The Unwanted

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The Unwanted
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110618
*Ended: 110618
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: UFS Various
*Forum Thread: The Unwanted
*Previous Mission: << strange things
*Next Mission: >> House keeping
*SIM Concept: Ezra Sweet

Mission Briefing

Menelaus is now repaired sufficiently that she can continue on her mission. At the same time Science and Medical teams continue to study the life forms in the containment casing that was beamed aboard a week ago.

Computer, end log

Mission Log

/\= starting ships log =/\

SD 110618.2342 first officer,

With me in command, I sealed the bridge but gave the command over and headed down to get one of the creatures to sickbay. It was a success but we found out that we were not beeing invaded but our crew was turning. The alien container we beamed released an dna changing virus which turned slowly our crew. For some reason the containment field in science did not hold that virus. A immeadiate change of Plan was ordered, stunning and beaming into Cargobay 4 as a holding cell.

We were able to stop the virus from spreading and no more crew was killed. Moral came down within Security, i could feel it, cooping with 14 killed crewmembers.

Meanwhile all Security members were issued helmets, the ones not infected and fighting the Zoids in order to be able to release a gas so all would fall asleep and we could easier beam them off into cargobay 4. Now we got the air exchanged, the gas replaced 34 crewmember confined in cargobay 4 eager to break out but unable to do so, the container sealed now with special sensors so anything even remotely trying to break out would sound all alarm bells.

The ship is clean so far, although the chief suggests a sweet at earliest convinience. Medical and Science are working to find out more about the virus and an antidote for our crew, Security will have quite a while to clean up with other personell helping. I have family letters to write, not sure what i should say to the loved ones of these crewmembers.

The Captain was badly wounded by the Zoids, Medical currently have her in ICU on round the clock watch.

computer save log

/\= saving and securing =/\


Ship Status


  • Command
    • Ezra Sweet
    • Tedra de Arr
  • Operations
    • Cronus Boxen
    • Emilie Chardin
    • Ashlynn Gravois
  • Engineering
    • Damien Korolev
    • Jackray Toocool
  • Security
    • Reina Beaumont
    • tlhepa Gurbux
  • Science
    • Jim Foxley
    • Sarheni Kanto
  • Medical
    • William Greymoon