The Weather Makers

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The Weather Makers
General Data
*Production number: AST-RP152
*Initiated: 140113
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Test Run III
*Next Mission: Azura Calling
*SIM Concept: Selenmoira Resident
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Ship's Log, 140117: The team returns home to Astraios with the ship and performs the next series of tests on hull 88071-008. Goals for the day are the bridge-systems.

Crew participation

LT Selenmoira Resident (Daecalad Brôgdram) - Teamleader

LTcmdr JohnnyB Guardian - Operations

LT RhysJayden Resident (RhysJayden Baumeister) - Engineering

LT KirstyTamae Resident (Kirsty Tamae) - Science


Stardate 140118.1209; LT Selenmoira Resident reporting: The bridge crew checked the various systems on the bridge. The individual stations reported readiness. The team leader asked for the additional equipment ordered for the labs. Lieutenant Tamae reported delivery problems with the Geoscope. Baumeister reported that all engines are functional and the ship's computer is on a level 5 diagnostic. Guardian reported that the Ops is ready for use.

LT Brôgdram realized apart from a few missing systems seem to all be ready. Brôgdram placed Astraios prime place on the home screen and inquired about the status of the main deflector. On the screen the unknown reaches of space appeared and at the bottom was Astraios. But instead of oceans and mountains appeared only a huge cloud vortex.

Lieutenant Brôgdram inquired about the weather from the ground. Hurricane strength greater than 8 The storm front moved in the direction of populated areas. Barbosa suggested the use of silver nitrite, but our scientist explained that the storm was too big for it . Brôdgram remembered the weather-control station which was probably very susceptible to interference and asked the Engineer if the ship could replace the function of such a station. Baumeister said no, and suggested the ship move by the station to see.

What remained a mystery was how such a mega storm could form so quickly unnoticed. Guardian remembered a phenomenon caused by a gravitational problem of a moon was seen before.

A team of engineers and security was beamed to the station. Speculation about the involvement of the recently discovered Borg probe were discussed. We made a connection to the away team. The team found the station inoperable and had to use the emergency hatch to enter.

Something disturbed the communication with the team. The away team reported a strange console is half frozen and does not come from us. A quick scan with a tricorder identified it as a bomb.

The team immediately returned. Baumeister and Barbosa confirmed that the team came back on board healthy. The team leader laid down the priorities for further action. First the hurricane, then the bomb. LT Tamae developed a plan to affect the storm with heavy smoke, which would make the air masses heavier, therefore no water could condense inside the hurricane.

Baumeister proposed the use of shuttles to circle the storm and produce smoke. Barbosa advocated that plan. Due to interference generated by the storm the shuttles could not be remotely controlled . Brôgdram inquired of our scientist for alternatives. Due to lack of experienced shuttlepilots our teamleader handed over the bridge to the XO to undertake this duty, along with Barbosa.

Both shuttle got the coordinates. The shuttles could fly and activate the smoke cannons only by instruments. A shuttle reported a near collision with a tree. LT Tamae reported that the storm had weakened 0.5 percent. Barbosa had shuttle B on the correct course, and caught for scientific examination, a few frogs that burst on the hull and remained stuck. The hurricane died.