing, they had found the hidden prison and were preparing to release her. They quickly subdued him and got Toocool to sickbay on the Argonaut. I collected as much information as I could on the Treman pirates, and passed this information to Cmdr Foulsbane for analysis after reboarding the Maj to take her to SS Astraios. I was glad to see the rest of the Huit crew again. We all await reassignment.