The Windsor

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Sovereign Class Starship.jpg
The Windsor
General Data
*Production number: 48
*Initiated: 081112
*Ended: 081113
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Bold Moves
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


Following an encounter with a mysterious powerful race and the True Federation, the USS Redeemer is docked in the Mendari system-- several million lightyears from UFS space in the Windsor galaxy. The Redeemer and its crew are embarking on a trip where truly no man has gone before, exploring the Windsor Galaxy. The first mission orders are to investigate an area called "Tesra's Space" by the Mendari. It is described as a large nebular expanse with many pulsating anomalies within the cloud, creating a spectacular visual effect.


The USS Redeemer was embarking on its first exploration mission within the Windsor galaxy. This mission signifies the beginning of UF Starfleet's exploration into the Windsor galaxy, something that until now, the Mendari were reluctant to allow. After arriving at the legendary Tesra's Space, a nebula that has often been revered by natives as a mysterious legendary nebula. This nebula was acting strangely, and after a few calculations, it appeared that it was in the process of forming into a new star. Eager to watch the proceedings, the crew monitored the advancement of the phenomena. The nebula was contorting and acting quite strangely-- suddenly, the nebula imploded in a bright glaring light, strong enough to get past the viewscreen's filters. When the light subsided, a star unlike anything ever before seen was visible...

After further scanning, it was determined that this star's super dense elements were creating a null space between the fusion elements and it's dense core. This new star-type has yet-to-be classified by UF Starfleet Sciences.

Further scans revealed an even stranger sight, roughly 152 million kilometers(about the distance between Earth and the sun) from the star was a strange ringed object which appeared to be orbiting it. A closeup image revealed something that defied all known laws of physics-- a ringworld. The exterior was made up of heavy materials, while the inner circumference contained a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with what appeared to be signs of civilized life, something that was even more confusing. The Redeemer hailed the 'ringworld' and got a garbled response; it appeared to be a greeting.

The crew beamed down to the surface and entered an environment which was beyond comprehension. The planet seemed to be on a plane of existance which defied known laws of physics. At one point, the crew entered some strange location, a completely black expanse with strange sounds and an odd lack of physical restrictions(ie gravity). The crew encountered a few natives who greeted them, but otherwise no formal contact was made. The place appeared to be on an island and looked to be an advanced civilization with networked communication systems which supported the fact that they could return hails. An encounter with a native plant caused one crewman to break into a severe cough. A medical nurse was beamed down to treat him. It was determined to be a severe cold strain that our bodies had not yet been able to become immune to.

The newly discovered 'planet' was apparently named "Svarga," since the natives continuously referred to by the locals. Further exploration efforts are recommended.

Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Cmdr Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Vinnie
Engineering Officer: Ens. Elim Exonar
Helm/Ops Officer: Ens. Kressler Constantine
Science Officer: Cadet William Sommerfeld
Security Officer: Ens. Jonstud Baxton

Mission Logs