The busted PD part II

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The Busted Prime Directive II
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 100821
*Ended: 100906
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: UFS Various
*Forum Thread: The Busted PD part II
*Previous Mission: << The busted PD part I
*Next Mission: The busted PD part III >>
*SIM Concept: Sarheni Kanto

Mission Briefing

Mission Summary

Sarheni Kanto log, Stardate 100828

... Finally we tried to use a shuttle as relay to land onto the planet. We did arrive not so far of a village with our medieval clothes and we were welcomed by no less than a "dragon" and 2 drows... One of him was very hostile to our presence and tried to impress us with his arrogance. After trying to talk, as CO of this expedition I just decide to force the passage to the village. Then, once in it we soon discovered that those medieval villagers were not so low on their technological level.

First we spotted a real airship, right on the village square!!! Something like a "Mongolfiere balloon". The villagers were speaking about things normally out of reach of a such medieval civilisation. So with our discrete detection devices, we saw some kind of emission very particular we suspected to be the origin of our communication problems we got onboard.

About the camera we did send, it appeared that the very last images we got, was some villagers playing with it and using it as a "target" for shooting trials... It seemed the presence of our camera didn't disturb them in any manner!!! Anyway we lost our camera as well...!

We got the clearance to try the airship. Yusuki, Jonas and I did board the airship and flew over the land... Then we saw, all in a row, an tower with no less than an actual spaceport at the top, with 2 old fashioned ships docked in, we flew over what looked as nothing less than a power plant station, and furthermore, just a Star gate!!!

We can now suspect that the communication troubles we first experienced was an actual defence from which the Menelaus was the target....

This way, it appears that medieval civilisation has lot more than it is supposed to have...

We are going to investigate this world, lot deeper.



  • Command
    • Tedra Llewellyn
  • Operations
    • Fred McCellan
  • Science
    • Sarheni Kanto (CO)
  • Security
    • Jonas Ogden
  • Medical
    • Yuzuki Ultsch