The busted PD part III

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The Busted Prime Directive III
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 100821
*Ended: 100906
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: UFS Various
*Forum Thread: The Busted PD part III
*Previous Mission: << The busted PD part II
*Next Mission: BP1 Supplies >>
*SIM Concept: Sarheni Kanto

Mission Briefing

Mission Summary

Sarheni Kanto log, Stardate 100906

For the second time , we landed on Jarleth Prime, the medieval planet. But now, we are firmly decided to find out what is all about. So Cmdr Llewellyn suggested to split the away team into 2 sections. One will investigate about the StarGate and the other will do about that it seem to be the power plant. She got the StarGate with Cmdr Ultsch and I was on the power plant with Ensign Ogden. on our side, we found out that the "power plant" was in fact the arena in which they were making combat training and social or political meeting. the big fire in the center of it was supposed to come from deep inside the planet. We were told that it has been here ever. As I was telling about our magic (our personal transporter devices) locals just made fun of us... They just told us they got the same and we' were speaking about transporters both. Few minuts before Cmdr Llewellyn sent me a transmission in which she reported to have discovered transporter system, then I confirmed the existence of those in this world. Seing that our host decided to show us their spaceships. then we went on the astroport plateform and were invited to board. We flew in space and then were told the truth. This civilisation was divided into two kind of people. Some basic ones who believe in magic and live in the middle age level, and the others, our host, who are perfectly aware of space travel and far planets and civilisations with whom they can even have diplomatics. But they hide it to those, downthere. They uses their spaceships only for short journey, to go farther they uses StarGates. So upon leaving this quiet odd world. I would suggest to initiate some diplolmatics with them. And even if our Prime Directive is here, on the edge, almost busted, we could engage some agreements with them and the fews who flies into spaceships can help us to preserve our Prime Directive, they are very used doing such thing with their "medieval citizens". Beside, they assured to us we will be most welcome, always on their planet as they are essentially peaceful people.

NOTE: A First Contact Mission report will be send to Cmdr Gijsjan Broek of the Diplomatic Corp.



  • Command
    • Tedra Llewellyn
  • Security
    • Jonas Ogden
  • Science
    • Sarheni Kanto (CO)
  • Medical
    • Yuzuki Ultsch