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The Time Lords were a once proud people known for their powerful technology and aristocratic society. Following the great Time War, both they and their enemies, the Daleks, were thought to be wiped from the universe. However, some, it seems, remain, hoping to resurrect their planet, Gallifrey, and rebuild the glory of a once great race.

In early 2383 on Stardate 080130, Lieutenant Gijsjan Broek and Brigadier General Sanstrom Laxness established Diplomatic contact with one of the remaining Time Lords inside his TARDIS, hoping to extend the hand of friendship between the United Federation Starfleet and the Time Lords.

Broek had already had a few friendly encounters with a few Time Lords after one of them had picked up traces of advanced UFS technology in VictoriaCity on Caledon (a planet currently at Earth Victorian Standard) on stardate 071205 during a Magellan Mission. The Time Lord, Shalmendo Glineux, was very impressed of Starfleet's handling of the Temporal Prime Directive and especialy with Broek's conduct around less advanced species.

So it was that on Stardate 080130, as Broek and the Time Lord were inside his TARDIS with another Time Lord, Mechagliel Gears, they requested a meeting with a UFS Ambassador. Brigadier General Laxness responded to the request and UFS made First Contact.

A full tanscript of that meeting can be viewed here


On stardate 080604 a formal draft treaty between UFS and The Timelords was proposed between Lieutenant Gijsjan Broek of UFS and the Timelord Shalmendo Glineux at Tranquility Station. The transcript of that meeting can be viewed by clicking here